Kevin Frankish leaving Breakfast Television Toronto

It’s the end of an era at Breakfast Television Toronto as co-host Kevin Frankish announced he is leaving City’s flagship morning show. His last day will be Friday, June 1.

Frankish made the announcement on-air on Tuesday morning and on social media with fellow co-host Dina Pugliese by his side.

“We have shared so much together for so many years,” he read from a statement, his voice quavering. “Many of you who started watching me as kids come up to me now as parents with kids of your own. Some of you may remember when I proposed to my wife on air. I have shared with you the birth of all four of my children. When I had a panic attack on air, I shared that with you and we have since gone on a journey of battle with depression together. In fact, many of you, in turn, have shared so many of your stories. We are truly family. It is this fact that makes what I have to say so difficult.

“All good things must come to an end eventually, and so sadly has my time here on Breakfast Television,” he continued. “Friday will be my last day on this program. I am not disappearing, though, from the CityTV airwaves. I will be working on documentaries for CityTV.” You can read the full statement here. Frankish’s wife, Beth, was in-studio and came to sit next to Frankish and Pugliese before the segment headed to a commercial.

Frankish has been the host of Breakfast Television on City since 1994, when he replaced David Onley. Prior to that, Frankish was the host of Barrie’s The New VR for nine years.

It’s not clear whether Frankish is departing Breakfast Television under his own terms or because changes to the show itself are imminent. Back in 2016, Jennifer Valentyne departed the program due to a programming change, followed by Tanya Kim last year.



5 thoughts on “Kevin Frankish leaving Breakfast Television Toronto”

  1. That makes about 4 or 5 hosts / key on-air reporters leaving Bell Media and city tv CP24 shows. What’s going on.

    1. Their contracts are too big to justify the ratings they get. CP24 has the right approach, business-wise; get kids out of Journalism school, pay low wages, don’t worry about turnover.

      1. While I agree with your sentiment, the fact is you can’t blame Bell Media & CP24 (this time) since Breakfast Television is on City-tv so as such is a Rogers production.

  2. Kevin
    congratulations on becoming the new producer for the morning breakfast television show .

  3. And that’s just BT Toronto: Jody Vance was axed from BT Vancouver in 2016 around the same time as Valentyne without even a goodbye to the audience. I think they’re just getting rid of expensive personnel. At least he’s being given the courtesy of a graceful exit and a contract to do some primetime work.

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