Links: Killjoys, “Its Takes a Pillage”

From Heather M. of TV Goodness:

Link: Derek Robertson talks Killjoys’ “It Takes a Pillage”
“[The idea came from] something my grandfather said to me once. He had an alcoholic father. He never got too deep into it but he told me once that his most important job was to be a better father to his kids than his dad was and my dad’s job was to be better than him, and if I ever had kids, I should be better than him, and then one day maybe some generation will have it all figured out.” Continue reading.

From Kelly Townsend of The TV Junkies:

Link: Killjoys: Derek Robertson talks “It Takes a Pillage”
“We’re all so close in the writing room that when I brought that initial idea into the room we all just started diving deep into each others feelings about becoming like our parents, or the worries you can carry as a parent inadvertently passing certain traits down to your child, and how those fears of falling into a cycle would manifest themselves in D’avin.” Continue reading.

Link: Killjoys: Kelly McCormack on being a hero and Zeph’s self-doubt
“The first four episodes were so science heavy, and it’s funny because even as I was reading them, I didn’t even interpret them as Zeph was saving the day.” Continue reading.