Saving Hope says goodbye to spring with emotional finale

Say it ain’t so, Saving Hope! This Sunday’s episode is being touted as the medical drama’s “Spring Finale” on CTV, meaning the show goes away for a month before returning on Thursday, June 8, at 9 p.m. ET/PT to broadcast its remaining episodes.

And what a finale it is, with familiar faces returning to Hope Zion and others saying goodbye. Here’s what the network has said about Sunday’s “All Our Yesterdays,” written by Patrick Tarr and Thomas Pepper and directed by Steve DiMarco.

An unidentified man arrives at the hospital with critical injuries after being struck by a subway train, and the Hope Zion doctors rally together to try to save his life. Dr. Charlie Harris’ personal medical struggle is overshadowed by a spiritual one when he discovers the John Doe is “The Great” Randal Crane. In spirit form, Randal delivers a dire warning about Charlie’s gift and its heavy cost if he doesn’t rid himself of it. Dr. Maggie Lin attempts to leave her past behind her, but it proves impossible when Dr. Sydney Katz comes back to town, urging Maggie to put her pregnant sister in the now-defunct cancer study. Away from the hospital in the wake of her mother Martha’s diagnosis, Dr. Alex Reid takes Martha to visit their family farm.

Maggie and Sydney reunite in Sunday’s episode

And here are a few more facts to whet your appetite.

Manny has to make a decision
A message on his cell phone leads Manny to re-evaluate his career and Dana is there with words of encouragement … and an arched eyebrow.

Cassie’s struggling in her new role
Turns out going from employee to boss isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as Cassie finds it hard to get respect from her former same-level staffers. She turns to Charlie for help, but he’s got his hands full with, you know, a pesky spirit.

Peter Keleghan returns
Speaking of that spirit, he’s played by none other than Peter Keleghan who has been so great on Murdoch Mysteries and Workin’ Moms. The veteran actor is back to reprise his role of psychic Randall Crane, who has a dire dialogue with Charlie.

Maggie and Sydney have a reunion
We’ve missed Sydney in our lives, so it’s great to have Stacey Farber back. Unfortunately, she’s not at Hope Zion for happy reasons.

Kenneth Welsh guest stars
The veteran and Member of the Order of Canada causes problems for Zach and Dev when he re-stumbles into their lives as Wilfred.

Saving Hope returns with new episodes on Thursday, June 8, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

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3 thoughts on “Saving Hope says goodbye to spring with emotional finale”

  1. Yeah, not too happy the spring finale news was sprung on us. Otherwise looks like a good episode, always happy to see Randall.

  2. very very sad that this show is ending. Completely original concept for a medical show, the actors were all amazing and the best one of all is it was UNPREDICABLE! So many shows now are not original and highly predicable, boring story lines and drab and boring.
    To lose this show is really disappointing but I guess it was too “intellectual” to the general audience. They didn’t “get it”!
    Anyway, I wish all the actors have wonderful lives – all great and good things don’t last unfortunately! Going to miss you Hope Zion.

  3. why why why when
    you get a good show on worth watching you take it off……….please please rethink this

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