X Company 310: The end is nigh in “Remembrance”

After 27 episodes, CBC’s Second World War spy drama X Company comes to a powerful and moving conclusion tonight, as Aurora (Évelyne Brochu), Neil (Warren Brown) and Alfred (Jack Laskey) must turn to Faber (Torben Liebrecht) to take out Voigt (Kevin Griffiths).

Here is our preview of “Remembrance,” written by Mark Ellis & Stephanie Morgenstern, and directed by Morgenstern.

Full circle 
The finale brings the show’s concept full circle for series creators Ellis and Morgenstern. In 2001, the duo wrote and starred in a short film called Remembrance, about a man with synesthesia who is recruited into Canadian spy school Camp X by a beautiful woman. Like the film, tonight’s episode is called “Remembrance,” and also like the film, Morgenstern directs, having the opportunity to guide the characters she and Ellis created over 16 years ago on their final mission.

Morgenstern says she’s pleased with the way it all turned out—in her typically modest way.

“There aren’t any moments where I think, ‘Ah, if we could have just gone back and adjusted that or fixed that or written that differently,'” she explains. “I don’t think I’d be brazen enough to say it’s a piece of artistic perfection, but I would say I can’t think of what I would change if we had the chance or more time. I’m happy with it.”

My how they’ve grown
In a treat for long-time fans, there are several satisfying nods to Season 1 that show just how much Aurora, Neil and Alfred have grown since they first left Camp X.

Stunning work by the X Company cast
Morgenstern, a former actress, gets the most out of her cast as Évelyne Brochu, Warren Brown, Jack Laskey and Torben Liebrecht all give series-best performances. There is a scene between Brochu and Liebrecht that tops all their previous scenes combined, something I didn’t think was possible.

You will be satisfied (and teary-eyed)
After three seasons, X Company ends on a pitch-perfect note. “Remembrance” is a beautifully written, gorgeously lensed episode that was clearly made with love by all involved. A remarkable achievement.

X Company airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Image courtesy of CBC.