Comments and queries for the week of July 12

I would love to see Flashpoint come back. I always watch the re-runs. Excellent series. Great cast. Miss it! —Diana

Us too, Diana. Us too.

A group of people run toward the camera.I liked the self driving shifts and that the grandfather came in third. Another Express Pass, so that’s the standard three. Interesting that Nicki and Aisha seemed to have lost due to bad directions from a local. What is a Double One Way supposed to be? I caught the premiere as well; quite a shock Jet and Dave were first out, especially when compared to how veteran teams just did on TAR 31 in the U.S. I wonder if that’s why they aren’t promoting the “Second Chance” angle after looking for it in casting as opposed to how much they over-hyped “Heroes Edition.” It’s been a while since we had a “villain” team on any of the seasons though Irina yelling at the clue lady to hurry up was funny. She’s self-aware with the “most hated couple in Canada” bit so I don’t think she really cares how it will play for TV; and they actually reside in the UAE which makes them more international then the actual show. —DanAmazing

Your opinion about Irina is right on. Also, her comment about the other teams not being so bright. And the comment made by Dave about being the hated couple is also right on. I do hope they go home soon. —Mary Ann

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