Comments and queries for the week of February 22

Where, when, how can I see Blown Away in the U.S.? —KJ

Hi KJ, Blown Away will be available worldwide on Netflix soon.

A stunning [Murdoch Mysteries] episode with an unusual detective story. Harmoniously included in the storyline were fragments of episodes from previous seasons of the show. Nice to see the return of the previous characters. It is good that the book of William and Julia became popular, but it is a pity that this was preceded by tragic events. The unexpected ending of the episode—it seems that a new antagonist character appears. I wonder what will happen next?
It is a pity that only two episodes are left before the end of the Season 12. My family loves Murdoch Mysteries very much! —Lilia

“Because (McAvoy) was calling it in a little sometimes. Just like with anything else you do for a while…” I’ve seen Roger Cross for decades on TV and he is one actor who has never called it in. He always brings something different to each character he plays. On Continuum, I felt sorry for his character but on Dark Matter I never trusted Six completely, even during Season 1. Well done! —John

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