Comments and queries for the week of February 24

Is Saving Hope the same show as Code Black on the CBS network in the U.S., only renamed?? —Tom

No, Saving Hope is a different medical drama from Code Black. Set in Canada and with a Canadian cast and crew, Saving Hope is heading into its fifth season on CTV in Canada and returns on Sunday, March 12. You can read more about the show here.

Well! I did a marathon watch of Pure, Season 1, Episode 1-6, Well done CBC, well done. I look forward to more of Noah and family and Bronco, et al. This show was well scripted and well done. Right up there with Banshee. —Jon the Yooper from Down Under

OK, so after I invested all of this into the series and Googled things to learn more … that’s how they end it? There bloody well better be a Season 2 or that was just the worst ending ever!!!! —Chelan

Not sure how a second season would work: might be similar to Justified with a new bad guy each season. Could be Anna created a monster when she manipulated Joey Epp into murdering his “brooda.” But the main theme hanging out there from the final episode is Noah recovering his faith. That is such an internal story line that they will need something else to externalize his struggle. I hope Michael Amo is up to the task. —J Hess

Loved this show. I’ll be waiting for Season 2. —Sharon

[Kim’s Convenience] is one fantastic and truly hilarious funny show. Each character is well thought out and works utterly great with each other. I can not simply stop gushing over this unique family show. Thank you for bringing finally a clean, lovable sitcom to our home. I am 58 years old and have seen for over five decades of TV series. This is the only show that I can watch over and over and find it truly wonderful. Again, my thanks to all who have given us a great show. —Leslie


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  1. X Company is absolutely killing it in it’s final season judging from fan reaction. How this didn’t get a CSA nom for Best Drama is beyond me. No nom for Evelyne Brochu?? Along with Pure and Cardinal, this has been a pretty good winter for homegrown TV, especially on networks accessible to everyone, not just those who can afford premium cable channels or who are knowledgeable enough to do the streaming thing.

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