Comments and queries for the week of June 15

I love the free-spirited atmosphere of [Workin’ Moms] storylines and the characters seem to enjoy their parts. It is real, entertaining and the length of each episode is ideal. Thank you Catherine Reitman :-) I am looking forward to Season 3. —Marilyn

Finally got a chance to catch up with the first two years. The show feels raw yet soothing. I love the energy and seeing the rainbow of friendships. Every Kate needs an Anne and vice versa. —Chad

I wouldn’t complain if Bell cancelled Mystbusters, but Daily Planet is one of a very few worthwhile shows left watching! So incredibly sad. —Lise

I guess I can cancel my subscription to Discovery Channel now! Daily Planet was the only thing I watched on this channel. Sad to see it go! —Herbert

This was about the only reason I was still watching regular TV (except for hockey) this was the only REALLY GOOD SHOW left on a Canadian Channel. Sad to see it go. Strange how this will help them if they are struggling with attracting advertisers using the current line-up of the crappy shows from the U.S.A.? —Mike

As a science teacher, I would always talk about, refer to or mention an episode to my students. I’m just flabbergasted about this very sad news. —M. Forest


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