Dark Matter: Things gets loopy in Episode 4

Here’s what Anthony Lemke told us about the character of Three heading into Dark Matter‘s third season:

“Three’s through-line story has been about his past and discovering that a bad guy isn’t all bad. We learned in Season 2 the root of that complexity; he is a caring and very soft person, but that bravado is real too. Both of those sides live within this character and that’s what makes it fun to play. When he says, ‘Let’s go steal stuff and kill some people,’ he means it. We continue on that journey in Season 3.”

He also laughed and smacked the table as he teased the adventures Three gets into this year. Well, Dark Matter fans, this Friday’s new episode “All the Time in the World,” is one of the key storylines Lemke was talking about. With Sarah alive as a computer program and accessible to him—and a part of his past life open—here’s what Space’s official synopsis is for the instalment:

Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, THREE has been trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over.

And here are some spoiler-free tidbits we can add about the episode, written by Joseph Mallozzi and directed by Ron Murphy.

Two is non-plussed about Three’s behavior

Here we go again. And again. And again.
We’ve gotten a mere peek at Anthony Lemke’s comic timing over the past two seasons. This week’s script allows him to go full-on and it’s a goshdarn treat. I won’t give anything away but I’ll admit I watched pretty much every scene Three was in with a stupid grin on my face. Even the soundtrack in those scenes is different, with a funky bass thump to note this isn’t your usual Dark Matter episode.

The Android is Three’s partner in crime
Zoie Palmer + Anthony Lemke = belly laughs.

Speaking of The Android…
Fans are going to be blown away by her storyline during the latter third of the episode. We’re going to be talking about this for weeks.

The bounty hunters disperse
Remember the lineup of baddies Ryo ordered to find the crew of the Raza? Well, it happens.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Space.

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