Link: Why Canadian Comedy ‘Workin’ Moms’ is Seeking the ‘Netflix Effect’

From Amber Dowling of Variety:

Link: Why Canadian Comedy ‘Workin’ Moms’ is Seeking the ‘Netflix Effect’
“This isn’t just a show about flawed women trying to reclaim their ambition. There’s a repression against mothers where we’re expected to be full-time workers and pretend we’re not mothers, and then expected to be full-time mothers who pretend we’re not working. Simultaneously, within the hours of the week that exist.” Continue reading.

From Laura Youngkin of Forbes:

Link: Catherine Reitman Proves That Women-Led Production Leads To Netflix & Success
It’s a success story perfectly suited for this era. Frustrated with the roles available to her in Hollywood, Catherine Reitman, a self-described “largely out of work actress” created, pitched, and sold her original series Workin’ Moms to one of the top networks in Canada, the CBC. Continue reading.


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