Preview: Murdoch Mysteries has the recipe for murder

Wasn’t last week’s episode of Murdoch Mysteries a hoot? If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, check out my interview with Noelle Girard, who wrote “Mary Wept.” She gives insight into the main storyline and how it came to be that Higgins and Ruth would be engaged.

Since that episode, a lot of Murdoch fans have noted Violet Hart’s strange behaviour. What was her relationship to Josephine Beatty? Why did she visit her grave? Is she obsessed with Murdoch? Do we have another Eva Pearce on our hands? Time, of course, will tell but you’ve made some interesting observations for sure.

As for this coming Monday’s instalment, “Crabtree a la Carte” gives Jonny Harris plenty of time to perform and deliver some major laughs. Here’s what the CBC has revealed:

When a cooking contest judge is poisoned, Murdoch suspects a tainted ingredient that the other competitors also tasted.

And here are more details of the episode—written by Simon McNabb and directed by Leslie Hope—after watching a screener.

Guest-stars galore
A couple of actors who have previously dropped by Murdoch Mysteries return in different roles. Matt Baram, who appeared as Edward Simms in the episode “Houdini Whodunit” appears on Monday as Roderick Rhodes, a judge at the Madison Fine Beef Culinary Challenge. And Daniel Kash, last seen as Arthur Frumm in “Tattered and Torn” is Randall Gordon, a fellow judge whose attitude is akin to a certain foul-mouthed British celebrity chef.

Aunt Fern to the rescue
Will a family recipe give Crabtree top marks in the cooking competition? I can say the recipe’s name gave me the giggles. Yes, I am 12 years old. There is also a fantastic scene between Murdoch and Crabtree that had me howling. The pair may be close friends but William still sometimes has trouble saying the right thing around George.

Margaret, Watts, Violet and Louise Cherry, oh my!
You can’t have a cooking competition without Margaret Brackenreid! As for Watts, he meets with Louise Cherry first in a very funny bit before a scene change (Watts’ face is classic) and then later as the case takes hold. As for Violet, she figures into the tainted ingredient investigation prominently, giving her ample time with Murdoch. I’m watching everything she does now.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.