Comments and queries for the week of June 30

Mediocrity is usually the engine that runs bad decisions. We promote and put American shows on a pedestal while looking for a reason to cast away Canadian content. [You Gotta Eat Here!] was a show that many Canadians looked forward to on Friday nights for not only entertainment but to showcase hidden gems to check out for eats in rural locations. Bad choice by Corus Entertainment executives! Shame on you! —Joe

So sad to see this show being cancelled. Hope they rethink this! —Wilma

Let’s face it, folks. the Food Network sucks! They are more interested in showing reality game shows! —Joe

What a shame!!!! The best food show around. So many professional, high-intensity cooking shows available that are hard to watch. It sounds like you might lose a great number of Food Network customers. Rethink. —Victoria


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2 thoughts on “Comments and queries for the week of June 30”

  1. how could you cancel a show like you gotta eat here was one of my favourite shows ,i guess i won’t be tuning in friday nights anymore on food network ,you guys get a real interesting show on then cancel sorry guys compared to the american version of food network tv you lose big time hardly watch that station and now won’t be watching int much more that’s a shame because I was the only one in the household that watch your channel

  2. why cancel a good show ,have watched since the beginning was my favourite show on food network,another reason to watch another channel friday nights,sorry the american version of food network is much more interesting and have better shows anyway, you gotta eat here was a glimmer of good canadian resturants people might like to try ,you did a dumb thing ,so I’ll be tuning you out see ya

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