Poll: Which television series should win a Canadian Screen Award?

The Canadian Screen Awards for homegrown television and feature films is just weeks away—the gala broadcast hosted by Howie Mandel is Sunday, March 12, on CBC—and we want you to weigh in on some of the biggest categories!

Should Blood & Water take out 19-2 and Orphan Black? Think Kim’s Convenience deserves to grab the hardware from Mr. D‘s hands? We want you to hear who you’d vote for in this year’s Canadian Screen Awards. So get clicking … and start sharing with your friends! This poll is all about TV series categories; we’ll cover personal performances in another poll next week.

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11 thoughts on “Poll: Which television series should win a Canadian Screen Award?”

  1. Sadly, X-Company is missing from Best Dramatic Series, and there’s no family category for shows like Heartland.
    Why is Vikings considered as a Canadian Show?

  2. No X Company anywhere to be seen? It its clearly the best thing CBC has put out in a while. I vote X company for all categories.

  3. Well I think Murdoch Mysteries is better than three of the nominated shows so it should win. But it can’t…

    1. Why can’t it win ?
      It’s a great family show. Full of history ; mystery . Geography; romance; how inventions came about. Oh my so much more. Read the comments on Murdoch. It’s the tops explain Why

  4. I love Schitt’s Creek, but Kim’s Convenience may be producing one of the best sitcoms anywhere in the world right now. I’ve never met anyone who gave it a fully try who doesn’t love it. I’m really surprised at the poll, but Schitt’s has a lot of fans.

    1. Kim’s Convenience gets my vote for Best Comedy. It’s a show that seems fresh and current, a multi-generational comedy that does dramedy well. It also happens to be funny which is something I can’t say for many other comedies on tv. I think the actress that plays Janet does an incredibly good job and should win for Best Actress in a Comedy.

      1. Next year my vote will go to Workin’ Moms though. CBC is really blowing everyone else out of the water with it’s comedy lineup.

  5. Does this only include shows from 2016. That’s the only reason I can think of why Pure and X Company not here.

    1. I can’t remember what the cut-off is at the moment but Pure aired after it so that’s not included. However, many people are mystified why X Company wasn’t nominated for Best Drama. The episode “Black Flag” in particular was incredibly well done.

      1. Season 2 is eligible for this years awards, season 3 next year, but it took it’s time being discovered.
        X-Company is one of the most Canadian shows on television, and it reveals how important Canada was in WWII.
        We never learned about these stories in school because it was all classified information at the time.
        Hope the academy finds a way to honor the film makers before it’s too late.
        Makes me proud to be Canadian.

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