Comments and queries for the week of May 31

To misquote Billy Joe Armstrong “Wake Me Up When December Ends.” Except for Frankie Drake, Baroness and occasionally TNOT, I’m afraid none of the shows [on CBC’s fall schedule] appeal to me. The winter slate of shows look more interesting with The Sounds. —King

Wow, after all these years there’a finally a Canadian version of Family Feud. I wonder who will host it. I will definitely watch this. I’m glad Northern Rescue is getting a good window in the fall but I wonder if that means a potential second season might take a whole extra year to debut if it gets renewed. I also enjoyed Battle of the Blades. Definitely a great family show. CBC actually has a fabulous family slate coming up in the fall and the thing with the family shows is they get watched soon after airing because I often run out of things I want to watch with the kids. My own adult shows I have to wait till the kids are in bed to watch IF I don’t go to bed soon after them, lol. —Alicia

We love [Hudson & Rex], and while I don’t necessarily need every character to sound like a Newfoundlander, it would sure be nice if the odd one did. Why go to the trouble of letting us know where it takes place if we’re not going to hear one single person with an accent, like a whole retirement home and not one senior sounds like a Newfoundlander? It bothers me and it doesn’t seem realistic. You’re going to offend people from the east coast. Can we try to fix that next season? Thanks. —Julie

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6 thoughts on “Comments and queries for the week of May 31”

  1. Julie
    I agree, Hudson and Rex doesn’t feel like a Newfoundland show. They should have use the great scenery to establish where it was taking place. I stopped watching, because there didn’t seem to be anything unique about the show.

  2. Wow. We’re finally outdoing family, fun, mystery, women and sports in the Canadian. Television landscape and Allen CBC so why the negativity. Personally I’m tired of the USA selection whereby we see guns and violations too much and I applaud CBC to get it out there!

  3. Canadian TV, especially the shows produced and distributed by non-network owned companies, live and die off their ability to be sold internationally. The east coast accent is probably seen as too alienating to foreign viewers. Since Hudson & Rex has been a hit here, hopefully, that’ll encourage them to be a bit more open about where the show is set in the future.

    1. I disagree completely. People actually like shows that stand out culturally and visually yet for some reason, certain Canadian shows try to make their shows too generic which IMO makes them inferior. I’ve long had a problem with shows trying to disguise their settings to try to appear as American. Currently that’s my biggest peeve with Northern Rescue. I’ve noticed they’ve tried to be subtle about the setting to pass themselves off as American. Little things like Scout going home to Boston. Would he have actually had his passport with him and would border services let a 15-year-old by himself that easily through? Not once have the characters said they were in Canada. It pisses me off, especially from a CBC show.

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