Murdoch Mysteries: Showrunner Peter Mitchell, writer Mary Pedersen and Hélène Joy tease Season 12

Spoiler alert! Do not continue reading until you have watched the Season 11 finale, “Free Falling.”

Well Murdoch Mysteries fans, are you feeling a little better? After last week’s episode, “Shadows are Falling,” viewers were left reeling. Not only did Julia lose her baby to a miscarriage, but she and William had a major falling out. Julia had instructed Rebecca on how to perform an abortion, which led to a dramatic conclusion: William left the hotel and was last seen walking down the street.

Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed. William, working the case of a missing woman alongside her supposedly distraught husband meant he could reflect on the things he’d said to Julia. And she spent several moments, with help from Inspector Brackenreid, recalling her own remarks. By episode end the pair had tearfully reunited.

But not all is well. Nina and Crabtree broke up and—as many of you suspected—Violet is up to no good. I spoke to showrunner Peter Mitchell, writer-producer Mary Pedersen (who co-wrote the finale with Simon McNabb and Dan Trotta) and actress Hélène Joy about “Free Falling,” and a peek at what’s to come in Season 12.

Peter, was the episode title, “Free Falling,” a reference to the Tom Petty song as well as what our characters were going through?
Peter Mitchell: I think so. The Tom Petty song is a little bit about breaking up with the girl who is perfect for you and feeling kinda good about it. And also about all of the characters because they don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Why was it important to keep Julia and William apart for the entire episode?
Peter Mitchell: To establish some tension in the story. We’re often more willing and more able to talk to strangers about things that we’re thinking about than those who are closest to us.

Of course, it was wonderful to have William and Julia reunite. But, you tore another couple apart: Crabtree and Nina. Why, Mary?
Mary Pedersen: I think that was really natural. We love Erin Agostino. She has been wonderful and has really won over the fans which is really something because the character, on paper, doesn’t look like someone Crabtree should end up with. That’s really a credit to Erin’s work. That was the truth of their situation. Nina doesn’t want the things that he wants. They tried to fit that square peg into the round hole and it’s not going to work. He really would have had to sacrifice so much not only by leaving Toronto, but then what does his life look like in Paris? It was definitely a sad thing because we’ve all grown to love that character and Erin, but there wasn’t really a way to turn that ship around and have her be the person that Crabtree is ultimately the person he’s meant to be with.

Peter Mitchell: George could try to abandon his core principles but I don’t think he has it in him. I think he does want whatever the turn of the century version of the white picket fence is. I didn’t want to compromise the Nina character and have her roll over on her core beliefs to make George happy. Sort of like Ogden and Murdoch, but in a different way.

By the end of the episode, Violet is plotting with Horace McWorthy to take over the morgue? How did you feel about that twist Hélène?
Hélène Joy: I thought it was great. I know the audience loves to hate some characters and this character is on that hit list for sure. That’s what’s fun about Murdoch. We try to keep it surprising. You can’t love everyone all of the time. I think it’s great that it’s happening this way and makes it far more interesting for the character and for the actress playing the character. I’m really intrigued to see where it goes. How evil is she going to get? I feel for Shanice because I know what it’s like to be hated. If you remember back to Julia’s first husband, Darcy, there were whole Facebook pages that were just about hating Darcy.

What excites you about Season 12?
Hélène Joy: I get excited because the writers always blow me away. I hear little rumblings about what Julia these things that Julia will be doing this year and I’m like, ‘Oh! Who would have thought?!’ Of course, I can’t tell you!

Peter, will there be a time jump between Season 11’s finale and Season 12’s debut?
Peter Mitchell: Yup. Normally, we pick it up three or four months later and I think that’s so we can start off on a fresh foot while doing some housekeeping as to what happened last year.

Any storylines you’re working on that you can talk about?
Peter Mitchell: We have an idea that Julia and Murdoch might be writing a book together, which could be fun. We might actually find George’s girl of his dreams this year. There might be some interesting developments in the Brackenreid household and the wedding bells will indeed ring for Henry Higgins. I think we might have Alexander Graham Bell back—he’s a fun character—and introduce the architect Frank Lloyd Wright … a couple historical figures we haven’t seen yet and a couple we’ve seen in the past. We’re just getting started.

What did you think of Murdoch Mysteries‘ Season 11 finale? What do you hope for Season 12? Let me know in the comments below!




69 thoughts on “Murdoch Mysteries: Showrunner Peter Mitchell, writer Mary Pedersen and Hélène Joy tease Season 12”

  1. I just love the show. I am relieved to hear that it is coming back for another year of William and George together solving murders. I am also delighted that Alexander Graham Bell’s character will return.

  2. This time the season ended with a lot of intrigue of possible plot lines, rather than killing, disappearances, or lockdowns of our heros in jail. Actually a masterful change of approach to a season ending, avoiding the “has to be a bigger and better nail-biting” trap.

  3. It was great surprised at how it turned out. Great show! However, I could not make out what Julia said at the end after she’d said “I would love to stay”. Then William responded “let’s buy another one”. Another what?

    1. William said “Let’s buy another ticket.” . Remember that Julia had been to a travel / ticket agency earlier in the day.

    2. She didn’t say, I would love to stay, she said,”I won’t”, in response to William’s request/plea of “Please don’t go”.

      1. After saying “I won’t”, Julia said that she’ll tear up her ticket (remember she was planning to travel somewhere) … and William then said we’ll buy another one, meaning they’ll go together… just what they need to do at this time, spend some healing time together!

    3. She said she would return her travel ticket . He said ” let’s buy another one” meaning ticket so they could take the trip Julia was going on together. In other words a get back together “vacation”.

    4. She said shell have totear up the ticket, and William said no, lets just buy another one (ticket).

  4. Especially since I can only tweet-watch current episode from USA, love reading your post-episode articles. Loved Season 11; every year wonder how they (the entire MM team) can top themselves, but always amazed they consistently do so. Am now sure the team can just keep on going like the Energizer Bunny year after fabulous year.

  5. This show has always uplifted and encouraged woman, portraying their accomplishments and ambitions in a positive light but all of a sudden it’s a black woman who is trying to make her place in the world and now she’s evil?

    Violet read all of the books in the morgue, is extremely smart and capable, the fact that she feels she has to lie and borderline prostitute herself to get a job isn’t evil, it is sad and the fact that the writers are demonizing her rather than sympathizing with her is something I definitely do not like at all

    Otherwise I was really happy with the season finale! I never wanted Nina and George to break up but the writers did an amazing job of showing why they were better off going their own ways. And the scene where Julia and William reconciled was beautiful, I love how their heartbreak ended up advancing and strengthening their relationship!
    Looking forward to season 12!

    1. Really? You had to go there? Her being black has nothing to do with anything. 95% of the murderers in MM are white but nobody says boo. Skin color doesn’t matter, period. People who bring skin color into anything and everything, be it negative or positive are the real problem. People are people are people, good and bad, end of story

      1. If this was a story about Violet being a murderer then it wouldn’t make a difference- but since this is a story about her trying to get a job in the morgue then it DOES make a difference. You can’t write a story about a black woman trying to get a job in the early 1900′s and ignore the fact that it would be nearly impossible for a black woman to get a good job at the time. It just isn’t good writing. She may be doing things that we as an audience in 2018 disagree with, but we cannot know how Violet would act had her circumstances granted her equal opportunity and therefore shouldn’t be so quick to judge her character as evil. For the writers to portray what is in reality the struggles of a black woman from that time period as sinister doesn’t make sense and lacks nuance. Since Murdoch Mysteries is a show that is usually good at dealing with progressive issues of the time I have a right to be disappointed in this.

        1. I don’t recall the writers judging her characters as “evil” though, particularly not because of how she intends to take the coroner’s position. She’d never even been shown doing anything illegal, apart from maybe the very last scene, and the only “evil” act that was implied — the possibility of her having induced Julia’s miscarriage — has not much to do with her getting a job, in fact it’s counterproductive to that. At this point, it is more the audience being teased with “Oooooh, she’s eeeevil!” than her being portrayed as such.

        2. Perhaps you do not recall Rebecca James, who is skid black? She was and is not portrayed as an evil person.

    2. We don’t know yet if Violet is really up to no good of if she’s working undercover to reveal yet more corruption at Station House #1. Anything can happen!

  6. I definitely agree with Zoe about the show’s treatment of Violet Hart. They’re writing her as a villain but the only thing she’s done so far that could be seen as wrong is lie to Julia about her religion and why she performed the autopsy in this episode. She’s actively pursuing Julia’s job, yes, but as far as we know, that wouldn’t have happened if Julia wasn’t leaving for maternity leave/this vacation with Murdoch. I don’t know. I guess we’ll learn more about her next season. I hope we do!
    This episode was great and I’m really looking forward to season 12.

    1. My daughter thinks Violet gave a suspicious drink to Julia!! Now why would she do that??

      1. I was hoping that that would be explained. It seemed to coincidental that Julia lost the baby.

      2. I agree with the suspicious drink, could it have been the cause of the miscarriage?

      3. If Violet truly wants to take over the morgue, it wouldn’t make sense for her to I dice the loss of Julia’s baby. I’m sure quite the opposite is true. If Julia is not in the lab due to maternity leave, then it would be much easier for Violet to take over. You must understand that up until fairly recently, woman are not allowed to work if they were married or had a family. My own mother-in-law had to quit her job at Eaton’s when she got married. She was only 25 and the year was 1946! She never really recovered her self-esteem for the test of her life. She was an excellent homemaker and mother, but I still think she had a lot of regrets about not having a career. “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”.

  7. I’m a huge fan of Murdoch Mysteries. So happy that William and Julia have reunited! I can’t wait to see what happens in season 12. Please keep up the good work and Thank you for giving us such an enjoyable and exciting show!

  8. I also believe that Violet had a hand in Julia losing the baby . I’m sure she’ll get tripped up sometime next season! The writing of this show is getting better every year. All the characters are so unique and interesting. This is definitely my favourite show!

    1. I never thought of that. I remember one time Violet has a drink for Julia when she was having morning sickness. Good deduction

  9. Great season! Love the characters and the Smart combination of the period mentality, technology and fashion. So when is the next season supposed to start…in the fall? And how many episodes will there be ?

    1. The show usually starts in September, October each season. Lately there are 18 episodes in the season not including a Christmas Special episode. So 19.

  10. Very well done as usual. The ending was worth the wait, a relief that the writers and producers decided not to make us wait until next season to see this beautiful reunion. Sad for Crabtree, I thought for sure Nina was the one. She is a delightful character. Brackenreid and Julia are now on first name basis, that was fun. Watts was fun when he was first introduced but I must say he is getting on my nerves, I don’t like his scenes. The quirkiness is getting tiresome to me.

  11. I don’t like Violet.i don’t like ‘soap opera’ style shows which this has turned into. Leave Murdockand Ogden alone, find George a woman and let’s get back to solving mysteries as the show is titled. Murdoch and Ogden belong together. Get more mysteries to solve and let’s get on with it. Too much soap!!!!

    1. With Violet’s arc, I don’t know whether it’s getting soap opera-ish as much as it’s becoming Game of Thrones meets Murdoch. Either way, I’m with you on one thing–just let them solve mysteries.

  12. Luv this episode last nite. So glad William and Julia reunited. Sorry for George but sure he will meet his soul mate soon. Yes the new assistant is no Miss James. She will get her comuppance one day. Anyway a long summer and cant wait for #12

  13. I’d love to see David Kingsley, (aka SherlocÄ· Holmes) in another episode. He was a very intriguing character, and always seemed to lighten up the atmosphere. I miss him!!!

  14. I would love to see more paranoia from Terrence Meyers and inventions from James Pendrick. Both are great characters.

    1. Yes I agree! They are my absolute favorites! Always love when they are in the story’s.

  15. I think we ‘ve covered every aspect of baby-mama drama, please no more baby stories. I’d like to see again mysteries based on home grown Canadian events, schemes, cons or delusions.
    I would like more of Brackenreid’s clever comebacks, his deadpans and worldly wisdom vs . vain or foolish choices. Go Station House No.4!!

  16. As long as George’s dream girl is Dr. Emily Grace, I have noooooooo problems.
    Bring her back! Her and George’s chemistry was a masterpiece. And it would should be such a an awesome reunion for all the characters as well.

  17. The mysteries are intriguing but I like the stories of the characters also. Murdoch Mysteries is the best show on T.V.

  18. I am a big fan of MURDOCH Mysteries , watch him every Monday at it was sad when they lost the baby but sad ,cant wait to see season 12 i just read it keep up with great job

  19. I think the writing has been excellent in season 11. Overall, I think there has been a maturation of the show and the characters. They have all grown and this is a tribute to the writers, the actors, in fact the whole team. I will single out William, for me, he has grown the most and this is in no small part, a result of his relationship with Julia. I have heard Yannick Bisson describe his work on William, as unraveling the layers of an onion. His work in the last two episodes, particularly that final scene of the season, exemplified that perfectly.
    It is so good to see a long running series allow their characters to grow and not be stereotypes. Looking forward to season 12.
    I love reading your interviews and writing about Murdoch Mysteries, Greg, so thank you.

  20. Whew! Great ending. Couldn’t have made it thru the summer without that reconciliation kiss between William and Julia. Looking forward to season 12. Thank you to the cast and writers.

  21. Terrible episode! :(
    As if the writers went crazy by the end of the season. Bitter, destructive, bleak, depressive. There are a lot of other shows with this kind of intrigue and negativity (and I don’t watch them for a reason), it’s just not Murdoch Mysteries.

  22. Looking forward (if that’s the right phrase) to seeing the season’s final episodes, The show has grown to the point where difficulties for the characters are convincing and richly developed. It’s a rounded rather than a flat approach to character development.

  23. I was so touched by William’s and Julia’s reconciliation. It warmed my heart, and could see that their relationship has only strengthened. It’s good for them to take that trip together since it will give them time to heal together. Yannick’s and Helene’s acting, as well the entire cast’s, were amazing beyond words. Will there be any stories arising out of their trip or from their previous one to the Galapagos? Maybe George will find the woman that his truly for him … maybe Julia’s sister, or is she too much of a free spirit? I absolutely love this show and have been watching it for a long time now. When I first started watching it, it got me through a difficult time in my life. Looking forward to Season 12!!! (P.S. I also hope that Pendrick and Terrence Myers return!)

  24. Ruby’s character was terrific, do bring her back. Perhaps as George’s paramour? Many different situations can ensue…. a little scheming, a little friction.
    Remember first vs. second class constable episodes? Priceless !

  25. merci a vous Greg de me donner l’occasion de m’exprimer par votre excellent média ou site comme nous le disons chez nous en France une chose certaine : Murdoch Mystéries a une bonne audience en France le très beau couple que forment Yannick Bissons et Hélène Joy; William Julia est la clé principale du succés dans toutes ces saisons de cette formidable série depuis de nombreuses années William et Julia font parties de nous en France ne les séparez jamais cela n’aurai aucun sens vis a vis de cette belle histoire d’amour entre eux ce qui ferai perdre le succés de la série , il est vrai que quand il arrive des drames comme ceci dans un couple cela est dur et c’est dans ces moments la qu’il faut que l’amour soit plus fort que tout entre eux pour surmonter cette période pour la prochaine saison dont je suis heureux qu’elle existera donnez plus de bonheur William et Julia faites les les voyager sortez les un peux de la routine comme dans leur lune de miel qui avait très bien apprécié chez nous et toujours une belle histoire d’amour entre eux pour la vie: pour la prochaine saison une femme pour Georges serai la bienvenue une vrai comme Julia et du bonheur ainsis que pour Thomas et Margarette pour la douzième saison nous voulons amour et bonheur depuis toutes ces années bravo ;merci a toutes et tous pour ces merveilleuses aventures

  26. Julia does not need to much praise after the way she treated William over the seasons.i thought she extremely rude and in bad taste the way she hurt William don’t for get the way she treated him about the betrothal to that darcy

    1. I beg to differ. You do not seem to be really grasping the issues. She was hurt because Murdoch balked when he first learned she had had an abortion and could not have children. She realized that she could not give Murdoch a family which he wanted so much, and though she loved him so much, she thought maybe she couldn’t make him happy and that he would be happier if he married someone else. So she left (Murdoch was too late to stop her when he finally realized they could adopt instead) and she then she married Darcy … though it wasn’t long before she realized she made a mistake, they were not a good match. And in the last episode, Murdoch really hurt her in the 2nd lady episode. And remember the time she helped him get over his butterfly phobia? Their love for each other has been shown in so many ways over the years, You really need to look a bit deeper into things and not just the surface.

  27. I thought William said he would marry Julia regardless. Wether she could have children or not. She could also maybe’s have told William on the phone about her up coming marriage to Darcy in stead of waiting till he got to buffalo to solve a case for her . He was going to ask her then but looked what happened William should have thrown the ring down on the ground and walked off! I wished he married the girl he met in London.

    1. They were leading separate lives at that point in time. She did not have an obligation to call and tell him. She gave him an opportunity when she was in Toronto (and learned he had intended to ask her to marry) to come to her and let her know he still loved her and ask her not to marry. But he couldn’t because he had let that woman free out of the jail and needed to escape out of Toronto. Julia was never aware of this and simply thought he did not come because he no longer loved her. It’s interesting how people have misinterpreted this whole story line!

  28. Yes I agree the we’re leading seperate lives but she could not get William out of head so why could she not approach William and tell how much she really love him instead of William going to Julia and getting hurt or getting a knock back Julia must have broke his heart about 3 or possibly 4 times over the seasons

    1. Julia was moving on with her life at that time. When she first told him about the abortion, William left her and started dating other women (I would say William hurt her by doing this). Later on, when they were back together, she came to believe she would not be able to make him happy because she could not give him a child. She took the job in Buffalo and explained to him she was doing this because she could not give him what he most wanted, a child. What did William say? Nothing! By the time he finally got around to say they could adopt, he was too late. She had left and because William never talked to her before she left, she was believing at that time that he thought this was the best and did not want her anymore. Remember her look of hurt when the train was pulling out. So William hurt her again. So there was no reason for her to think she had any hope and she realized she needed to move on with her life since William no longer wanted her (in her mind). Later on, as I explained in my earlier e-mail, William hurt her again when he did not respond to her letter and come to her before she married and tell her he still loved her and ask her not to marry. And he hurt her deeply again when he blamed the miscarriage on God’s punishment for her abortion. So we’re equal in the hurt department. Every relationship has cases where one person hurts the other and this also true for William and Julia. The important thing is the love they have gor one another and, again, this is definitely the case for Julia and William.

  29. I don’t think Julia could fully move on with her life because William was so in to her mind.yes William did go out with 2 other women that I know of but when he was with them he could not stop thinking of Julia.They did hurt each other but I really hope it does not happen again let them love each other and solve cases

    1. A lot of unfortunate misunderstandings! I agree, no more hurting one another.. let them love ❤️ each other as they do and join those strong forces to solve cases (and one day start a family … just had to say that!😊)

  30. I quite agree with you. Let’s hope the writers think the same and let them get on with there married life let’s hope they do get a baby

  31. Unfortunately, well, for the purpose of how soon we get to see Murdoch, I live in the United States. We get the shows here starting in February and they go through April. It is a long haul between April and the following February to see Murdoch again. But we love the show and are so happy it will be around for another season, or two, or three, or………….I was really hoping George would not leave Toronto. His character has progressed so much that he is just a main staple of the show. I’m hoping to see more development of John Brackenreid along with Detective Watts. They are both wonderful. As for Yannick, please do not go anywhere! You were great on Aurora Teagarden, but Murdoch is you and you are Murdoch. And thank you, Mary and the other writers, for not leaving us hanging for 10 months not knowing if Julia and William would be getting back together. Season 10 was hard enough, so we greatly appreciated it.

    1. That’s for sure …we definitely appreciated it! I would also like to see more development of George too. We really don’t know that much about his background and how he got from New Foundland to Toronto. We know he was raised by a group of women (and a pastor?), the former of which just happened to operate a brothel. Other than that, not much!! Also, what about Julia’s background? We know nothing about her mother?

  32. I was very sad that Julia lost the baby. Right from when their relationship started Murdoch has talked about having a family. I thought that would happen when they adopted Roland but it was not too be. I feel the writers could have let this one bit of good luck for the couple happen. Hopefully, they will come up with another story line that allows them to have a family. I think that their life needs to move in that direction and see how they handle their careers and family life.

    The season finale kind of kept us on the edge of our seats until the very last minute of the show. Will they get back together? Will Julia leave? it was a good ending.

    Definitely looking forward to see what surprises the writers have in store for Season 12. Will James Pendrick be back? He usually shows up once a season

  33. Would not it be nice for William and Julia to get there own house then William can put his new invention in the house,they would most probably use the garden for decomposed bodies,they can try for a baby later on when the house is all done

  34. It was great to read some of the things that will be happening in season 12.
    So looking forward to it now.
    I have to say that I really do hope in this season William and Julia will get the child they’ve been hoping for, for so long.

  35. Please have William & Julia come back from their trip much stronger in their relationship.. Maybe pregnant by natural means? Please give them their own child / children.
    It would be lovely to see William less up tight & warm without giving up any of his self control & professionalism. Please let him smile & laugh more with work friends. Please no more emotional issues with Julia – let her relax & not get so cold & emotional.
    More marital playfulness & humor & love – cuddling, laughing, enjoying one another.
    Obviously a true love for George – someone that becomes friends with Julia.
    Storyline re Bobby Brackenreid & his development as a copper.

    1. Yes,yes,&& yes all my same thoughts !!
      I’m diein’ over her in the states wanting to know when season 12 will be!! This is my # 1 favorite show!!!!

  36. I could not agree more with what you said I think Julia William have had enough up sets and trouble in the seasons even upto season 11 no more upsets

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