Saving Hope: Magicians and pianists and cell phone babies, oh my!

When we last left our friends at Hope Zion, Maggie and Sydney were planning to move to London for Syd’s new job and Charlie’s gift had advanced to a new, troubling level: Spirit Blake was able to touch him. This week, a wrench in thrown into the works when Maggie is offered a new gig, throwing her future with Syd into disarray.

Here’s what CTV has revealed about this Thursday’s new episode of Saving Hope, “Leap of Faith”:

Dr. Alex Reid and Dr. Maggie Lin work together to deliver the baby of plastic surgeon Dr. Arnie Storms (Ari Cohen, SHOOT THE MESSENGER) and his wife. Charlie treats magician “Abbadon” (Joe Cobden, THIS LIFE), who shattered both his legs during an illusion gone wrong, and Dr. Shahir Hamza treats his idol – a virtuosic concert pianist – who has been inadvertently poisoning herself, while trying to curb symptoms of early onset Parkinson’s. Meanwhile, when Maggie is offered an obstetrician position at Hope Zion, it causes her to rethink her role at the hospital.

And here are a few more tidbits about the instalment, written by Adam Pettle and Hayden Simpson and directed by Jason Priestley.

Jonathan and Shahir adjust to being parents. Sort of.
We knew there’d be Alex and Charlie’s newbie factoring into Season 5 storylines but Shahir and Jonathan’s potential happy addition has been a complete surprise. We’re loving Christopher Jacot in this role and his scenes were Huse Madhavji are equal parts hilarious and emotional.

Speaking of Alex and Charlie’s baby…
We find out the sex of the little cherub.

We’ve got your guest stars
Shoot the Messenger‘s Ari Cohen, sketch comic Marty Adams (above) and Bellevue‘s Joe Cobden drop by this week. The latter two provide truly laugh-out-loud moments in Charlie’s spirit storyline. Seriously though, how many more excuses can Charlie make to his co-workers about why he’s staring off into space and/or talking to himself?

Saving Hope airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV.