Preview: A deep dive into Detective Greyson on Frankie Drake Mysteries

Up until now, Frankie Drake Mysteries fans have only gotten a glimpse of the man Detective Greyson may be. We know he’s a law-abiding man—a good trait to have when you are a cop—and that he has a bit of a soft spot for Mary and Frankie.

We get a better picture of Greyson on Monday during the newest episode, the cheekily-titled “Fifty Shades of Greyson,” written by Jessie Gabe and directed by Cal Coons. Here’s what we have for an official storyline from the CBC:

Mary’s (Rebecca Liddiard) job is threatened when she accuses Detective Greyson (Anthony Lemke) of hiding evidence. Has she overstepped her bounds, or is Greyson a dirty cop?

And, as always, a few more tidbits from me of the non-spoilery kind.

Titillating in the 1920s
Franke Drake begins downright saucily, with a burlesque dancer finishing her feathered fan routine in front of a rowdy crowd. That dancer is CiCi Storm. The sassy, self-proclaimed Baroness of Burlesque, played by Sidney Leeder, is accused of a crime and it’s up to Mary and the girls to collar the correct culprit. Aside from Leeder, look for Matthew MacFadzean and Elise Bauman in guest roles. Bauman is Muriel, a fellow morality officer from another precinct who has a taste for the macabre.

Bessie Starkman returns
I was hoping we’d see the cutthroat character played by Natalie Brown again. And boom, she appears on Monday in all her sarcastic glory.

Frankie’s motorbike is back
I was wondering last week where Frankie’s motorcycle had gotten to. Had she sold it? Crashed it? Had the writers decided she didn’t need it anymore? Nope, she uses it to get around on Monday.

Frankie and Greyson go toe to toe
It was hinted in the Season 2 press release that Frankie and Greyson would butt heads. There have been minor nods so far this season but “Fifty Shades of Greyson” turns into the kerfuffle we’ve been teased about.

Frankie Drake Mysteries airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.