InnerSpace cancelled at Space

The in-house house cleaning at Bell Media, sadly, continues. It was announced Thursday afternoon that InnerSpace has not been renewed on Space.

“After 9 phenomenal seasons, last night was InnerSpace‘s final episode,” Space Channel tweeted on Thursday. “Due to increasing production costs and declining revenue, we can no longer continue production. Thank you to our hosts, crew, and incredible fans for all of the unforgettable adventures. LLAP.”

InnerSpace co-hosts Teddy Wilson and Ajay Fry took to Twitter to address the show’s viewers.

Hosted by Wilson, Fry and Morgan Hoffman, InnerSpace has been the go-to Canadian TV series for all of your sci-fi and fantasy news, television and movie reviews and exclusive interviews and set visits.

Nominated for a 2015 Canadian Screen Award for Best Host in a Variety, Lifestyle, Reality/Competition or Talk Program or Series, InnerSpace was, as described by Bell Media, “a daily entertainment talk show that covers film, television, video games, technology, comic books, gadgets and more. Hosted by Ajay Fry, Morgan Hoffman and Teddy Wilson, InnerSpace takes its audience behind the velvet rope by giving them VIP access to the people, places, and things inside the genre they’ve grown to love.”

The news comes a day after Bell Media announced it would not be renewing Daily Planet and on the heels of CBC cancelling its daily talk show, The Goods, after two seasons. Are the Canadian networks pulling the plug on all in-house production? It sure seems that way.



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    1. already did after Teddy said they canceled Inner space and Mark Askwith was no longer employed by Bell Media, I smell BS basically all space channel is now ia s 2nd RUN syfy channel without any talk shows like inner space, how are people going to find out all the behind the scenes, go to see them at Cons like fan expo, engage the fans at VIP events etc, Bel Media did a bad thing

      1. Wow…just found out inner space gone! Might have to be Space channel GONE from my viewing

        1. I have been searching and searching for inner space! I did not realize until today that it had been cancelled. What a shame. I don’t watch much of space channel any more because I don’t have that great trio to keep me updated on my programs. It is a great loss!

    1. What a shame indeed. AJ, Teddy and Morgan were terrific hosts and will be missed.

      1. I loved innerspace! I recorded it every single day. I looked forward to watching, and I miss it very much. I really enjoyed the banter between AJ, Teddy and Morgan . I don’t watch Space channel much anymore because I don’t get all the current information and updates. Very disappointed!!

  1. It’s been a brutal couple of years for Canadian daily programming. I noticed things were going south when Michael Landsberg’s show got cancelled and Electric Playground/Reviews on the Run followed shortly after.

    Have to wonder if shows like eTalk are safe solely because they’re used as promotional vehicles for other Bell assets. Then again, the same could’ve been said for Innerspace …

    1. I guess its going to hit FAN expo hard this fall why will they support that without the presence of the faces of SPACE Teddy, Ajay, Morgan and the crew

      1. There are a few scripted Space originals left, so they’ll continue to shill them at Fan Expo.

  2. Innerspace was sucking up a lot of time from star trek and star gate re-runs, though ….

  3. If Bell Media were smart, they’d add Morgan Hoffman to Your Morning or eTalk on CTV as soon as humanly possible. She is my absolute fave. Fun, fashionable & a pleasure to watch onscreen. The InnerSpace crew did some great work, especially with their Orphan Black, post-episode specials, “After The Black” that were must-see for Orphan Black fans. Sad, sad news.

  4. Innerspace has lost its appeal the last couple years, bashing older versions of movies, promoting movies that turned into rotten tomatoes; whatever happened to personal opinions, it has felt like a 30 minute commercial at times.
    They still had some good content, Teddy Wilson was always entertaining, of the three hosts him I’ll miss the most.
    I’m sure a new show will fill the void, maybe with Teddy Wilson hosting it? lol

  5. Sad indeed I enjoyed their take on the sci-fi world. Just one more reason to say goodbye to Bell.

  6. It’s becoming more and more difficult to justify my Bell subscription. One show after another being cancelled and they are all featuring Canadian personalities who will be greatly missed. Plus I keep seeing advertising for what Showcase offers ‘on demand’ on other cable operators that they do not offer on Bell and I wonder why I continue to pay the ridiculous rates they charge for sub par service and product.

  7. Gotta say watched for years and the quality of the show has gone way down hill. Way to much reshowing the same articles over and over. Way to much repetition.
    I only PVR the show and could usually watch an episode in about 10 minutes or less.

    It had its run and now it’s done before it got any worse.

  8. I dearly hope that they reverse the decision to cancel inner space. I watched it every night like the news…the geek news. How will we find out all those things important to us in the geek community. Secondly it now puts a good number of people on the unemployment line. I understand bottom lines but this is a hard pill to swallow. I wish everyone at inner space good luck in their futures. Yet another reason why I’m not a Bell fan.

  9. Was a good show. Thankfully though, I won’t have to listen or look at Ajay Frye self promote anymore. Always seemed like the other 2 hosts (the good ones) were made to pander to him.

  10. Very sad! It’s the only talk show I watch. Keeps me up to date and in the know. I’m really going to miss seeing Teddy, AJ and Morgan everyday – they are very entertaining. :-(

  11. Lets start a petition to get them back. Maybe another station will pick up
    Innerspace at the very least. What a loss to the nerdy community who finally
    had a face to relate to.

    1. Innerspace is a show that focuses primarily on other shows broadcast by SPACE. Why would any other network pick them up? At least now maybe we will get honest opinions from the hosts regarding terrible shows such as the latest Star Trek instead of the constant praise they had to spew on every show.

  12. Well, I hate to see InnerSpace go. It’s been a part of my weekdays for ages now. Still though, the writing’s been on the wall for quite a while. The budget cuts were obvious.

    I just wish Bell had shown a little more class. Would it have killed them to finish out the week and give the show a chance to say goodbye?

    1. No kidding! The same thing with Daily Planet over on Discovery Channel. Both shows were simply cut off immediately. No respect for either the people working on the show or those of us who enjoyed watching them for all the years they were on. I have little interest in most of the reruns they now show on SPACE. At least change it up now and then and give us something different like Battlestar Galactica or maybe some Babylon 5. But no, it’s Star Trek over and over and over and over and over….. with the occasional Andromeda tossed in, a series that only had one decent season and the never ending recycling of Stargate.

  13. InnerSpace was the only reason I had Space channel at all. My kids and I used to turn on the TV just for this show. I’m gutted. It was the highlight of my day. And no that is not a commentary on the quality of my days

  14. This is terrible , a real lack of knowing what the people enjoy watching in both cases Daily Planet & Inner space. It really shows the IQ of the people who made their mind up to cancel these two programs.

  15. A shame really. A very quirky, entertaining cast and a fun and informative show.

  16. I am very sad that innerspace has been cancelled.While I am not a gamer, I enjoyed their other content. who will host actors now when they want to talk about their shows? I will miss their abvious affection for one another.Please find shows for them to be apart of.

    1. I have already commented.But I will add one more thought – What do you mean Bell can’t afford to keep this show on the air? Bell Media has more money than God! Innerspace was the voice of a VERY vERY LARGE group of your viewership. We have cosistantly put movies we adore into the #1 spot for weeks. Big corporations continue to chip away at ccanadian content. No time to say Good bye and to fight back? Such bad form. as one person previously commented- time to cancel Bell.

      1. Amazing how Bell cannot afford to keep this show, likely one of the lowest costing to produce, on the air but they have more than enough money to purchase 51% of the Just For Laughs corporation. Ridiculous.

  17. Knew something was wrong when my PVR stopped recording Inner Space on it’s programmed schedule. Inner Space was an integral part of my day, it entertained & educated me & often made me laugh, especially Teddy. Felt like my club that kept me updated on all things Sci-Fi, fantasy etc. Teddy, Morgan & Ajay were my Buds. This feels like a death in the family! Their exclusive interviews with major actors (partly due to the fact that they were usually filming in Toronto) were amazinf & fun. Shame on Bell for cancelling Innerspace. You have turned in to the Canadian version of the US SyFy channel when they didn’t give a damn about quality genre programming. Outside of The Expanse, which may be cancelled as well, there is no reason to watch Space channel anymore.

  18. While I was not a huge fan of the Show. I still enjoyed watching it sometimes. Especially the The Hosts Teddy, Ajay and Morgan. They just seemed like really nice people that you could hang out with! Also you could tell they are fans of Science Fiction! They will truly be missed! The Only thing now going for Space is Doctor Who. Witch they only re- air About month or so before the new season begins!

  19. Wow…that’s a blow… Really enjoyed this fun and informative show. Sure gonna miss it.

  20. Wow, this really sucks. A great big ‘Thank you!’ to all the staff at Innerspace. Super show, very imformative and well put together! Really miss all of you.
    As seems to be the usual Bell is shooting themselves in the foot again.

  21. It sucks but its their own fault. Diversification means not every cool thing in Canada is in Toronto. I would have liked to see a lot more content from farther out.(Even the west coast Eh?)
    Also the target demographic for the topics on the program are usually online and don’t have cable.

  22. Was just wondering why innerspace disappeared…then i found this page. WTF! Space channels strongest show imo. A sad day for us geeks. Cancel Bell, pass it on

  23. Still in denial, just can’t believe it! Daily Planet and InnerSPACE two of the finest, most informative, most pleasant to watch shows on the air…
    What is Bell thinking? These shows are among the most intelligent manifestations of broadcasting in the last years and Bell had the honour of presenting them.
    Well I guess intelligence and information are of a lot less importance than they used to! All that I can hope for is that Bell realize their blunder and that they rethink
    their decision…

  24. Big mistake by Bell and they will not get my business.

    This was a unique show I viewed almost daily. Executives should trim the fat at the top and stop cutting the do-ers, those that actually bring value and services to the user!

  25. Just found out about the cancellation by reading the article above. Sad news indeed. Inner Space was probably one of my favourite shows to watch after my work day and get caught up on news that are of interest to my geeky heart. While I can empathize with some of the opinions stated above that it was perhaps too focused on Ontario and could have benefited from sourcing stories from across Canada, it still is a slap in the face to crew at Inner Space and all its dedicated fans both within Canada and abroad to be treated in such a manner. I guess the further dumbing-down and all so essential Bell promotions run ad nauseam are more important. It was an original show, as was Discovery and now with both gone the Space Channel no longer has anything I wish to watch any further. I was going to be revising my channels anyways with with my provider, so this will be an easy decision to make. I have never supported Bell and now, with this lame excuse of a decision, I can safely say I never will.

    1. so agreed my friend. Was a couple other shows but, those can view via other methods. Goodbye Space Channel ….. actually, going to be waiving goodbye to Bell, they are not changing with the times quick enough and rates staying too high for stagnant service.

  26. I can’t believe this, These shows were so interesting and informative. Unique Canadian shows. I hope they reconsider.

  27. Really, Really sucks. So no Innerspace and no Daily Planet…..I just wonder what they will replace these with? Crappy moves Bell.

  28. Bell mongers…time to look elsewhere …. inner space was a part of my day and great for info and insight into sci fi world now gone by slashing of corporate decision makers who collect lots of $$$ but never give back yet always want to take away more….not happy with Bell!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Bell sucks ass
    Had a good show that makes money and then say nope don’t want anymore money so pull the plug
    I am not interested in spending time looking though the internet to see what’s happening out there and that show did it for me saved me time
    But bell has gone down hill and after this it’s very hard to climb back up to the top and if you try to climb back up we will just throw rocks and sticks at you because no one will ever for give you and trust you again
    So suck it bell

  30. It is Sunday, August, 19, 2018 and I also just found out about Inner Space being cancelled. This is too bad. I do suspect that Bell Media will also be cancelling the Space Channel in the near future like they have so many other channels including the Horror, Drive In, Sundance Etc. The rates keep going up and the Channels keep disappearing. Bell Media holds a monopoly on what can be watched in Canada but it better be careful because monopolies are based on subscriptions and people are getting tired of their crap. Action I suspect will be the next channel to disappear coming soon. Hopefully the hosts of Inner Space will find better work then at Bell Media. To Bell Media I say beware there are other places to go these days. The lines are now opened and the boxes are slowly taking over.

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