You Gotta Eat Here! cancelled by Food Network Canada

The food-tasting food trip is over. You Gotta Eat Here!, hosted by John Catucci, has been cancelled by Food Network Canada after five seasons on the air.

“We are extremely proud of the volumes of strong Canadian original content we have delivered to audiences over the years,” Lisa Godfrey, vice-president of original content for Corus Entertainment, said in a statement. “After resonating with legions of fans, You Gotta Eat Here! has reached its natural end and has not been renewed for another season. The success this series had is a true testament to our exceptionally talented production partners, Lone Eagle Entertainment, and Corus applauds the cast, creators, producers, and writers for their dedication to this Canadian original. We remain firmly committed to developing standout original Canadian content and look forward to sharing more information about upcoming renewals and new series soon.”

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Produced by Lone Eagle Entertainment, You Gotta Eat Here! featured comedian Catucci as he travelled across Canada—and to the odd city outside of this country—tasting food, getting his hands dirty making it and spotlighting the big and small-scale restaurants, eateries and watering holes folks should be trying out. Catucci, who never purported to be a chef (but has been churning out what looks like pretty delicious-looking high-end stuff on his Instagram page), was an inquisitive, funny and enjoyable host who clearly loved his job. It clearly resonated with fans and critics: the series debuted in 2012 and won Canadian Screen Awards for Best Lifestyle or Talk Program or Series in 2014 and 2017.

You Gotta Eat Here! is the latest series to be cancelled by Corus leading into the 2017-18 broadcast season. It joins HGTV Canada’s Timber Kings, Leave It to Bryan and Income Property as projects not moving forward with new episodes.

Repeats of You Gotta Eat Here! continue to be broadcast on Food Network Canada. How do you feel about the show being cancelled? Let me know in the comments section below.


37 thoughts on “You Gotta Eat Here! cancelled by Food Network Canada”

  1. That’s a shame. A fun show and I have seen many posters in little places across the country –
    ‘Featured on You Gotta Eat Here’. Clearly the show was connecting with fans and eateries everywhere. Congrats to John and the team for a solid run of 5 years. Since this is Canada, that’s like a 20 year run in another country.

  2. I’m really upset to hear this. On the other hand, there are only so many places you can go to before you run out of material. This is Canada after all.

  3. The cancellation of YGEH sucks! Loved John Catucci and used the show’s recommendations during our retirement travels. We will miss it for sure.

  4. What a ridiculously short-sighted programming decision. And to make matters worse, we are going to have to endure yet another Bobby Flay series along with the too-too-over-exposed Giada DeLaurentiis and, of course, the insufferable Guy Fieri. Catucci’s series has not “reached its natural end”. How do you guage how popular a show is? Most of us watch You Gotta Eat Here re-runs 4 or 5 times. Reconsider this cancellation or give John another vehicle. Don’t lose him. He’s a gem.

  5. Sour taste left on the palette with this news. YGEH is a great food/travel show that has no equal. Guy Fieri is impossible personality to identify with, Bobby Flay is a bore, Giada has had more than enough time. I hope this only means the Food Network and John have something else cooking. John Catucci did wonders introducing me (and all of Canada) to great food in my own town I didn’t know was there.

    This is a foul meal to digest.

  6. Now this is sad news. What the heck does “came to its natural end” mean? Sounds like a bit of bureaucratic nonsense. The show had such a great Canadian vibe, John Catucci is so relatable and showed so many eating establishments across this great country. Hard to believe we ran out of places. Wonder what the real reason is – and likely money is attached!

  7. I am sorry to hear you are cancelling “You Gotta Eat Here”. I really enjoyed the show and loved John’s take on the different restaurants. We have visited Von Donuts in Scarborough, Revolution Burger in Belleville, Oympus Burger in Port Hope and enjoyed every bite. John Catucci always made you want to eat there. Sad sad sad.

    1. Us too we travel to Newfoundland and tried a restaurant that was on the show …very sad!!!

  8. Rethink this !! I have gone to many places because of this show #supportlocal #resturants bring it back

  9. The Catooch was such an engaging host and has a wonderful sense of humor. We took family outings to many of the places YGEH visited and have had at least 25 great adventures in food across the country. Stupid stupid decision

  10. It was a horrible decision! John was an amazing host. I made a point of going to restaurants that he recommended. It was great for the Canadian economy. I am sure many viewers did the same thing So now what, we have to watch diners drive-ins and dives ?? Seriously Corus, what a pathetic mistake!

  11. Seriously big mistake cancelling this show. I truly looked forward to John and his funny smile. The show took us to great restaurants people wouldn’t know about without John. What a great way to boost the Canadian economy by letting everyone know about all the great places Canada has to offer the food scene
    Poor choice to let the show go

  12. What are thinking Corus…cancelling You Gotta Eat Here, Timber Kings and Income Property. These are your bread and butter, so to speak. Trying to find decent Canadian content is hard as is. You will lose a committed fan by doing this. So very upset.

  13. What a shame!!!! The best food show around. So many professional, high tense cooking shows available that are hard to watch. It sounds like you might lose a great number of Food Television customers. Rethink.

  14. Let’s face it folks. The Food Network sucks! They are more interested in showing reality game shows!

  15. Mediocrity is usually the engine that runs bad decsions….
    We promote and put American shows on a pedastool while looking for a reason to cast away Canadian content….
    It was a show that many Canadians looked forward to on Friday nights for not only entertainment but showcase hidden gems to check out for eats in rural locations….
    Bad choice by Corus Entertainment executives!
    Shame on you!

  16. I agree with so many of the other commenters here. John Catucci is the most genuine and engaging host on Food Network. He’s a likeable and witty character who makes the best of every situation. I don’t mean to bring anybody down but the hosts for Ginormous Foods and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives are mundane. The concept of Ginormous Foods and the challenges is what entices me to watch but Josh Denny is the reason why I never finish an episode. Catucci is the ideal host and I really wish to continue seeing him on Food Network.

  17. Good riddance. The show was horrible. He knew nothing and his commentary was horrible. This was an epic FAIL to make a Canadian version of the American DDD. You can take a busted up comedian that doesnt even know how to cook to make a Food network Show host. Finally coming into the Fifth season is he now trying to be like Guy from DDD and commenting on the ingredients. I am VERY HAPPY to hear that this show has been cancelled.

  18. Too bad to see that show being cancelled. Luckily he never tried to be like DDD!
    Guess that’s why everybody loved the show!

  19. I strongly disagree with the cancelation of the show. My family and I have found great restaurants all because of this show. America had Man vs Food. America had DDD. And now Canada has nothing?
    Food Network, dumbest move by far.
    And as for the host? He’s Canadian as it gets. Funny, quirky, whether he knows about food or now, who cares!! He’s a great host, with a great personality on screen. There are restaurants who need exposure and this move damages Canadians.

  20. I’m disappointed that this great Canadian show has been cancelled,
    My family has use this show as a food guide, we are a hockey family and when we are on the road in different towns and cities we’ve tried many of these great restaurants thanks to the shows recommendations. It will be sadly missed.

  21. What a bad decision?!?! I have driven hours to visit some of the restaurants on YGEH. Last summer my wife and I did YGEH tours of Toronto, Ottawa and Windsor (that’s right, Windsor! Who drives to friggin’ Windsor for food???) I’m pretty sure this was a bad move by The Food Network Canada, but I’m not privy to the ratings. Still… I’m a fan of the show and a big fan of The Catooch!

  22. I, along with many other viewers of you gotta eat here, am very disappointed on this decision. Please publish how bad the ratings were

  23. Very disappointed! Watch the reruns all the time and was looking forward to new episodes. I guess that will not happen now.

  24. This is terrible!! I just came here to watch some episodes, and see this – No!
    We like this show so much that we watch repeats several times. And still laugh every time. John’s ad-libs and the writers are hilarious. We’ve actually gone to all the places he’s featured in our home city, and also in Victoria. So it also supports local business. This is the only food show I watch, the only reason I watch The Food Network. I can’t stand those contest shows – they aren’t funny or witty or clever, all of which YGEH is. Rethink this decision and please keep making this program!

  25. Very upset! Truly a great Canadian show. We have tried the restaurants featured during our travels and always leave happy. This was not I l’y a show but a tool to put great restaurants on canadas map.

  26. I love this show and John catucci.It’s the only show I watch on food network…now I have no reason to watch at all..sick of all the contests,the chopped,and all the other boring shows you put on.This show was entertaining. It would be a big stretch to say that about most of the stuff you have on

  27. Sad to hear the show has been cancelled , always enjoyed learning of different places to eat right here in Canada , My wife and I planned many of our trips based on the locations we saw on this show and we were never disappointed .

  28. Cancel You Gotta Eat Here?
    A home run.
    And Canadian.
    Cancel the decision makers at Chorus!
    They won’t be missed.
    Take the high road.
    Re-instate the show.

  29. So sad this show was cancelled. I watch reruns all the time. John was excellent as the host. I would like to see Chopped cancelled as well as the the other competition shows…so sick of them…Bring back You Gotta Eat Here please…

  30. What. Shame sorry to see him go, love him and the show so funny great host. Get rid of bobby flay and gladia and carnival eats .keep you gotta eat here

  31. That’s too bad I was just up in Terrace BC and had THE MOST FABULOUS smoked brisket sandwich ever. It’s called THE REDNECK KITCHEN and is a food truck that has some of the best smoked beans , pulled pork, chicken that one could ask for . It also has a poutine inspired dish called THE HOT MESS could not get enough of this mans food , it’s so good my nephew had him cater his wedding last weekend . It would have been a great episode for sure and some well needed exposure for the northern BC economy .

  32. It’s a shame that we have to endure the same old recycled shows with different names using the same cooks thinking we won’t notice the difference. Aside from the fact that the show promoted CANADIAN restaurants across our country as has been stated in previous comments . It never felt like Mr. Catucci was talking down to you like I know food and you don’t like alot of these chefs ( cooks ) do. Truly a shame :(

  33. Too bad. The concept was great but had the wrong host. Catucci knows absolutely nothing about food except for describing every dish as “that’s fantastic” or “that’s so yummy”. Would have been better with a real chef who actually understands the complexities of food and cooking.

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