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Supinder Wraich and Enrico Colantoni to star in the new CBC original drama Allegiance

From a media release:

CBC and Lark Productions today announced casting and production details for Anar Ali’s (Transplant) character-driven police procedural ALLEGIANCE (10×60), now in production in Vancouver and BC’s lower mainland. A CBC Original series from the award-winning team at Lark Productions in association with Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group, the series features an ensemble cast led by Supinder Wraich (Sort Of), Enrico Colantoni (Station Eleven), Stephen Lobo (Continuum), Adolyn H. Dar (Superman & Lois), Brian Markinson (A Million Little Things) and David Cubitt (Virgin River); with showrunners Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern (Flashpoint, X Company) at the helm. Greenlit by CBC in early 2023, ALLEGIANCE will premiere on the free CBC Gem streaming service and CBC TV in winter 2024.

ALLEGIANCE focuses on identity and belonging, policing and politics, and finding truth within the heart of a flawed justice system. The drama stars Wraich as Sabrina Sohal, a star rookie police officer who must grapple with the limits of the justice system as she fights to exonerate her politician father Ajeet Sohal (Lobo). Sohal serves her diverse hometown of Surrey alongside Vince Brambilla (Colantoni), a veteran training officer who sees her potential but doesn’t always agree with her forward-thinking methods. ALLEGIANCE is the story of a young woman caught between her allegiance to her flag, to her badge, and to her family.

A CBC Original Series ALLEGIANCE is produced by Lark Productions in association with CBC, with NBCUniversal Global Distribution handling the distribution of the series globally. Showrunners Stephanie Morgenstern and Mark Ellis also serve as Executive Producers with Series Creator Anar Ali, alongside Lark Productions’ Erin Haskett, Nicole Mendes, David Valleau and Tex Antonucci.


Comments and queries for the week of July 12

I would love to see Flashpoint come back. I always watch the re-runs. Excellent series. Great cast. Miss it! —Diana

Us too, Diana. Us too.

A group of people run toward the camera.I liked the self driving shifts and that the grandfather came in third. Another Express Pass, so that’s the standard three. Interesting that Nicki and Aisha seemed to have lost due to bad directions from a local. What is a Double One Way supposed to be? I caught the premiere as well; quite a shock Jet and Dave were first out, especially when compared to how veteran teams just did on TAR 31 in the U.S. I wonder if that’s why they aren’t promoting the “Second Chance” angle after looking for it in casting as opposed to how much they over-hyped “Heroes Edition.” It’s been a while since we had a “villain” team on any of the seasons though Irina yelling at the clue lady to hurry up was funny. She’s self-aware with the “most hated couple in Canada” bit so I don’t think she really cares how it will play for TV; and they actually reside in the UAE which makes them more international then the actual show. —DanAmazing

Your opinion about Irina is right on. Also, her comment about the other teams not being so bright. And the comment made by Dave about being the hated couple is also right on. I do hope they go home soon. —Mary Ann

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Link: 10 years ago, ‘Flashpoint’ opened the door For ‘Wynonna Earp,’ ‘Orphan Black’ and ‘Travelers’

From Merrill Barr of Forbes:

Link: 10 years ago, ‘Flashpoint’ opened the door For ‘Wynonna Earp,’ ‘Orphan Black’ and ‘Travelers’
In the summer of 2008, amidst the fallout of a damaging writers strike in the first half of the year, America broadcast networks were desperate for content. For CBS, one solution ended up coming from a strange place: Canada. What resulted from an unassuming find meant to just fill time was a series that would break the door down for shows such as Orphan Black and Wynonna Earp to thrive a decade later. That find? Flashpoint. Continue reading.Facebooktwitterredditlinkedinmail

Link: Women Behind Canadian TV: Sorcha Vasey

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Women Behind Canadian TV: Sorcha Vasey
“I am a little bit lucky in that I’ve been fortunate enough to choose jobs based on content. I did work with Stephanie Morgenstern on Flashpoint, but she and Mark [Ellis] are a real partnership and that’s a great thing about working with them. It’s so genderfluid on their sets, and you’re not forced to think about the gender because they are both represented. I love Michelle [Lovretta] and Karen [Troubetzkoy] on Killjoys and working with them.” Continue reading.Facebooktwitterredditlinkedinmail

Link: 5×5 With The Hook: Hugh Dillon

From You’ve Been Hooked:

Link: 5×5 With The Hook: Hugh Dillon
“The writing on that show was so good it transcended language barriers/cultural differences and has stood the test of time. And it is amazing how we can drop all the walls we put up when we recognize the truth and beauty in the stories. Sometimes it’s a song a show or even a sport that provides that moment of connection, and life is good and you’re in the moment and you’re connected; can’t beat it!” Continue reading. Facebooktwitterredditlinkedinmail