Preview: Mon Dieu! Frankie Drake Mysteries welcomes Coco Chanel

Formidable! The CBC’s Monday night Canadian mysteries definitely have a French flair this week. Over on Murdoch Mysteries, a French attache has William’s head spinning while the gals here on Frankie Drake Mysteries have their own French guest creating havoc.

Here’s what the CBC has revealed about Monday’s episode, “Dressed to Kill,” written by Jessie Gabe and directed by Sudz Sutherland.

When famed French designer Coco Chanel (Romane Portail) is the target of a brazen assassination attempt, Drake Private Detectives are hired to protect her.

And I’ve got more scoop after watching a screener of the episode.

Coco Chanel makes a splash
I knew nothing about the real-life character portrayed by French actress Romane Portail. After a quick Google search, I learned quite a lot, from her groundbreaking design styles to suspicions of being too comfortable with the Germans during the Second World War. By the time Coco visits during Frankie Drake’s storyline, Coco is at the height of her powers. As for Portail? She’s a delight in this role. She’s sassy, successful and doesn’t suffer fools. The perfect match for Frankie, Trudy, Mary and Flo.

Trudy goes undercover
If you’re going to investigate an attempted assassination, you have to figure out who would want Coco dead. That often involves immersing oneself in their world. Which Trudy does. Gladly.

More guest stars
Romane Portail isn’t the only visitor in “Dressed to Kill.” Olivier Lamarche, Ari Cohen, Cara Ricketts and Samora Smallwood all stop to play in Frankie’s sandbox.

Frankie Drake Mysteries airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.

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