Links: Schitt’s Creek, Season 6

From Antonia Blyth of Deadline:

Link: Daniel Levy on ‘Schitt’s Creek’s Final Season 6: “You Want to Give the Fans Everything they want”
“You want to give the characters everything they want, and you also want to give the fans everything they want and I think in the final series of a show it’s about marrying those two expectations. There will be times that are slightly more emotional or slightly darker. There will be humour in that. There will be tears in that. There will be joy in that.” Continue reading. 

From Sarah Murphy of Exclaim:

Link: Annie Murphy of ‘Schitt’s Creek’: The Exclaim! Questionnaire
“It feels strange that the show’s ending when it keeps picking up momentum, but it is really nice that we knew we would have six seasons and we weren’t just cancelled halfway through.” Continue reading. 

From Chris Harnick of E! Online:

Link: Dan Levy calls the Schitt’s Creek SAG Awards breakthrough a great way to begin the end of the series
“Every step of this journey to me has been affirmed by the show’s sort of continued success. I think something like this, breaking through into the SAG Awards, is such a huge accomplishment for the show, especially considering how far we’ve come and how small the show still is.” Continue reading.

From Victoria Ahearn of the Canadian Press:

Link: Schitt’s Creek stars reflect on show’s emotional end
“Saying goodbye to all these places we’ve come to know and love, and people we’ve come to call friends and family, is a very melancholic thing. But I guess if you’re feeling a lot, it means you’ve done something right.” Continue reading.

From Chris Harnick of E! Online:

Link: In its sixth and final season Schitt’s Creek is going out on top
In its sixth season, Schitt’s Creek has never been better, and it’s a good—no, great—thing that it’s ending now. Continue reading.

From Kelly Connolly of TV Guide:

Link: Schitt’s Creek Season 6 Review: Fame hasn’t changed the feel-good sitcom
It feels a little beyond the point to announce that Schitt’s Creek is in fact still good, and maybe even better than ever, in its sixth season. Of course, it is. Continue reading. 

From Emily Landau of Toronto Life:

Link: The little sitcom that could
When Schitt’s Creek premiered six years ago on CBC, no one could have predicted the fervent international fandom it would one day inspire. Continue reading. 

From Michael Starr of the New York Post:

Link: ‘Schitt’s Creek’ back for final season with those sharp and thorny Roses
But father/son series creators Eugene and Dan Levy decided on a final go ’round, and I’ll admit that I’m glad they did: both the performances and writing are razor-sharp. Continue reading.

From Jessica Mason of The Mary Sue:

Link: Schitt’s Creek is the perfect winter binge
Whether you haven’t watched it or you’re a diehard fan, this sweet sitcom is the perfect binge while you’re home for the holidays. Continue reading. 

From Kayti Burt of Den of the Geek:

Link: Schitt’s Creek Season 6 review
In the first four episodes, Schitt’s Creek is in no rush to get to the end, but you can see the show starting to plant the seeds for some kind of closure. Continue reading. 

From Debra Yeo of the Toronto Star:

Link: ‘Schitt’s Creek’ stars find surprising meaning in underdog Canadian sitcom’s success
Sometimes you go out with neither a bang nor a whimper but with a laugh — and in the case of “Schitt’s Creek,” a tear here and there. Continue reading.

From Melissa Hank of Postmedia:

Link: Schitt’s Creek stars Annie Murphy, Noah Reid prep for final season
Goodbyes often spark impulsive sentimentality and stars Annie Murphy and Noah Reid admit they swiped a few souvenirs from the show that shot them to fame. After all, what’s a little petty thievery among friends? Continue reading. 

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Schitt’s Creek stars promise “best season yet”
“As a group of people, we’ve all come to really love each other, and our characters are obviously so intertwined in a wonderful way. The way this season is wrapped up is a really beautiful celebration of those things.” Continue reading. 

From Bill Brioux of

Link: Schitt’s Creek back tonight for a sixth and final season
“To realize that I’m never going to see Catherine O’Hara walk into a room as Moira ever again is a harsh reality.” Continue reading.

From Danielle Turchiano of Variety:

‘Schitt’s Creek’ boss on how ‘Six Feet Under,’ ‘Friends’ inspired his final season
“I wanted that sense of comfort of knowing exactly where we are. If we’ve done our jobs properly then these characters would have slowly changed over the course of the show — that was the point of it.” Continue reading.