Murdoch Mysteries: Mary Pedersen, Peter Mitchell, Yannick Bisson and Hélène Joy discuss what’s next for William and Julia

Spoiler alert! Do NOT continue reading until you have watched Episode 17, “Shadows are Falling,” of Murdoch Mysteries. I’m serious.

I know a lot of you are upset. I understand that. So many Murdoch Mysteries fans have wanted William and Julia to be parents of their own baby. Sadly, that’s not going to happen. At least, not in the near future. That was the sad reality during “Shadows are Falling,” when Julia lost the baby to a miscarriage, leaving the couple in tatters. By episode end, emotions were running high and William walked out.

The reality is, Murdoch Mysteries is—as always—about the mysteries. The murders. The crimes. Anything else is just extra stuff we get to enjoy. Murdoch‘s showrunner, Peter Mitchell, and his writing staff know what they’re doing. I trust them and have for years. They know these characters better than we do and also know what’s best for them. So, while I understand some folks being angry with Monday’s storyline, I’m in for the long haul. I love all of these characters, their experiences and their lives. But I’m also in it for the mysteries, especially now that Season 12 has been announced!

With that in mind, here’s my chat with episode writer Mary Pedersen, showrunner Peter Mitchell and actors Hélène Joy and Yannick Bisson.

Yannick, Season 11 of Murdoch Mysteries has been fantastic. Great, funny, storylines, creative mysteries and wonderful new characters. You must be thrilled.
Yannick Bisson: It’s been another great season and for the folks that have stuck with us, and for the new viewers, it’s been a pretty great season for them. We’ve been able to have some really light-fare episodes that the fans have really responded well to. I think our highest-rated episodes this year was one of the more, sort of, light ones with ‘Crabtree a la Carte.’ It’s fun to see how things flow and change and the show keeps building.

That said, Monday’s episode has shocked and upset many fans.
Yannick Bisson: Absolutely. When you’re talking about big strains on relationships and stuff like that, these are universal themes that hit home with people. And I think there is a sense of ownership and investment with a lot of fans. When they are confronted with some of the stuff that’s coming, there are going to be some upset people.

Do you think Julia and William should have a baby?
Hélène Joy: I think they should have one if they want one, yes. I think they should be able to make that choice if they want and be free to change their minds and go another way, like adoption. We discovered from the adoption process earlier that it made them just as happy. I feel like, in the end, they will and should find a child to love.

Mary, I was reading through Facebook and you were referred to as “the writer of doom,” because you wrote “The Accident” and were the credited writer on “Shadows are Falling.” 
Mary Pedersen: I love it! I’ve demanded that everyone in the writer’s room call me that from now on.

These storylines go through so many approvals—from Pete Mitchell to Shaftesbury and CBC—one person cannot be blamed.
Mary Pedersen: A year ago we arced out what we wanted for Murdoch and Ogden this season and that started with something the fans have also been saying, ‘Oh, they’re married now. What’s going on, it’s boring? When are they going to have a baby and get a house?’ The thinking was that if we went back to the time when there was a lot of excitement, tension, curiosity and questions about what was going on in their relationship before that actually got together, how could we bring back some of that tension into their lives? Not the miscarriage itself, but the overall taking them into a new experience was really the goal of the whole thing. We knew it was going to be something that would create some difficulties for them and some questions for them and their relationship in a way, that I hope, is a natural thing that happens in any relationship. You’re always going to come up against challenges and difficulties and, of course, we confidence in Yannick and Hélène’s abilities to really portray that.

Peter, why was it important to take William and Julia on this journey?
Peter Mitchell: I wanted to do a story of consequence for both the characters and the actors. They are so at ease with their characters that people sometimes forget the fact these two can really act. I wanted to give them a story that both the actors and the characters could sink their teeth into. Plus, it’s a story that is true for a lot of couples. And I hope the fans can accept that. Sometimes in a series, the stories of the most emotional consequence are carried out by the guest characters. The guest character gets the wrenching story and the main character is an enabler or solver of problems.

Do you enjoy putting these characters through an emotional roller coaster and getting feedback from the fans?
Mary Pedersen: Yes. We know that it’s a gift. Sometimes we get comments that are not that great, but ultimately at the end of the day, every day, the fact that the fans care this much is a gift. And we don’t take that lightly. It’s really meaningful. I’ve worked on other projects where you don’t hear a thing. It’s completely different at Murdoch. The woman at the store where I get my pet food is excited. My neighbours are excited. It really changes the experience and it’s really wonderful. The passion that the fans have for Murdoch and Ogden and I think the joy that they felt for the pregnancy and the sadness and empathy they have for their loss is the same that they might have for a family member and that’s a great thing. Being able to do that with the viewers is a gift and one of the things you go into writing or acting for.

Hélène, how have you felt about Julia’s journey this season?
Hélène Joy: I think it’s great. First and foremost, this is a show about mysteries and we like to make sure that’s true. But it’s undeniable that the audience is in love with this couple and their journey. We’ve had all different incarnations of that but it’s been really nice. Obviously, the journey of wanting to have children is so personal and I think a lot of women have responded to her real desire to do this and the joy of it. What happened tonight is devastating but it’s so, so, common. It’s an incredibly common experience, trying to have children. It doesn’t mean they can’t have one again, but it happens a lot. It’s been really brave of the writers to go there and for me, it’s been fun to have such highs and lows to play.

Everything came up in the argument between William and Julia. God, guilt, punishment, faith and then the hot-button topic of abortion. You didn’t leave anything out.
Mary Pedersen: At the beginning of the episode when William is there at her bedside … if they were able to go home then and just be alone together none of this would have happened. But, because they are interrupted and spent time apart, they start to spiral into their own bad places. Because they weren’t able to process their grief together, they were in different places and it brought up all of those things. In any marriage, there are some big issues that are unresolved and you put it in the closet and hope it won’t come up. But it always, always, always will come up. This felt like a natural place to go with them.

The scenes between William and Julia are so raw and emotional. Was it difficult to get into that mindset for filming?
Yannick Bisson: Yeah, the subject matter is dark and difficult and in any given scene you have to sustain an emotional place for hours and hours—sometimes an entire day in order to get all of the coverage—and it sucks to go to work on those days, especially when you’re talking about some tough stuff like loss and betrayal.

Hélène Joy: Yannick and I were like, ‘Is it over yet?’ You have to, as an actor, dredge it from somewhere. It has to come up. It can be kind of exhausting. The scene where I’m lying in the hospital bed and I wake up. There are no words, just a lot of grief. That was at the end of the day and I knew it was coming. So the process begins, unconsciously, at the beginning of the day that you begin to think of the things that make you feel that bad. What happens with me throughout the day is that I get sadder and sadder. It was hard. Yannick and I both hated it.

A lot of folks, including myself, don’t trust Violet Hart. What kind of impact has Violet had in the writer’s room this season?
Mary Pedersen: It’s been great. We miss Mouna but it’s been nice to go in a different direction and try something new with the Violet that we weren’t doing with Rebecca. It’s an opportunity that’s going to pay off for a while.

What can you tell those upset folks that will help them cope until next week’s episode?
Yannick Bisson: Hang in there. There are ups and downs in life and we’re trying to mirror that with the show. The biggest thing to keep in mind as that you have two very strong characters and they have certain points of view. That’s what we’ve come to enjoy from the writing, so we have to stick it out and see them come out the other side.

Mary Pedersen: This is a quote that I like that I keep coming back to, somehow, for this: ‘Everything will be OK in the end.’ Not meaning Episode 18, but Murdoch and Ogden overall.

Will fans be happy by the end of the Season 11 finale?
Yannick Bisson: There is some resolution but I think we’re going to leave some room for people to tune back in for Season 12.

Murdoch Mysteries‘ Season 11 finale airs next Monday at 8 p.m. on CBC.

What did you think of the episode? Can William and Julia turn it around for the season finale? Are you happy Murdoch Mysteries will be back for Season 12? Let me know in the comments below.




65 thoughts on “Murdoch Mysteries: Mary Pedersen, Peter Mitchell, Yannick Bisson and Hélène Joy discuss what’s next for William and Julia”

  1. Yup I was the architect of the phrase Writer of Doom. She didn’t disappoint.

    1. Very well done, loved it. Can’t wait for the next episode and the next season. Bravo to the writers for bringing real issues to the forefront. Bo

    2. How the characters relate to each other is so important, Murdoch’s love for his wife will win out, but that doesn’t mean there will not be pain and tough times ahead. I think there my be a strengthening and maturing of his faith.
      They are a great detective team, and need each other on many levels. Together they are stronger, wiser and complete. Every one around them benefits.

    3. I think that she DID disappoint. I watch the series to escape the tragedies of real life. Having suffered from multiple miscarriages, I found the bloody scene particularly distressing.
      Viewers have a sense of trust that builds over the seasons; that a show is a safe place to put away the cares of the day and relax. MM is not a soap, it is a mystery series and I feel that trust was betrayed; especially watching the joy that the other characters felt, which reflected how many of us felt. Bad choice in arc and understanding your viewers.

  2. This was a totally awesome episode, emotionally wrenching and meaty enough for two great actors to sink their teeth into the story. There is no drama/tragedy without the heroes setting up their own ‘doom’ so the whole story was well crafted & directed and gives the emotional gut punch you need fro a great story. Bravo to all involved and oh, yeah, I am back for next week and next season!!!

  3. Second time in a season an emotionally intense episode is quite spectacular. Unexpectedly surprised by that ending.

  4. I thought the episode was very well written and acted. I love how Murdoch does not shy away from difficult topics and this was portrayed very realistically. I guessed that there was going to be a miscarriage and while I’m sad for them my biggest concern was separating them for a long time or permanently. I realize this is a situation that will take time, hopefully not long. Looking forward to ep 18.

  5. Greg, such a wonderful interview. You did an incredible job. Do I think God would punish people for having an abortion, no. I think William is being an ass! Mary is right, they have both had to deal with the loss on their own . You want to blame someone. William blames Julia,Julia blames the doctor that helped her get pregnant. There is enough sorrow at Station Four to fill Lake Ontario.
    The acting was awesome. I don’t know how they managed those emotions for the time it took to film the episode. The whole cast gave incredible performances. Mary’s writing was superb. Congratulations. I don’t think this will be resolved by the end of the last episode. There is too much anger, grief, bitterness and betrayal. I can’t wait for season twelve.

  6. Wow …. what an episode!

    I was not surprised at the miscarriage …. I figured it would happen. I am going to bypass totally the abortion issue . The trust issue is the major stepping stone going forward and for me I can see William would find it very hard to forgive due to his religious beliefs.

    I am thinking (??) Roland comes back into play here … maybe his father passes away and we see him as a more grown up child. THAT could bring them back together.

  7. While I appreciate the desire to keep fans on the edge of their seat so to speak, you almost lost me as a fan when Julia married another. I wouldn’t even watch the next few episodes with Darcy in them. I started watching re-runs in an effort to recapture the bond between Julia and William. I ended up watching again (because I love the show) but only after my friends assured me there was still hope for them. The issues about children are very sensitive. I’ve known women who have had miscarriages and have never been able to conceive again, I’ve also had first hand experience with my daughter losing not one but eight babies all told. The show tonight was predictable as the writers seem to have a hard time letting them be happy. My daughter didn’t give up and ended up with two beautiful boys and I would ask that you give them some happiness. I have adopted as well and see that as a good option. I should say this is the only show on television to date that I have ever cared about watching. I love the history, the décor, the story lines…..just please give them some happiness. Thanks

  8. WOW! Couldn’t believe that the miscarriage happened so early in the episode. Fighting tears I waited to see what else was going to happen. I would never of thought if the outcome. Amazing writing and acting. What wonderful imaginations! I am amazed at your super episodes. Where it how on earth can you think all of this up. So glad that there us going to be a season 12.
    We anxiously wait each week and watch all the repeats as well. Truly remarkable series. Well done… congratulations.

    1. I think the other corriner put something in the drink she made for Dr. Ogden. She seems very cold and she wants to run the morgue.

      1. I also thought they’d take us on another roller coaster ride with this miscarriage. I was disappointed and sighed a lot during that part of the episode, leaving me feeling both angry and sad. I never expected the abortion story line. But when it was said that “Dr. Desmond and the Doctor she consulted” was stated, I thought, uh-oh! I knew it was Julie that was the other Doctor and there’d be a twist to their already sad reality. Julia’s character is a very strong, ahead of her time, woman for the turn of the century. Both she and William are steadfast in their beliefs and Julia’s willingness to accompany him to church gave an opening in new thinking on her part, meaning the guilt that Catholicism puts on its followers. I know, I’m Catholic by birth, but I have grown to have my own beliefs and the right of women to determine what is best for their own bodies, not by what church doctrine dictates. Julia’s statements that God is punishing her somehow for her her past, as well as her NOT stating, or somehow stopping Dr. Desmond, again was a punishment by God, was proof that she was being swayed by the Catholic doctrine. I hate when they mess with these two. Raising children will come with it’s own story lines as we all know, and the writers should have a field day with that as well, hopefully. I just hope the writers have them come out of this stronger. But we all know how head strong both William and Julia are. That’s what attracted them to each other and hopefully that will help them to see that they both reacted out of grief at the loss of their own child without talking about it when they had the chance, before the Nate/Rebecca incident. I will watch Ep. 18 holding my breath! Please Please Please give us some good news! The world is so negative and filled with hate, its nice to escape to a world where love wins out every time, especially for our beloved William and Julia. I’d hate to stop watching this series because of the constant angst the writers put on them! It’s exhausting, to say the least.

  9. Wow! This was a tough episode to watch, and I guess that speaks once again to the fantastic writing team on MM.
    I really didn’t like that Julia had a miscarriage, but I liked it even less that she booted him out at the end. BUT, I have watched this show for soooo many years and I trust that the writers will bring this to an appropriate resolution. One more reason I love the show. I’m in for the long haul–no question. Love the show. Love the actors. Please keep doing it. Thank God for Season 12. Also congrats again for the industry recognition last night, just wish there could have been more in the live show.

  10. Previews for this episode didn’t indicate anything about a miscarriage or break-up. I was shocked and saddened, but it was time to bring back some tension/excitement between Julia and William. I have been expecting them to bring back Roland for some time.

  11. It is this episode, with this intensity of emotion and marvelous acting, which should be nominated next year for Best Acting awards!! The holiday specials were fun, but this required supreme efforts which were delivered flawlessly. No one could see this and not feel the pain the two characters were feeling. Outstanding performances!!

  12. chez nous en France Murdoch Mystéries est énormément apprécié nous serions déçus et ne voulons pas qu’une mauvaise fin arrive dans ce merveilleux couple que forme William et Julia Hélene Joy est un vrai soleil que nous adorons au coté de l’exellent Yannick Bisson qui est le maitre incontestable de toutes ces merveilleuses séries qui pour moi sont celles que je préfère et que j’aime le plus par apport aux autres séries télévisées chez nous,il est vrai qu’elles démontrent la réalitée de la vie qui ce passe pour beaucoup de gens et dans le monde aussis a notre époque actuelle nous voulons que ce couple reste pour la vie car en France pour beaucoup de fans il fait partie d’eux depuis tant d’années il faut que l’amour reste toujours entre william et julia ce qui fait le succes de la serie de plus nous les aimons alors donnez leur du bonheur dans la prochaine saison dont j’espère qu’elle existera
    pour ces formidables moments depuis de nombreuses années merci a tous et a tout les gens qui travaillent sur cette formidable aventure.

  13. I am officially done watching this show and that makes me so sad. I have watched Murdoch Mysteries since the first season, and have always loved the characters and setting and storylines, but the show is so different (darker) this season and not for the better. Another show ruined when writers try to get “creative”. What’s next? Kill off Murdoch to “create tension”? So disapponted with the writers and the show.

    1. I’m someone who: 1) has never been invested in a show at all until this one and 2) in my heart of hearts I want everything to e sunshine and lollipops. All the time. Good thing I don’t write for TV. So with that background, I’m saying a huge thank you to the writers. For being real. I’m clergy. I deal with grief; lots and lots of grief. All kinds. And this felt real, and honest. I didn’t think it was over the top, it was very human, and I feel strangely satisfied by the episode. I AM waiting for at least some reconciliation next week though!! Thank you again for all you do as writers, this show is wonderful. And thanks for tonight.

    2. Completely agree. I love this show and have watched every episode (prior to season 10) 20 times at least over the years, but this continued need to create tension between William and Julia is played out and frustrating.

  14. A well done episode. Mystery, sadness, excitement and top notch acting. I hope that in the future William and Julia will get their child, either naturally or by adoption. They would make good parents. Murdock Mysteries has been a favourite show of mine since its beginning.

  15. I agree that this was an upsetting episode. More so for me because I suffered a miscarriage and my husband and myself had different reactions to it just as William and Julia did. I also agree that this has been a dark season . My husband has not enjoyed it. He said that with so many dark things happening in the world watching Murdoch Mysteries brought some light in but if it continues to be so dark he may stop watching it.

  16. I loved the show and was sad too. My hub and i lost a chikd and pretty much reacted the same as julia and william . Feeling guilty on my part and then with them putting in the abortion sub plot. William had a hard time with that due to his beliefs. They do have to be together to get thru their grief and that may not come til next season. Aw tv land eh. Look forward to next week . Read last week something was brewing and i did have my kleenex ready

  17. Noele

    That something would go wrong with the pregnancy was not unexpected. I, like many viewers, want ‘happily ever after’ for this great couple, but let’s face it, if such was the case the show would have ended after their honeymoon. I remember how hard it was to watch the episode when Julia told William about her abortion and even the episodes of their rift. I could not stand watching him with Enid Jones. We, the viewers live these episodes as if they were real, and from the interviews, the actors do the same to make their believable. In short, I like ‘feel good’ episodes, not so much the heart wrenching ones, but it is fantastic writing and acting and season 11 has been one of the very best of the series in my book. It is not fair to say ‘I will stop watching’, we have to brace ourselves and wait patiently for hopefully better times in Season 12.

  18. I knew Julia would lose the baby… Just too predictable. Why can’t they catch a break as a couple and move more into other murder mysteries and leave Julia and William stay together and just be happy. They have gone through alot- lost the adoption, lost their baby now splitting up on and off .. Not a happy camper here and I have watch every episode !

  19. I don’t think it was “brave” of the writers, I thought it was cruel to have Julia miscarry the baby. It made me sick. I don’t think it would have been “boring” to have them be a family solving mysteries … something like in the Nick and Nora Charles characters by Dashiell Hammett.

    Having said that, the actors performed brilliantly and authentically and the writing of abortion/anti-abortion dilemma and the swarm of feelings involved with a miscarriage was extremely true to life and thought provoking, even for those set in their views.

    I thought if the writers made Julia have a miscarriage I would never watch the show again. Since they left it in an argument, I will watch at least one more time. The worst would be if Julia and William were no longer a relationship. The show would be dead to me.

    1. I agree with your comments. The writers waste our time with the Newsomes and then complain that the essential heroes marriage interferes with the “mystery ” component of the series. From time to time small moments are permitted between our heroes- the writers are capable but determined to thwart their relationship to create “drama”. Manipulation.

  20. Heartbreaking! I hope they don’t drag out the rift too long like last time. Help Murdoch learn to understand that God is not a vengeful god, but a God of love and mercy (maybe a priest can hep him with this or maybe he realizes it when praying and takes a look at he cross? So what was in that glass of water that Violet gave to Julia in the last episode? I noted the camera seemed to focus on that glass of water a bit long.

  21. The show gets a little too goofy and madcap at times so it’s the relationships that seem genuine and that we care about that give the show its long lastingness. From ridiculously unemotional visits at the morgue to the crushing very real heartache of a miscarriage so realistically portrayed, it was a tough mood swing. Nonetheless, I recall an episode when William saw into the future. He saw a boy in a field, his son. His wife, it could only be Julia, was in the tent so perhaps it will all be right in the end assuming the writers take their own storylines seriously. There is only so much nonsense that the viewer can take. Perhaps by the time the writers get to it, people will no longer care.

  22. This was a very important episode. It was so raw and emotional and I loved it. I know people are up in arms because William is upset with abortion, but how could he not be? To accept it would go against everything he believes in.
    The miscarriage was tough for me to watch. I found out that I’m pregnant shortly after Julia, so I have really identified with her sickness and feelings. From the moment I found out she was pregnant, I figured it would end in miscarriage, but I had hope after last week when they announced it to everyone.

  23. This episode showed the true humanity between Dr. Ogden & Detective Murdoch. Even though married, each has her/his own beliefs and opinions. The emotional sides of both were superbly illustrated in this episode. My wife & I went through the trauma of a miscarriage and our emotions peaked, but we love each other so much (after 40 yrs. of marriage) that respect & give & take have taught us the importance of a happy marriage. Kudos to Murdoch Mysteries and the “au courant” themes. Bonne chance Julia & William.

  24. Like so many before me, I too was devastated by the miscarriage and the resulting split. Have to admit the acting was incredible and all involved should be extremely proud of this episode! Looking forward to the Season Finale (I just know it’s going to be a heart wrenching rollercoaster ride) and will wait with bated breath for Season 12

  25. I have enjoyed watching every episode and found the acting really authentic. William’s strong belief about abortion is so convincing it broke me to see he & Julia argue – but they portrayed what humans are only capable of coping with a certain level of stress. I do feel their love will overcome this- exciting times ahead! Will tune in next Monday and await for Season 12 !

  26. Love the show but disappointed when Ogden lost the baby. I know the show is about the mysteries but with all the drama currently on TV some happiness for these characters kept me watching. Now you are just turning it into another stereotypical show that is on all the other channels. Shame on you writers!

  27. I think it was too soon to doom this couple with a loss like this it really should have occurred after a good deal of time to really feel the let down

  28. Really who needs real-life drama when we have enough of our own. That’s why Murdoch was so great because it was an escape… go back to the way you used to write the series – please :)

    1. I agree. I have lost a child. I hate that such a tragic loss is used for a ratings game/suspense plot. No matter how well acted, I feel the topic was solely used to create drama. Is nothing sacred? I have been a faithful fan but this offended me. This is a fun family mystery show. To use the death of a baby to create tension and drama (ratings) made me feel sick about the show. I respect that others may view it differently but I dont respect a ratings ploy based on heartache that so many families have suffered. This show was better than that.

      1. I disagree. This show has great humor between the characters of course. Maybe you haven’t watched it very long, but this show has always portrayed various serious issues in a very sensitive way … racism in different forms(against blacks, gays, lesbians),the position of women, abortion, faith issues, family relations, mental health, infertility, the heartbreak of going through the latter and the heartbreak of a miscarriage etc. I never for a moment thought this final episode was written for ratings. It dealt, in part, with an issue that is not often discussed, but needs to be!

  29. What a riveting episode!
    Their acting is so amazing I actually felt I was intruding on their privacy.
    As a mother, who has known loss, I cried uncontrollably at Julia’s miscarriage.
    I cried at the, hopefully, temporary demise of a passionate marriage based on true love and respect.
    I truly hope they can get past having different views on God.
    That really should be a common denominator in the foundation of a marriage.
    Will love prevail?? Please say it will.

  30. I love this show. It’s one of the few that shows off Canadian actors as Canadian. I value the relationships, they are real. They’re raw and intense.

    The hot topics are covered, but with respect. They aren’t made into a punch line. That’s why I can’t wait for 12 and beyond.

    Love you Yannick Bisson and Helen Joy. Keep up the good work.

  31. No. Quite simply, no.
    I have had to walk away from other shows because the writers simply would not let the lead players have any lasting happiness and I will walk away from MM if I have to.
    Yes, the writing was good. Yes, the acting was superb. The storyline sucked, bad.
    I would love it if, just once, there was a “happy ever after”. I’m just so tired of having my emotions manipulated and being made to feel sad. I can find enough sad, mad, angry, hurt and discouraged in real life. That’s not why I watch Murdoch.
    I watch MM to laugh at and with George, to enjoy the love between Wiliam and Julia, to admire Nina’s courage and to see how inventive the next invention is.
    I almost feel like I know the characters and, in a way, that they are old friends. So, that makes me feel protective of them.
    That said, please stop hurting them! Enough!

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth. That’s exactly how I feel about it.

  32. Wow, this episode certainly has brought out a lot of emotion in many fans!

    Life doesn’t always, if ever, go along and turn out the way we hope it will, so why should every episode of Murdoch.

    Even though I may not have loved the way the final episode ended for this season, I did understand how it could. This was masterful writing from beginning to end in terms of the way the writers were able to bring the two story lines together.

    I was talking to one of my friends who is very invested in the show as I am. She was so upset by the ending. I was not. I told her that I could understand how Julia and William felt.

    Julia is a woman before her time, in believing that a woman should have a say over her own body and whether or not to have an abortion, living in a time when having an abortion and performing one was against the law. Julia has had an abortion. She was pregnant and so thrilled to be having a baby with William. William is Roman Catholic and a policeman so abortion, not only goes against his religious beliefs but also against the law which he is sworn to uphold, so it is a double edged sword for him.

    Julia and William had just lost their baby so they were both in pain and grieving. Their emotions are running high so I can understand the unfortunate confrontation at the end.

    This is one of the best MM episodes that I have seen recently. Kudos to the writers and to the actors for this amazing episode. Can’t wait for Season 12, episode 1.

    1. Hey Joyce. I agree with your post however there is still one episode left in 11.
      After the great writing and performance of last week’s episode I can’t imagine what they gave planned for the finale.
      I am holding my breath for Monday’s episode!!

  33. So totally expected the miscarriage but not the abortion story line coming up again. Yannick and Helene should get Emmy’s for their performances in the last scene. I’m not going to debate the abortion issue, because for me, the more important issue is trust and acceptance of another person. And Julia said, I want to marry all of you’, but I don’t think she shows it. Many times, William has gone against his Faith (divorce, contraception) and broken the law for her. How many times can she expect him to break the law or go against his Faith for her, without it weighing on him in the process? Julia needs to realize that she’s not always right. She should own how much she hurt William, and that’s not the same as changing her beliefs.

    1. That’s a good point, but at the same time, both need to properly mourn the death… The loss of a child usually tears couple apart. Still want to grow and develop with them.
      Faith not with standing, that can only go so far. For now they need to heal together.
      Just hope they do it soon and before it has a chance to tear them farther apart.

  34. I think Ms Hart had something to do with Julia losing the baby. Remember that drink she gave Julia?? Anyway that what I think and we all know now that she wants Julia`s job, probably William too ( another Eva Pearce.) Julia had hinted that something is wrong with Ms Hart before and if she really think about the events that happen before her miscarriage she may find that Ms Hart is the cause of her and William losing their baby.

  35. I’m hoping that Murdoch’s reference, in the final episode’s preview, to him having a murder to investigate means that they find some evidence or suspicion that Violet Hart had something to do with Julia’s miscarriage (I keep remembering that drink of water she gave Julia). Though this may still happen next season, I now have had an awful thought that maybe he is referring to the abortion that Rebecca performed! 😢

  36. Wow … I’m so happy that William and Julia reconciled at the end of last night’s episode. I’m also glad that my wild imaginations of what was going to happen re Rebecca didn’t happen either. That would have been cruel, and that’s not Murdoch. Still concerned about Ms. Hart’s role in what happened to Julia , and I’m looking forward to Season 12 and seeing how they both deal with Ms. Hart’s plans to prevent Julia from coming back to the morgue, as well as all the new challenges they and all of Station 4 will be met with!

  37. What was Julia’s last sentence at the end of the last episode, I’ve relistened to it over and over and still can’t make it out. Can someone tell me please!

    1. I only saw it in a “spoiler”. I believe she said, “I can tear up the ticket.” Or something to that effect. He replied that they could buy another one, indicating that he wanted to travel with her… Mea culpa if I heard it wrong!!

      1. This is how I hear it as well. A trip together will give them time to just be together and heal.

  38. I am a new viewer to this show and have done much binge watching. So saying, I just watched the episode where Julia miscarried and I understand so many of the comments previously made. I too would like a happy ending but I understand the writers need to continue to evolve the characters. It was yet again a defining moment in William and Julia’s relationship. I still hope they have a child because I believe they both want one. For all those questioning Ms. Hart, I totally agree. That woman is up to something.

  39. William compromised his belief on abortion when marrying Julia. I hope the writers keep him true to his faith this time and have Julia have the change of heart on abortion, as so many doctors have done in recent years. After losing my BABY through miscarriage, I don’t see how Julia can still believe that what she was carrying was not her baby and not just a mass of cells.

  40. I liked Free falling. The darkness was believable and the acting great. I think real things like this should be looked at. Love a good mystery too.

  41. I was actually hoping Murdoch would come to his senses this time . This is not love. Julia asks too much. She obviously loves herself more than her husband. So selfish! No man should have to live with a Victorian “nasty girl!”

    1. I disagree wholeheartedly. I don’t understand why a strong woman is often seen as a nasty woman, even by other women. William was very very cruel when he blamed Julia for the miscarriage. He was cruel to her when he walked away from her (much earlier on) upon learning she had had an abortion. He was cruel when he took much too long to come to her to propose before she left for Buffalo. She loved William so much, but was making a sacrifice of her own happiness so that he could meet and marry someone who could give him children. He did not go to say he loved her still and please don’t marry Darcy. I know he had just let someone out of jail when he shouldn’t have, but he could still have let her know before he left town. It probably would have turned out entirely differently. So William has hurt Julia over the years too. To paint her as nasty is a disservice to women everywhere. One needs to look at the whole picture, and look at the love between them as being strong and forgiving

      1. Amen to that. First of all, the writers have a story to tell that does not reflect real life events. Second, they both love each other so strongly to the point of having saved each others lives on several occasions. If they have hurt each other it has been unintentionally, thinking it was for the good of the other, breaking their own heart in the process. I have never regarded Julia as a ‘nasty’ person. She does not have a nasty bone in her body let alone when it comes to William.

        1. Amen Amen to that, too!! 😊 You’ve expressed it so much better and beautifully!!

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