Worst to First encourages renovation over move-in ready

There is a plethora of renovation programming available on HGTV Canada. There are Holmes’, McGillivrays, Baeumlers … heck, one Corus series, Home to Win, packs around two dozen builders and designers into it. Is there really enough room for one more series?

Yes, says HGTV Canada, with the debut of Worst to First beginning Monday, Sept. 4, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on the specialty network. The channel trumpets “everyone wants a move-in ready dream home, but with soaring real estate prices in a red-hot market, it’s just not possible for most homeowners.” Cue professional contractors Sebastian Sevallo (he’s on the left) and Mickey Fabbiano—business partners, who are also best friends and family—who promise to transform a scuzzy home to the highlight of their Vancouver neighbourhoods.

Monday’s first episode catches up with Alexis and Tyler, who are currently in a one-bedroom condominium and want something more, hopefully in the Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood. That’s where, naturally, Mickey and Sebastian come in. On the couple’s wish list is an open concept, three bedroom, two bathroom abode with hardwood floors, media room, soaker tub and a gas fireplace. Easy, right? Nooooo. Not with just $1.2 million to play with. After showing them two homes way out of their price range as inspiration, Sebastian and Mickey present a fixer-upper with tons of potential.

Thankfully, each episode of Worst to First is 44 minutes long because there is a lot of work to do. After Alexis and Tyler purchase a 1950s-era place enrobed in stucco, Mickey and Sebastian get to work on the two-month job. Mickey and Sebastian are a little rough when it comes to looking and sounding natural on television but you can’t fault their skills in home building and design. The Baeumlers play up their bickering and Mike Holmes oozes knowledge; Mickey and Sebastian are like the drinking buddies you play softball with … and just happen to know the ins and outs of home renovation.

Worst to First airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada.

Image courtesy of Corus.