Comments and queries for the week of June 8

I just heard that The Detail has been cancelled. I am very disappointed. The Detail was on our list for Sunday night at 9 p.m. I wish CTV would reconsider and bring it back. Thank you. —Nicole

Loved the show but hated the last episode. I hated the shooting death of the lady in the truck who stopped. That really bothered me. —Penny

One of my favourite shows, bummer. —Sharyn

I’m so pissed! I loved that show! Why are the good shows cancelled? Is it because it was women who were the leading roles? I hope CTV changes their minds! The Detail is a great TV show! —Rebecca

Darn. It was a CTV original series I actually liked. That’s too bad. —Alicia

This show is absolutely fantastic. I am so sad! —Lisa

I’m sorry to hear this news. I really enjoyed the show, the cast was great. Very happy to have seen David Cubitt in a new show. I still miss Traders! I hope Netflix picks it up. —Rachel

I do hope someone else picks it up, such as Netflix. I enjoyed this program. Canada so few drama series. —Karl

Sorry to hear, was enjoying from outside Canada. Good luck to cast and crew, hope they find new projects soon. —Hallie

Sad. My wife and I enjoyed it very much. So glad they didn’t leave us hanging with the final episode. Hope they rethink this decision. —Bob

That’s a shame even though I was never really enamoured with it. I found it a bit too serious for my taste. Loved the cast though. —John

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One thought on “Comments and queries for the week of June 8”

  1. Sure it took a little while to find it’s footing, it was off to a slow start but the last couple of episodes were great, we were finally learning about and starting to care about the characters. That may be the problem, people have far shorter attention spans these days (thanks to the internet/social media) so perhaps they are less patient for a show to get interesting. This one has potential. I think they need to give it another season to further develop. I loved it once I got into it. There aren’t many Canadian shows like this, especially not featuring a strong lead female characters. I loved Cagney and Lacey in the 80s, I got hooked on Scott & Bailey recently (yes same idea….it also started slow for me). It’s nice to be able to watch something other than Law and Order, CSI from American networks. CTV/Bell Media really ought to re-look at this. 10 episodes isn’t really enough to get traction on this kind of show. BTW – final episode was pretty awesome – left us wanting more. So how about it CTV/CraveTV/BellMedia? IF not shop it to Prime or Netflix.

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