Comments and queries for the week of January 4

[Dear Vintage Tech Hunters.] I have a 1984 Mac. The first one in Canada. The serial number indicates it was the first off the line. All original materials and software. —Faith

I tried watching [Frontier], but I found it incredibly dull. Aquaman was actually really good, I don’t know if it has to do with my low expectations but I felt it really delivered. —Jo

Why has the Frankie Drake Mysteries series been taken off the air? —David

Hi David, Season 2 of Frankie Drake has completed its run on CBC. Fingers crossed a third season of mysteries are on the way!


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One thought on “Comments and queries for the week of January 4”

  1. I didn’t find Frontier to be dull, per se, but somehow, weak. There was all the gory violence, very few sex scenes in this past season, and the rather un-sensational death of Lord Benton (spoiler alert!) I think maybe the believability was pushed to an absurd degree. For instance, just how easy was it for Michael Smith and Sokanon to ‘escape’ their punishment and execution. That left me shaking my head. Was this a good TV show. Yes, I think so. I mean, it was entertaining…. Could it have been better? Yes, I think so. Perhaps if it wasn’t so filled with cliched ‘tropes’ — such as Grace Emberley’s lost-lost and thought as dead father turning up as a prisoner in Benton’s castle and eventually him being killed by Lord Benton, and (of course) Grace Emberley takes it all in stride, doesn’t likely know about it, otherwise the ending would have been different. Had she known Benton killed her father she likely wouldn’t have stood off to the side as she did (like one more of those armed soldiers who didn’t react.) And why didn’t she leave with Declan Harp? Why didn’t he take her? All that effort to “rescue” Grace— and he just leaves her there? Simply because the surviving HBC master gives him a head start in escaping?!? For a show to want to leave the viewers shocked and compelled, thinking: “Huh? They did that?”, the cliffhanging revelation they ended on was more of a let down. Now that I think about it, Declan shouldn’t have killed Benton, instead, he should have taken Benton prisoner, and demanded Benton leads Declan to his long-lost son. The stakes for Declan Harp I think would be quite high with that as a plotline.

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