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Preview: Frankie Drake Mysteries deals out drama

While a new episode of Murdoch Mysteries was bumped from CBC’s Monday night schedule for the Scotiabank Giller Prize, fans of Frankie Drake Mysteries will be happy their favourite ladies remain intact. And what an episode! After a few weeks of Bessie Starkman vs. Frankie Drake, the gals go all out in “Dealer’s Choice.”

The CBC released the following synopsis of the episode, written by John Callaghan and directed by Ruba Nadda:

Frankie and Trudy reluctantly take a case from mob boss Bessie Starkman, but things take a turn when Frankie’s accused of murdering a mole.

And, as usual, here are my two cents after watching a screener.

Gambling gals
Frankie and Trudy are investigating the case of a lost silver pocket watch. It seems like a simple enough case. But a twist and a turn later and the pair are face-to-face with Bessie Starkman (Natalie Brown). Needless to say, Bessie is not happy to see Frankie. Bessie, if you remember, expressly warned the private investigator to steer clear of her dealings. Soon, Bessie finds herself grudgingly teaming up with Frankie in the hunt for the watch.

Guest stars galore
“Dealer’s Choice” boasts 19-2‘s Conrad Pla, The Expanse‘s Ted Whittall and The Handmaid’s Tale‘s Rohan Mead in various roles throughout the hour. Whittall’s character is a particular kind of cad. Recurring cast members Grace Lynn Kung and Anthony Lemke are featured too.

Frankie Drake Mysteries airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

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Preview: A deep dive into Detective Greyson on Frankie Drake Mysteries

Up until now, Frankie Drake Mysteries fans have only gotten a glimpse of the man Detective Greyson may be. We know he’s a law-abiding man—a good trait to have when you are a cop—and that he has a bit of a soft spot for Mary and Frankie.

We get a better picture of Greyson on Monday during the newest episode, the cheekily-titled “Fifty Shades of Greyson,” written by Jessie Gabe and directed by Cal Coons. Here’s what we have for an official storyline from the CBC:

Mary’s (Rebecca Liddiard) job is threatened when she accuses Detective Greyson (Anthony Lemke) of hiding evidence. Has she overstepped her bounds, or is Greyson a dirty cop?

And, as always, a few more tidbits from me of the non-spoilery kind.

Titillating in the 1920s
Franke Drake begins downright saucily, with a burlesque dancer finishing her feathered fan routine in front of a rowdy crowd. That dancer is CiCi Storm. The sassy, self-proclaimed Baroness of Burlesque, played by Sidney Leeder, is accused of a crime and it’s up to Mary and the girls to collar the correct culprit. Aside from Leeder, look for Matthew MacFadzean and Elise Bauman in guest roles. Bauman is Muriel, a fellow morality officer from another precinct who has a taste for the macabre.

Bessie Starkman returns
I was hoping we’d see the cutthroat character played by Natalie Brown again. And boom, she appears on Monday in all her sarcastic glory.

Frankie’s motorbike is back
I was wondering last week where Frankie’s motorcycle had gotten to. Had she sold it? Crashed it? Had the writers decided she didn’t need it anymore? Nope, she uses it to get around on Monday.

Frankie and Greyson go toe to toe
It was hinted in the Season 2 press release that Frankie and Greyson would butt heads. There have been minor nods so far this season but “Fifty Shades of Greyson” turns into the kerfuffle we’ve been teased about.

Frankie Drake Mysteries airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

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Preview: Frankie Drake Mysteries visits a league of their own

Batter up! With the World Series ending in the real world, the ladies of Frankie Drake Mysteries head to the diamond as well.

Monday’s new episode, “Extra Innings,” is of particular interest to me because I was invited to be part of the 1920s audience at the baseball game. Sadly, I wasn’t able to be a part of filming because of my day job schedule. Still, I was looking forward to seeing what the episode looked like … and what might have been.

Here’s what the CBC has released as the official synopsis:

Frankie (Lauren Lee Smith) suspects sabotage when a baseball player dies mid-game. Her investigation puts her at odds with ruthless mobster Bessie Starkman (Natalie Brown, The Strain).

And here’s a little more I can tell you after watching a screener of the instalment written by John Callaghan and directed by Sudz Sutherland.

Natalie Brown plays in the Frankie Drake sandbox
I still miss her on Dark Matter—hell, I still miss Dark Matter—but Natalie Brown is fantastic as mobster Bessie Starkman. The role is particularly great because Bessie goes head-to-head with Frankie, meaning plenty of screen time for Brown and Lauren Lee Smith to share and their characters trade verbal barbs and idle threats. Oh, and it turns out Bessie Starkman really existed.

Amanda Richer guest stars
I had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda Richer when she portrayed Helen Keller on Murdoch Mysteries last year. She’s just an all-around great human being, so I was excited to see her name in the credits for “Extra Innings.” She plays Viola Kelly, a rival baseball team player who is accused of the crime. Additional guests include Amanda Barker as baseball catcher Eileen “Redwood” Richardson and Vincent Walsh as Coach Dutch Cunningham.

Mary knows her stats
It’s been a lot of fun getting to know Mary’s quirks. Turns out she loves baseball. Flo? Not so much.

Frankie Drake Mysteries airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Images courtesy of CBC.


Dark Matter delivers its biggest “Holy crap!” moment of Season 3

I’ve made a public statement that last week’s episode of Dark Matter, “Isn’t That a Paradox?” was my favourite of the season. It was the perfect blend of science fiction and comedy and allowed the cast to let loose and show their comedic sides.

With that in mind, how did this week’s new instalment, “Built, Not Born,” serve as a follow-up? Quite well, in fact. Here’s what Space has released as the official synopsis for the episode written by Joseph Mallozzi and directed by Melanie Orr.

A distress call from the Android’s friend, Victor, leads to answers about TWO’s past.

And, as always, we’ve got a few more plot points to reveal after watching a screener.

The Android takes centre stage
Zoie Palmer has been given a lot to do this season and takes on even more this Friday. After revealing her “robot” friendships to the Raza crew and that they gave her the upgrade, Android reunites with Victor. Turns out Victor and another android need help getting out of a major bind. As an aside, Mallozzi’s script allows for some very sweet moments; Android really comes off like a teen in the midst of her first real relationship. Nerves abound and emotions are a jumble. And Two and Six are like her parents.

A question of free will
Yes, there’s sweetness on Friday, but also some pretty deep discussion into android ownership and free will. Some members of the Raza have very rigid beliefs while others are more open to change. As if that wasn’t deep enough, Victor has big plans for his group of androids and suggests Android join them.

Three consults with Sarah
Some vital information revealed to the crew has everyone scratching their heads, so Three meets with Sarah to get her take. We learn some pretty major stuff about Three’s thoughts on freedom and that he’s got a pretty good sixth sense about situations.

Two’s past revealed
We’ve been waiting for more intel on the Raza’s captain and we get it this week … big-time. See below.

Say WHAT?!
There is a HUGE reveal midway through “Built, Not Born,” that will leave you spinning. Easily the biggest “Holy crap!” moment in a season chock full of them. It involves the Android, Two and Five and … nope, we won’t spoil it.

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Space.

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