Preview: Frankie Drake Mysteries closes out Season 1

On Monday, Frankie Drake Mysteries rides into the sunset with its first season finale. And what a ride it’s been. It has been a personal pleasure to see all of the hard work co-creators Michelle Ricci and Carol Hay and showrunner Cal Coons pay off big-time. Launching a television series is difficult enough, but placing it in the timeslot after Murdoch Mysteries—a program it will always be compared to—is not easy.

It’s only been an 11-episode season, but a wonderful world has been established, full of engaging characters in Flo, Mary, Trudy, Wendy and, of course, Frankie Drake herself. CBC hasn’t made it official yet, but I’m pretty sure Frankie and her pals will be back for the second round of crime-solving in the fall of 2018.

As for Monday’s finale, the CBC has released the following information for “Once Burnt Twice Spied.”

When Frankie gets a mysterious call from a British spy, Mary discovers how she and Trudy met, and how Drake Private Detectives was formed.

And here are more details after watching a screener of the episode, written by Michelle Ricci and directed by Peter Stebbings.

Origin stories
Rather than reveal how Drake Private Detectives came to be in Episode 1, we’re getting it in the season finale. An odd move, but with a great payoff. It’s meant fans have fallen in love with the characters already and the mystery as to how it all came to be could be saved. Viewers are flashed back in time—you know, before 1920—to tell the tale. For Frankie, that means a return to Toronto for a very special assignment; for Trudy, a change in career.

Pay attention to the props
In particular, a newspaper that is being read by many and frustratingly hard to decipher.

Forget 007
Frankie Drake predates James Bond when it comes to cool gadgets and weaponry.

Slasher stars, Take 3
Those actors from Slasher clearly can’t get enough of Frankie Drake Mysteries because, for the third week in a row, one appears. This time it’s Christopher Jacot as Clive Harper, a Toronto baker.

What are your thoughts on Season 1 of Frankie Drake Mysteries? Let me know in the comments below.

The season finale of Frankie Drake Mysteries airs Monday at 9 p.m. on CBC.




26 thoughts on “Preview: Frankie Drake Mysteries closes out Season 1”

  1. This show grew on me. In my opinion, at the top, it was trying hard to be the anti-Murdoch instead of the pro-Frankie. Peter Stebbings’ directed episode is the one that hooked me and I look forward to seeing his next one.

    1. Same here! I found out about this show very recently and watch them all in a week time! They are so additive and really happy to see about a women who is doing it all in 1920’. Very refreshing take and what a great show! Really hope to see season 2 soon!

  2. The fact that Wendy Crewson had a role in this show originally made it of interest to me. Now I’m hooked on the story line, the character development, and the fine performances. I’m sad it’s over until next fall.

  3. Like so many others Frankie and her pals grew on us and we certainly hope to see a Season two. Good cast, lots of fun.

  4. Strong character’s and great stories.
    CBC should definitely renew for a long run.
    Lauren Lee Smith is smart, sexy and shows a great diverse cast with interesting stories.
    See ya in September.

  5. I love this show and certainly hope that it will be renewed. I have grown to love all of the characters. I especially liked the last episode where we found out how the Frankie Drake Detective Agency was formed. Please renew it.

  6. Love Love Love this show! The characters the costumes and the sets are very well done and the actors are great and the dialogue witty. Please renew!

  7. We love this program! We were so sad to see it suspended til the fall! Please bring it back – and cancel the “Caught” fiasco.

  8. Loved it from the first episode. Earnest Hemingway! No idea he had worked in TO.( I did check it out) I had wondered about possible Murdoch cross overs and then Jonny Harris shows up in an episode. Like to see more. Please get renewed.

  9. I live in Brazil and I discovered this series through the internet. I’m just saying one thing about the show: I LOVED IT! It’s funny, creative and does not have to appeal to nonsense. Please, CBC, renew the show!

  10. Love the show. Great writing, fabulous sets and wardrobe. I like this period piece and have had fun imagining Canada and the women of this time.

  11. Fresh and sassy and pays homage to 1920’s Toronto and women and cultural issues. Grew to care about the charactures

  12. Ho-Hum

    Watched all the episodes and have cancelled the auto record for if it comes back. I found the stories a bit too convenient and the pro-woman political nature of the show was just unnecessary. A good story is a good story and doesn’t need politically correct cliche to sell itself.

  13. Great Canadian show with perfect placement behind Murdock. It is nice to see what it was like for people in that era in Canada, it is like history but done with fun and excitement.

  14. Great show! Refreshingly Canadian. Good mysteries, great characters without all the blood and gore of most mysteries. Hope there are many seasons to come.

  15. Love the show! Thank you for creating strong female characters that my teenage daughter and I love.

  16. Been watching this in the UK on the Alibi channel. (According to the closing credits, they appear to be involved in the production.) They’ve been showing it in an entirely different order. It finished last night with the Anastasia episode and we got the spy episode weeks ago.

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