Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Prodigal Father,” features Colm Feore

It’s hard to believe that Colm Feore hasn’t appeared on Murdoch Mysteries before. According to the veteran actor of both stage and screen, he’d been ready and willing. Check out Melissa Hank’s great story on how Feore ended up on Murdoch Mysteries, as well as some additional story information.

Here’s what the CBC says about Monday’s episode, “Prodigal Father,” written by Simon McNabb and directed by Yannick Bisson.

A death at an investment event leads Crabtree to the father he never knew.

And here are more tidbits from me after watching the episode.

Colm Feore is fantastic
After wondering what George’s father looked like and what kind of man he was for 13 seasons, we finally find out. He’s dashing, well-spoken, charming and loves a good scotch. He’s also a big thinker, something his son has obviously inherited—and has big plans for Toronto. And how George finds out who his father is, well, it’s classic Simon McNabb fun. As for Feore, the actor? He commands every scene he is in.

Crabtree is puzzled
But is George ready for a relationship with his dad? He seeks Murdoch’s advice, but William has had his own complicated relationship with his father. Of course, Higgins has opinions on what George should do too.

Guest stars galore
In addition to Mr. Feore are appearances by Nabeel El Khafif (Ransom, Private Eyes) and Janine Theriault (Bellevue) in great little roles.

Murdoch’s crime scene mental walkthrough … with a twist
I won’t spoil it; I will say I laughed out loud.

Murdoch Mysteries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on CBC.

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7 thoughts on “Preview: Murdoch Mysteries, “Prodigal Father,” features Colm Feore”

  1. DULL is becoming the main theme of the series. This is the 2nd episode where Julia is conspicuously out of the picture. Helen Joy is made ‘executive producer’ so she does not get to act anymore? Yannick Bisson is also an executive producer and he directs as well, and he is still very much front and centre. Violet Hart also gets enough screen time as a ‘dull’ coroner. There may be valid reasons for Helen Joy’s absence and if there are, fans would perhaps accept it better if they knew what they were. Not knowing, I am losing interest in the series. Nothing to look forward to. The character of Murdoch is dull by design for the procedural aspect, it is Julia who makes him interesting. She also makes other characters interesting. Without the chemistry and the banter between the two of them and the other two main characters the show is becoming very dull as well, despite the distinguished guests. I am saddened when I see what has become of the show after season 11 and very nostalgic about earlier seasons especially when Julia was coroner. It was even interesting when she was a psychiatrist, but not as a surgeon. How many episodes can there be around her performing surgery. She also no longer has reasons to interact with the other main characters. Very dull. The point: they were a team, working well together to solve crime cases. That was the winning formula of the show. No more. If that’s the case, I hope this season is the last. Perhaps all those involved are getting tired of the show and want to move on to something else. It is usually the case with actors. That is why it is better not to get too attached to a show, after all it is just a business.

  2. This episode is not at all interesting! This is my first negative review of my favorite show. Perhaps due to high expectations from the directorial work of Yannick Bisson, but it turned out gray and corny. The appearance of unknown relatives, adventurous projects have already been used in the plots more than once, but before that it was exciting. It is completely incomprehensible why Yannick Bisson made his episode without the bright and talented Helen Joy. In general, she does not like her role in season 13. In episodes 1.2, Julia is too nervous a feminist, in 3 and 4 she is not present at all. For an unknown reason, the authors of the show oust Julia from the plot. If in the next episodes William-Julia’s main storyline is lost, then the Murdoch Mysteries will become an ordinary boring detective series. I hope this does not happen.

  3. Also, where is Detective Watts? I’m very confused as to where he is but no one else seems to be. Did I miss something?

  4. Well I liked the episode. I agree the interplay between Murdoch and Julia is critical but doesn’t need to feature in every episode. The dynamic between Crabtree and his father was awesome!!

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