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Links: Julie Puckrin talks Killjoys “Ship Outta Luck”

From Heather M. of TV Goodness:

Link: Julie Puckrin talks Killjoys “Ship Outta Luck”
“We knew we were going to a space prison this season, and I got lucky enough to write the episode introducing that world. Coming off the emotion and intensity of episode 503, it felt like time to have some fun and adventure. It was a blast to explore all the familiar prison story tropes and turn them on their head, Killjoys-style.” Continue reading.

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Killjoys: Julie Puckrin talks Killjoys “Ship Outta Luck”
“It was so much fun! Obviously, the writing room had big discussions about what the prison was, and what it needed to be to tell the stories we wanted to tell, but as the first episode in, it was cool to run a little wild, and start to establish some of the characters and environments that other writers will build on.” Continue reading.