Things get historical (and sometimes hysterical) on Saving Hope

Erica Durance hinted at the changes in Alex’s life this season. And, now that she and Charlie are completely kaput—for the time being at least—she’s revved up and ready to roll. Literally. If you’ve seen our teaser photos of the latest Saving Hope, you know Alex and Manny hop on a motorcycle and ride.

And while “A Stranger Comes to Town” finds Alex on the road, Charlie is diving into work. Here’s what CTV’s official synopsis says about the episode:

Trying to move on from his breakup with Dr. Alex Reid (Erica Durance), Dr. Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks) is focused on work. Faced with a patient who was thrown off a horse while re-enacting the War of 1812, Charlie channels all his energy into saving the man’s arm. Meanwhile, Alex discovers Dr. Manny Palmer (Jarod Joseph, ONCE UPON A TIME) is going offsite to help a teenage runaway and makes the impulsive decision to join him. After bringing the girl back to the hospital and operating on her in secret, Alex faces an interrogation from Dr. Dawn Bell (Michelle Nolden). Tempers flare when an old nemesis of Dr. Dev Sekera’s (Dejan Loyola) from medical school arrives at Hope Zion. After Dev makes an uneasy truce with Dr. Billy Scott (Greg Calderone, HEROES REBORN), the pair struggles to revive a patient who has been frozen solid.

And, after watching a screener, here are a few non-spoilery tidbits.

Hey there, Pinky
We couldn’t help but giggle at Dawn’s nickname about Alex upon seeing her decked out in motorcycle gear. Sadly, some viewers will have to Google the reference to understand. We didn’t because, well, we’re old. Charlie, of course, has his concerns for Alex’s safety, especially after he was tasked with patching up a kid who crashed his bike and almost lost his leg. Still, the pair is downright chummy and we like that. They do share a baby, after all.

New boss on the block
There’s a new hospital CEO (played by Joe Dinicol) and, as Michelle Nolden told us, he gets right under Dawn’s skin. Can she keep things professional, or will she speak her mind? Complicating things is that aforementioned frosty fellow who enters the ER and an eager new resident.

A hysterical historical ghost
We won’t give this storyline away—it’s too much fun to ruin—but let’s just say some military reenactors go a little overboard in their immersion into a role. This gives Michael Shanks an opportunity to really show off his comedic skills. You’re going to love it. Huzzah!

Saving Hope airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

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5 thoughts on “Things get historical (and sometimes hysterical) on Saving Hope”

  1. For once, I would love it if Charlie is the one who finds a mutual attraction to another woman instead of Alex always being the one finding some other dude to mingle with while she and Charlie are off grid in their relationship.

      1. Lemme guess – Richard Dean Anderson makes an appearance as a wealthy former TV star in need of Charlie’s superior ortho services…?

  2. PLEASE…Bring Charlie & Alex back 2gether. The world is full of broken relationships, and broken hearts.
    TV is our escape. Let us have our (& their) happy ending! Please!!!!

  3. Having just seen the episode, I have to say I have had it with the character of Alex. Besides the lack of commitment to Charlie, her attitude to Dawn was just appalling. And her excuse that she saved the patient’s life….Dawn benched Alex but she did not cancel the surgery. Another doctor would have been in the OR so that was a very weak excuse. Dawn should have canned her like a tuna.

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