Roger Petersen leaves Breakfast Television Toronto

After replacing the departed Kevin Frankish on Citytv’s Breakfast Television in Toronto, Roger Petersen has departed too.

Toronto Mike broke the news late on Monday afternoon, stating the veteran broadcaster was fired from the long-running morning program.

Petersen made it official via his Twitter account on Tuesday.

“I’m no longer with Breakfast Television,” he began. “It was wonderful, it was an incredible time. Wonderful people to work with, a wonderful crew who put that show together. When you look at all the work they do, it’s all behind the scenes and they don’t get enough credit for it.

“Thank you, the two years that I had with you guys was amazing,” he continued. “Dina, it was wonderful sitting on that couch with you. We had some magnificent laughs, beautiful laughs, genuine laughs.” Petersen rhymed off memorable interviews, including with Prime Minister Trudeau, Danny DeVito, Steve Earle and the people in Toronto “that make this city go.”

“I want to say a big thank you to all of you, the viewers, for joining us over the last two years,” he said. “It has been incredible … I will miss you all.”

In addition to Kevin Frankish, Breakfast Television has said goodbye to Winston Sih, Adam Wylde and Jennifer Valentine.


21 thoughts on “Roger Petersen leaves Breakfast Television Toronto”

    1. Dena is the only one who puts life into this morning show, if she wasn’t there it would be pretty boring. Keep Dena

    2. Well I went back to watching City because of Roger. I guess I will leave again. Devo is certainly not Roger albeit I do like him. Its City TVs loss

  1. OMG……NO…I was worried when I hadn’t seen him the past 3 weeks. Awful…Breakfast Televison…WHY do you keep going
    this firing people. I woke up Monday..thinking oh…I have to get up..Roger will be back. Shame ON YOU BT!! Grrrrrrrr

  2. I’m so disappointed with this news! Roger was great, I’ll be switching to another morning show, hope Frankie isn’t next!

  3. I’ve watched BT every morning for many years….it was part of my morning routine. It’s gone through too many changes in recent years and the quality and content is lacking. The good ones left or were told to and the hosts that remain seem very forced and unauthentic….like they’re performing, desperate to make it appear fun. It’s not. Valentine, Frankish and Winston have left this show lacking. The remaining reason to keep watching was Roger. After decades watching BT I’m done. It used to be a great show.

  4. I have watched BT since Anne everytime someone left I thought no way they can be replaced. Everytime you brought in great personalities. I love everyone, sad about Roger, but BT you are doing a fantastic job. Thank you

  5. I too have stopped watching BT. I can’t for the life of me understand why Roger was let go. He brought such integrity and professionalism to the show. He will be missed for many months to come. The ‘powers that be’ have made a big mistake!!

  6. So disappointing to see Roger P go. He was the only one that brought integrity to the show. Now have to really decide which morning show is best for me and my family.

  7. So disappointing to see Roger P go. He was the only one that brought integrity to the show. Now have to really decide which morning show is best for me and my family.

  8. Today after searching the internet to see where Roger Petersen mysteriously went, we discovered that he was Fired. I am in shock, he was a great morning personality on the show, always positive and classy. Why dont they get rid of Dina, she’s so annoying, cuts into everyone’s comments and she’s a know it all. Please Bring Roger Petersen back!!! We are switching off of BT, and will check back in when Dina is gone. We are so disappointed with BT after this last move of firing Roger, I think BT will find a lot of people feel this way.

  9. Too bad……..he brought some sensibility and professionalism to what has become a mindless show.

  10. Huge mistake firing Roger Peterson – BT will never be same without him – very classy gentleman – he will appear elsewhere hopefully soon

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