Win passes to the Toronto Screenwriting Conference

Update: Congratulations to Corrie Clark and Tim Stubinski, who won the free passes to this year’s Toronto Screenwriting Conference. Thanks to everyone who submitted their story.

Want access to veterans of the screenwriting industry who can give you the education and skills development to further your career in writing, producing and directing? The Toronto Screenwriting Conference is for you.

The two-day event weekend event—on April 22 and 23—brings together expert creative talent, authors and speakers specializing in the craft of writing.

Among the highlights is a Writing Room Intensive with Kim’s Convenience showrunners Ins Choi and Kevin White, where participants will write an episode of a comedy series. Also on tap: industry roundtables, and speakers like Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby), AMC Studios co-head Rick Olshansky, Marti Noxon (Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce), Adam Reed (Archer), Chris Cantwell and Chris Rogers (Halt and Catch Fire), and Corey Mandell. More speakers and sessions will be announced soon.

TV, eh? is proud to be the exclusive media sponsors for this year’s Toronto Screenwriting Conference, but we’re even more excited to offer our readers the chance to win one of two complimentary passes to the weekend!

Simply comment below telling us why you’d like to attend and we’ll select two winners at random to attend next month’s event. The contest closes Wednesday, April 12, at noon PT/3 p.m. ET.

More information can be found at the TSC website.


42 thoughts on “Win passes to the Toronto Screenwriting Conference”

  1. Hi, Greg! It’s not me who’d like to go so much as my robe. It’s seen itself represented on screen, albeit usually much thinner, sexier versions; it finds the lack of robes in the writing room a little disheartening, and wants to become part of the conversation. I’d have to chaperone, of course, it’s only six years old.

  2. It’s a great conference! I’ve had the chance to go a few times and it’s a fantastic place to meet people and network. I’m constantly improving my writing chops, and conferences like this are key to breaking in. Would love the chance to go again!

  3. I’ve been to the TSC for the past two years and have absolutely loved it. It’s inspired me to write my first script (just finished!) and I’m working on my second. I’ve met some great people, and look forward to coming back to learn more and have a major fire lit under my ass to make writing a full time gig. I’d love to win a pass!

  4. TSC has always seemed like a great opportunity to learn and network, but I’ve never managed to get there. I’d love to win a chance to go and pledge my life to the service of Marti Noxon, the greatest television producer that has ever lived, from now until the end of time. Or, you know, attend panels, network. Normal things.

  5. I would love to attend the Toronto Screenwriting Conference. As a working father of five, it’s a little out of my price range, but I have been writing for years and have had some major breakthroughs this year (a few jobs here and there with some smaller companies.) The conference could be a great way to further my career and hopefully make that next giant leap forward.

  6. I would feel so lucky to be able to attend because as a relatively newcomer to Canada, I’ve had to save my money for immigration and focusing on establishing myself here, doing odd jobs here and there but I’ve always written and I am enjoying discovering writing for TV and films. This would be such a great opportunity to learn from the best and from some of my icons!

  7. I would love to attend the Toronto Screenwriting Conference to sharpen my skills and learn from the talented experts on your schedule. Because writing is in so many ways an internal process, I could truly grow through the intensive weekend of events as part of a shared experience. A counter-balance to complement the internal process. I have a college Dramatic Scriptwriting degree and have written pilot scripts and screenplays, but would love to gain knowledge from savvy industry veterans to hone my writing and take it to the next level.

  8. Hey Greg,

    Well I think I’d like to go because as a writer who lives 10 miles on the outskirts of nowhere, I would love to get out there, learn a thing or two (or three) and do some networking that I desperately need to do right now, especially with more Ontario-based companies. As you know I am produced but would love to meet some new best friends!

  9. Hi Greg, I’ve been around a long time. Writing degree, worked on a lot of productions in front and behind the scenes, then went and got a graduate certificate in children’s media. I have a personal mandate to write Canadian Content until I can no longer balance my laptop on my walker. But I’ll tell you, it’s been a battle lately. Why? because I’m trying to innovate. I thought deeply about marketing my property first. Because we need to make more money with our films. So I trademarked my anthology of stories…based on the first ever original Canadian hero. He’s over 148 years old. He’s fictional, but I made him a Canadian history lesson hero for today. He has a cool sidekick chick who also finds her story in our history. It’s a great idea. No one has trademarked like this before and it’s being continuously challenged by a major sports organization. So I’m fighting for my “right to write”. Actually, for all of us, because if I loose I think all Canadian writers lose. I’m one person, a single parent…so I could use a drink, and I feel like a wounded writer’s warrior and would love the inspiration this conference can give to keep moving forward (and I have always wanted to go. )

    1. I think you should win the passes. By the by, if you decide you’d like to write for interactive stories and turn this concept into literate video games, find me.

  10. This is one rare instance where it’s a good idea to read the comments! All of the folks above seem like really engaging and inspiring folks, and I hope they all get to make it to the conference, one way or the other (also me).

  11. I’m working on a TV Pilot and an audio drama serial and I need inspiration to push through the 1st draft … and the 2nd … and the 3rd draft! I attended last year’s conference and can’t say enough great things about it. Tips from the pros, amazing speeches, fantastic insights, and awesome networking opportunities. Plus, just being surrounded by an audience of writers who were serious about the craft was just really, really, really inspiring. Looking to find some more of that this year … and some!

  12. I’ve been writing for decades and love the process, my colleagues in the industry and getting work on the screen. I’d love to get to the Toronto Screenwriting Conference because I’ve heard so much about it. Because I don’t live anywhere near Toronto (I’m currently based in Dawson City Yukon), having a free pass will definitely offset the expense of attending.

  13. I’m a student taking the TV Writing and Producing program at Humber College. I’d love to pick the brains of industry professional’s and learn anything I can!

  14. I’m just about to graduate from the TV writing and producing program at Humber College and would truthfully sell my organs (certain ones) if it meant gaining entry to the TSC. Would love to soak up all the industry/writing knowledge in hopes of getting better at my craft.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. Hey,

    As a playwright and growing screenwriter, I would love to attend.

    I’ve attended the Austin Film Festival a few times. As great as that fest is, I realized my attention would be better put on making more Canadian contacts and have been looking eagerly at TSC. As a new homeowner though, I’m currently very tight on any kind of budget for trips.


  16. Hey Greg, You are wondering why TSC is for me? Because I am a writer who believes in this type of skill development! Learning from the experts will help me with my career. I have never attended before, and it is perfect timing for me to start attending!

  17. Hi Greg!
    Here’s a logline to express why I should be at TSC this year:
    To fulfill her destiny, an introverted screenwriter with the idea of the century must journey from Ottawa to Toronto to overcome her fear of producers, parties and pitching.

  18. I’ve very nearly finished college, and I’m hoping to meet people who can help along my way as I begin my career.

  19. After a long, cold winter of staying inside my apartment watching Netflix and writing specs, I’d like to venture out of doors and meet my people (i.e. other sunlight-deprived writers) at the TSC. Planned networking topics include such very important things as how to prevent carpal tunnel while typing, and whether the second season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was better than the first (Greg vs. Josh. Discuss.)

  20. Because Marti Noxon is a genius and hearing her speak would be a great experience.

  21. I would love to attend this conference because the winners will be chosen at random, and people have described me as random. Sounds like a perfect fit.

  22. Why do I want to attend the Toronto Screenwriting Conference?

    One word: Insight.

    Being a new mom, writer and director, the biggest challenge I face isn’t coming up with new ideas–and I definitely don’t lack inspiration.  I’m challenged by not having the invaluable insight the conference provides to ‘quiet the voice of doubt’ in my head – that voice that says: Even if I write something, who’s gonna buy it? Even if they buy it, will the film actually be shot/produced/screened? Even if I get ‘one’ film made, will I be able to make a career out of this? While my husband and friends are very supported, the conference offers unique insight from the best of the best in the biz: hearing their journey, sharing their struggles and triumphs will give me the confidence to push forward; to keep writing; to keep creating.

    1. I just wanted to add a bit about my professional background as well. To show how these tickets would help support my current projects…

      I’ve been working in television and film as an editor for over ten years but with the birth of my 22 month old daughter, I was inspired to pursue my true dreams of writing and film directing. I wanted to be able to sincerely tell her, “she can do anything she wants to do” but I knew deep down I didn’t truly believe that myself. So while on maternity leave, I entered and won a pitch contest to write the story for the animated feature film “The Nut Job 3”, which is currently in development starring Will Arnett and Sarah Silverman. Then I entered and won a BravoFACT pitch competition for “Prom Night”, a short comedic film, starring Gerry Dee, of Mr.D. Which I am currently writing as a feature film. Both films are about the crazy child-parent relationship and of course, it was inspired by my daughter. And most recently, acquiring the rights to direct Stephen King’s short story The Reach.

      Being a Guyanese-Canadian film-making mum has been tough but so far I’ve been fortunate with my little success. These tickets would mean a lot to me as I just turned down a full-time position to write “Prom Night” as a feature film. No risk, no reward! …but also no money, lol.

      Thanks again for your time and consideration!


  23. I would love the opportunity to attend the TSC. I’ve seen it from the outside looking in for the past few years and haven’t had the time nor the financial means of doing so, but it would mean the world to see and hear and meet the incredible talent that are appearing and sharing their own experiences. I hope I can take a little bit of that wisdom with me and share the product of that someday.

  24. She stood poised and primed at the threshold of the third act of her story. Brimming with life happenings and insights to put to pen, yearning to see more people like herself on screen. A tireless advocacy that started accidentally…incidentally because absence was not going to be an option. Neither was apathy. So she started writing. Naming and claiming space with story.

  25. I could do with the inspiration butt kicking boost conferences like this give. Also would love to spend a weekend hanging out with my people – writers.

  26. I’m nearing completion of Humber’s TV Writing and Producing program, and would love the chance to hear from and speak to other screenwriters – both professional, and up-and-coming! Venturing out into the real screenwriting world is intimidating, and being able to connect with other screenwriters would be invaluable. Thanks for the opportunity!
    – Bridget

  27. I would love to be able to attend, as I am making a career switch and would appreciate the opportunity to learn how to tell stories in a different medium.

    As mentioned above, everyone has a compelling reason for wanting to attend, and it would be awesome if we could all go. Cheers!

  28. Hello Greg!

    I would really appreciate winning a complimentary pass to the Toronto Screenwriting Conference for the simple fact that I cannot afford to attend otherwise.

    It’s been a tough couple of years with layoff after layoff after layoff. I haven’t had a job in over 1 year. Writing is all I have … all I can count on, and the only thing that has managed to give me joy in my life.

    I find myself at a standstill. I do not know how to make something of my writing. I truly believe this conference is the answer to all my prayers, questions and fears that have held me back my whole life.

    I want to learn how to make a career out of my writing…. how to be able to live my life successfully doing what I love most.

    Please and thank you!


  29. Hi
    Newly relocated from out west. Chasing the dream but living in reality. Any opportunity to advance my career is greatly appreciated and will help drive me forward.

  30. I started writing when I was eighteen, drafting sports chronicles for El Nacional, a local newspaper. My passion is cinema, and that led me to copy-writing and producing in HBO a couple of years later. Nowadays a producer (more Line Production than anything else), I’m looking for an opportunity to get back into copy writing and a more creative path. It’s a difficult notion to sell here, English being my third language.

  31. Hey there!

    Here’s why I should get a pass to this year’s TSC! Last year, I was a volunteer and it was AMAZING. I made new friends, I “fangirled” over Glen Mazzara and I was among the first to hear Moira Walley-Beckett talk about Anne of Green Gables.

    As a young, writer of colour, I want to entertain and tell stories that happen to feature people of colour. It’s so important to have more opportunities available to young writers of colour who have something to say. I have a strong message and a perspective that needs to be shared and vocalized. Attending this conference (as an attendee with a cool badge and everything although volunteering was cool too don’t get me wrong!) would give me the inspiration, contacts and opportunities to share, learn and continue to aspire to work in this industry. Thank you so much! – Jessica Meya

  32. I would really love to attend the TSC this year. I have been writing for ten years, but have only had some major breakthroughs this year, with my first couple of optioned works. I am learning a lot, but feel I also still have a lot to learn from those who work in the industry. As a working parent it’s hard to find the money/time to attend the TSC, but I would love to get the chance to do it. Thank you to TV Eh for offering this.

  33. I would love to go to the contest. I volunteered a couple of years ago and learned so much. Can’t afford the price this year though and feel too old to volunteer.

    Fingers crossed!

  34. So glad to see many inspiring women screenwriter in the 2017 Toronto Screenwriting Conference Panel! Would love a chance to hear their amazing stories!

  35. I would love the opportunity to be part of this amazing event. As an emerging screenwriter events like this are integral to my success. Fingers and toes crossed:) Thank so much

  36. I would love the opportunity to learn from such fantastic creators like Paul Haggis, Marti Noxon, and so many others!

  37. I love TV.
    I do.
    I love TV the way that most people love music. They have a favourite song, one they listen to when they’re sad, one they listen to when they’re angry or happy.
    Me? I have TV episodes I go to for that.
    I also love writing.
    I don’t know. It’s just what I’m good at and what I like to do.
    I am finishing up some schooling in two weeks when my field placement ends. This transition time means adults keep asking me what I want to be when I grow up. When I tell them I want to work in television, they respond by telling me some other company is hiring in some city that isn’t Toronto or even just by changing the subject. Pretty discouraging.
    I would love to be able to attend TSC so that I can be surrounded by like-minded people with jobs like the one I would like to have. I want to be inspired to keep going after my ambitions so that I don’t become an administrative assistant and a staffing agency (again).
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Warm regards,

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