Comments and queries for the week of February 1

I saw Elvis Stojko’s name in the credits, but as the episode went on I forgot about him. I absolutely did NOT recognize him as Sam. So as far as that goes, job well done Mr. Stojko! I really enjoyed the episode. Tesla episodes are usually highlights, even if they do end up pushing the technological bounds maybe a bit too far. I was deeply impressed that they made the villainous mastermind the woman of the piece. Wondering where things are going with Brackenreid? I’m glad to see that he hasn’t quite given up on reconciliation with Margaret. Speaking of Brackenreid, I’m kinda hoping his daughter will visit Toronto sometime. It would be interesting to see her again. Finally, I can’t believe they named the Alvin brothers Simon and Theodore (call him Ted). Really, MM? The Chipmunks? You had to go with the Chipmunks? —DMK

At first, I kept thinking, ‘Omg … he looks so much like Elvis Stojko.’ Then I thought, ‘Nah, that can’t be him. It just looks like him.’ Lol. —Kate

I didn’t realize it was Elvis! He did a great job! One of the funniest things in that episode was the brothers, Simon and Theodore Alvin. Cracked me up! MM often inserts these zingers into the dialogue. Love it! —June

I was thrilled to see Elvis! He was very good at the role of Sam. I would really like to see him in a recurring role, maybe as a mole or informant. It’s always been great to see various well-known people in cameos on one the best shows on TV. Well done, Elvis. —Kate

Elvis, you had us fooled! I kept saying, ‘I recognize that guy, but from where….?’ You with your made up brown-toothed smile was superb! I recall the first time I saw you skate. It was over 30 years ago at Easter in Edmonton (You were but a child.). You skated to ‘Desperado.’ I was transfixed. I told my husband to ‘watch this kid, he’s going to be a superstar.’ I was right! And here you are again, reinventing yourself as a wonderful actor. Good luck and the very best of what life has to give, to you and your family. Please come back to Murdoch as a bad guy or a great guy. We loved you! And I laughed out loud to the chipmunk joke! Murdoch forever. —A&O

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