Preview: Murder at a private school haunts Murdoch Mysteries

After a week off for Halloween, some gremlins got into Murdoch Mysteries‘ scheduling at CBC. “The Accident,” originally scheduled to be broadcast this Monday, has been bumped to Nov. 13. Instead, we’ll see “21 Murdoch Street,” on Monday. We’re not sure why the swap occurred, but it puts off the crying showrunner Peter Mitchell has been teasing for another seven days.

As for “21 Murdoch Street,” here’s what the CBC has revealed about the episode written by Natalia Guled and directed by Harvey Crossland:

Crabtree and Constable John Brackenreid go undercover at a prestigious boys’ school to break up a gambling ring and uncover murder.

And here are some non-spoilery additions from us after watching a screener.

John Brackenreid steps up
Inspector Brackenreid may not like it, but the murder case Station No. 4 is investigating means John (Charles Vandervaart) trades his work uniform for a school one. The send-up of 21 Jump Street involves George too, as he takes advantage of the situation to make an impression on some young minds via a certain published novel.

Julia continues her journey
We’re loving Julia’s storyline this season. Her attempting to further the science behind infertility is inspiring and emotional; look for a sweet and all-too-brief moment between Julia and William.

Watts returns
Speaking of too brief, we get a spare few minutes with Det. Watts. Of course, he makes the most of his screen time.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.