WGC Screenwriting Awards 2020 finalists announced

From a media release:

The WGC Screenwriting Awards are now in their 24th year of celebrating and acknowledging the best of the best in Canadian screenwriting and the all-important talent behind the creation of the most engaging and powerful Canadian-made series, films, documentaries and webseries.

In contention are scripts from JANN (Jann Arden & Jennica Harper, Mike McPhaden), Schitt’s Creek (Daniel Levy, David West Read), Killjoys (Vivian Lin & Derek Robertson), Murdoch Mysteries (Simon McNabb), Travelers (Ken Kabatoff), Coroner (Seneca Aaron, Noelle Carbone), American Hangman (Wilson Coneybeare), Sweetness in the Belly (Laura Phillips), Save Me (Fabrizio Filippo) and many others.

Please see the complete list of categories and finalists below.

The WGC Screenwriting Awards will recognize and celebrate Canadian screenwriters and their scripts at a gala ceremony on April 27, including the Showrunner of the Year — previous winners of this prestigious prize include Emily Andras (Wynonna Earp), Michael MacLennan (The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco) and Aaron Martin (Slasher). Gavin Crawford, writer, comedian, and host of CBC Radio’s Because News, returns as this year’s host along with his long-time collaborator, screenwriter Kyle Tingley, as awards show writer.


  • Corn & Peg, “To Taste or Not to Taste” | Written by Jennifer Daley
  • Cupcake & Dino: General Services, “Big City: The Documentary” | Written by Jeff Sager
  • Ghostwriter, “Ghost in Wonderland, Part 1” | Written by Andrew Orenstein
  • Hotel Transylvania: The Series, “Better Know Your Mavis” | Written by Mark Steinberg
  • The Most Magnificent Thing | Story by Ashley Spires and John van Bruggen. Teleplay by John van Bruggen
  • Odd Squad, “Who Is Agent Otis?” | Written by Tim McKeon


  • Corner Gas Animated, “Tag You’re I.T.” | Written by Diana Frances
  • JANN, “The Big House” | Story by Jann Arden & Jennica Harper, Teleplay by Jennica Harper
  • JANN, “Weeknd at Charley’s” | Written by Mike McPhaden
  • Schitt’s Creek, “Love Letters” | Written by David West Read
  • Schitt’s Creek, “Meet the Parents” | Written by Daniel Levy


  • Assholes: A Theory | Written by John Walker & Robert Sandler
  • Conviction | Written by Nance Ackerman & Ariella Pahlke & Teresa MacInnes
  • Pugly: A Pug’s Life | Written by Michael McNamara


  • Coroner, “All’s Well” | Written by Noelle Carbone
  • Coroner, “Confetti Heart” | Written by Seneca Aaron
  • Killjoys, “Three Killjoys and a Lady” | Written by Vivian Lin & Derek Robertson
  • Murdoch Mysteries, “Sins of the Father” | Written by Simon McNabb
  • Travelers, “Archive” | Written by Ken Kabatoff


  • American Hangman | Written by Wilson Coneybeare
  • Goalie | Written by Adriana Maggs & Jane Maggs
  • Justice Dot Net | Written by Thom Richardson
  • Riot Girls | Written by Katherine Collins
  • Sweetness in the Belly | Written by Laura Phillips


  • Christmas Jars | Written by Andrea Stevens
  • Thicker Than Water | Written by David Elver & Andrea Stevens


  • Abby Hatcher, “When Abby Met Bozzly” | Written by Rob Hoegee
  • Dino Dana, “Dino Flyer” | Written by J.J. Johnson
  • Dino Dana, “Dino Prints” | Written by J.J. Johnson & Christin Simms & Amish Patel
  • The Remarkable Mr. King, “Mr. King’s Quiet Time” | Written by Andrew Sabiston
  • Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, “I Am Johann Sebastian Bach” | Written by Jennifer Daley


  • The AfterLifetime of Colm Feore | Written by Hannah Cheesman
  • Detention Adventure, “The Catalyst” | Written by Joe Kicak & Carmen Albano
  • One Last Last Heist | Written by Darrin Rose
  • Save Me, “Birdie’s End” | Written by Fabrizio Filippo


  • Bajillionaires, “Corporate Retreat” | Written by Jesse Shamata
  • Creeped Out, “The Takedown” | Written by Emma Campbell
  • Holly Hobbie, “The Dauntless Daughter” | Written by Cole Bastedo
  • Holly Hobbie, “The Salty Songstress” | Written by Sarah Glinski
  • Holly Hobbie, “A Whole New Holly” | Written by Courtney Jane Walker