Poll: Which returning summer Canadian TV shows are you looking forward to?

Spring is in full swing, with summer right around the corner. And with the coming of blooming flowers, the buzz of lawn mowers and the slap of flip-flops on tarmac comes a handful of returning Canadian television series.

Be it the light sleuthing on Private Eyes, the badassery of sci-fi via Killjoys and Wynonna Earp, the hilarity of Baroness Von Sketch Show or the all-out scramble that is The Amazing Race Canada, summer TV has a lot to offer.

To celebrate, we’re asking you to check off the three returning television series you’re most looking to watching in the coming months. Have fun, and cheers to a great summer!

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5 thoughts on “Poll: Which returning summer Canadian TV shows are you looking forward to?”

  1. Wynnona Earpe got my sole vote. It is a top 10 show for me. Question: Is 21 Thunder dead? It was my favourite show from last summer.

  2. Baroness von Sketch show in great part because IFC should show it here in the States. Hopefully, IFC has learned by now what a Caesar is.

  3. The Amazing Race Canada. I’ve watched every season since the show started. I never hace watched the US version though.

    My summer schedule was Rookie Blue and of course Amazing Race Canada. Now I’m down to one show to watch.

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