Comments and queries for the week of November 3

Love the show, just wonder if Georgie and Val’s storyline with the competitive show jumping horse is aiming above the mark for the Olympics? Wouldn’t Spruce Meadows be a much more reasonable goal for horse lovers and someone of Georgie’s talents? —Louise

[Netflix investing in Canadian productions] is definitely exciting, and fingers crossed these opportunities will be as accessible to independent producers as it suggests. And it’s awesome they’re doing development as well. I see they plan pitch days; any idea how will these be announced, and to (or via) whom? Can we finally connect with these decision makers at events like the Banff World Media Festival? So many Canadian creative producers and writers still wanna know how to get into the room with the decision-makers at Netflix! —Tihemme

Very exciting times! Does this mean that producers will need to go through a local production company, or agent, to be able to even pitch? I am a Canadian producer and the TV show I currently produce is airing on an American network. Would love to know how to take the show to the Netflix level after this season. —Monica

Keep checking back with us; we’ll let you know when more details are available!

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