Comments and queries for the week of October 11

“As part of the investigation, Wendy gives Frankie the backstory on Chinese immigrants, and Frankie Drake Mysteries visual effects department does it in a unique way.” I thought this was well done. Too many shows push the point they’re trying to make into the foreground which makes it feel as though they are just doing lip service to it. But the director and writers made a really strong argument and did it in a subtle way, especially with that photo montage. That will stay with me. (This coming from a white middle-aged privileged male.) —John

A man and woman on skates.Love [Battle of the Blades] 🥰. Hope it’s going to be an annual event. —Gale

I absolutely love [Anne with an E]! I’ve watched all the episodes several times. [The actress who plays] Anne is a remarkable actress! Watching this show will get me through the long cold winter. Thank you for producing this series. —Marcella

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  1. I have been watching Battle of the Blades on CBC Gem every week with my kids and they absolutely love the show.

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