Preview: Friendly faces and weird art on Heartland

I have some catching up to do! I thought I knew all of the main players on Heartland, but Sunday’s new episode brings back faces fans haven’t seen in years.

Here’s what the CBC says about this week’s instalment, “Our Sons and Daughters,” written by Mark Haroun and directed by Chris Potter:

When some old friends return to Hudson on vacation, Amy tries to teach them about the life-changing power of connecting to a horse, in order to help them cope with parenting struggles. Meanwhile, Georgie gets invited on a road trip, but it might not be everything she hoped for. And with Lou back in New York, Peter takes care of Katie, but worries when she doesn’t come home from a trail ride. Then, Jack and Lisa receive an unexpected housewarming gift.

And here are some non-spoilery bits we can reveal after watching a sneak preview.

Peter, Jack and a strange work of art
I love it when Jack is allowed to show his sarcastic, comedic side and he gets to do that alongside Peter this week. Speaking of Peter, he has his hands full taking care of Katie while Lou is away and is crushed when he overhears a conversation between his ex-wife and daughter.

Cara Pifko returns
I haven’t seen Cara Pifko since she co-starred on CBC’s excellent This is Wonderland and had no clue she’d previously appeared on Heartland as Mackenzie Hutton. Well, she’s back—alongside hubby Ian (Gord Rand)—and has some key news to share with Amy and the rest of the family.

Wyatt + Georgie
Dempsey Bryk has been a welcome addition to Heartland and his Wyatt looks cute as a button next to Georgie. After singing her that sweet song last week things can only get better for the pair, right?

Drones rock
Drones with cameras mounted on them have become all the rage in television production and Sunday’s episode begins with a sweeping overhead shot of the dude ranch that is simply breathtaking. Drones also help with a key piece of storytelling later in the episode.

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.


5 thoughts on “Preview: Friendly faces and weird art on Heartland”

  1. I can’t remember Mackenzie Hutton . I remember the name but I can’t think of who she was.

      1. Or was she lous friend that started at her job in ny when she left n return for a heartland wedding?

    1. We met Mackenzie on the episode Corporate Cowgirls in season 2. She came from New York with Nicole and Lou’s other friend that she worked with (Lauren, I think). Lou invited them to see the Dude Ranch and spread the word back in NYC. Mackenzie was allergic to everything, but then she met a guy in New York and they decided to have a small wedding at Heartland. She also ended up getting a horse from Lisa as a wedding present that was thought to be cursed and responsible for getting couples divorced.
      About the guy she married, who will also be in this episode, you may remember him falling from a horse while wearing an armour. That’s because he saved Mackenzie’s dog when they met and she called him her knight in shinning armour.

      Btw, Mackenzie wasn’t the one who got Lou’s job. It was Lauren, but Mackenzie was the one who told Lou about it at dinner.

      Ty’s ex-girlfriend from the group home is Carrie-Ann (not sure if that’s how you spell it…)

  2. I JUST REMEMBERED WHO Mackenzie was .she was Lou’s friend & got married at the Dude Ranch.

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