Dark Matter canceled after three seasons on Space and Syfy

It’s the end of the journey for the Raza Crew: NBCUniversal Entertainment has cancelled Dark Matter after three seasons. The sci-fi series aired in the U.S. on Syfy and in Canada on Space.

“It is with great sadness that I confirm the news. Syfy has cancelled Dark Matter after three seasons,” co-creator Joseph Mallozzi wrote on his blog on Friday afternoon. “To say that I’m incredibly disappointed would be an understatement. I just want to extend a heartfelt thanks to my amazing crew, my wonderful cast, and to all of you, our incredible fans. You all deserved better.”

Co-created by Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, Dark Matter followed the exploits of a ragtag group of villains who—over the course of three seasons—became heroes. Dark Matter starred Melissa O’Neil, Anthony Lemke, Alex Mallari, Jr., Zoie Palmer, Jodelle Ferland, Roger Cross, Marc Bendavid, Melanie Liburd, Natalie Brown and Ellen Wong.

Last week’s season finale was a cliffhanger. Now we’ll never know what happened to the crew, or what adventures awaited them.

What are your thoughts on Dark Matter‘s cancellation? Are you as upset as I am? Comment below.





5 thoughts on “Dark Matter canceled after three seasons on Space and Syfy”

  1. Some are hoping for steaming networks like Netflix to pick it up… or hoping SYFY changes it’s mind entirely.

    I am ticked. But I remember them canceling Farscape, Stargate Universe after it got real good too…as Dark Matter was doing – climbing in the adventure department. Then. Abrupt cut-off!

    Boo. What made them renew Killjoys for two seasons? I am curious. I was certain DM was doing even better than KJ… hrm.

  2. simply it sucks!!!! I don’t understand how decisions are made at SYFY. Great show like Dark Matter they cancel and mediocre programming they keep. Netflix please pickup Dark Matter allow the Raza Crew a platform to find their true fate. Thanks

  3. I’m angry, disappointed and sad. There are few Sci-fi series being produced as it is. Fantastic shows with great ratings get cancelled but crapy shows are renewed. It doesn’t make sense at all.
    I hate that they take Dark Matter away from us, just like I did when Continuum was cancelled.

    I hope they change their mind.. it has happend before. Else I hope Netfllix takes over.

  4. I’m so disappointed in SyFy’s decision to cancel Dark Matter!! How can they not see how great this show is?!? Unbelievable. I’m hopeful the outrage from the otherwise quite and polite fan base can cause them to rethink their decision or perhaps garner some interest from Netflix.

  5. so it’s a Canadian show so let’s Space continue it …why do we need to abide by yanks decisions and taste??? seriously infuriating, Dark Mater is one of the best SF shows out there

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