Preview: HGTV’s Rock Solid Builds is a party on The Rock

I’ve written a lot about home renovation shows over the years.

As such, I can get bored with the usual “take an old house, be surprised by shocking electrical or plumbing behind the walls, wonder if the job will come in on time and budget, and marvel at the final results” formula. It can get as tired as peeling wallpaper.

But Rock Solid Builds is like nothing I’ve seen before.

Debuting Thursday at 10 p.m. Eastern on HGTV Canada, Rock Solid Builds is as quirky as the location it’s set in: Brigus, Newfoundland. It’s there we meet up with Randy Spracklin of Newfound Builders and his team of equally entertaining folks renovating and building homes on The Rock. This third-generation builder—dad Scott is also part of the crew—takes on projects in one of the most beautiful places in the world. But also one of the most rugged and hard to get to; delayed shipments of supplies from the mainland are regularly faced by Newfound Builders.

Yes, the jaunty fiddle-heavy music and accents are the first thing to set Rock Solid Builds apart from, say, Backyard Builds or Save My Reno, but it adds to the charm exuded by Randy Spracklin, who tackles weather, design and construction issues with a crooked smile and quip.

In Thursday’s debut, Randy, Scott, Nikki and Paul document putting the finishing touches on one home, adding two additions to another, and beginning work on a 200-year-old home. It’s that last home, dubbed Earle House, that intrigued me. After all, adding another foot to ceilings isn’t something you see every day. The first three layers of flooring are peeled back to reveal the original, 200-year-old beams, which Randy explains were probably cut close by and squared off. Floorboards were attached with square nails forged locally.

It’s a heck of a history lesson not only in home building but building in a fabulous, unique part of the country. I can’t wait to see more.

Rock Solid Builds airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. Eastern on HGTV.

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15 thoughts on “Preview: HGTV’s Rock Solid Builds is a party on The Rock”

  1. Please tell me what channel this would be on , I have Bell Aliant..Thank you.
    Looking forward to watching.

  2. I am on V-Media and doesn’t seem like I get it. But going to try live streaming. How do I do that?

  3. I just finished looking at the show great job can’t wait to watch the next one. The hold family stayed up to watch it even the wife got up out of bed to see it.

  4. I watched the first episode and had mixed thoughts. It was our summer home for more than 10 years before I sold it to Mr.Earle and his wife. It was originally called the Janes house. I hope the addition is an added value to the house. I noticed in the background the beautiful deck in the upper backyard still looks great, an project my brother and I built with little experience. All in all it brings memories, all great ones

  5. Super show! Characters are great. Love the scenery- Newfoundland – a Canadian treasure. Keep this going guys!

  6. I’m seriously disappointed that you have to be in Canada to view this!!! Don’t you think people outside Canada national would like to view also? Those that no longer live there? Those that have visited and felt the love and comrade that Newfoundland has to offer!

  7. Rock Solid Build is great! Born and raised in Gander, I’ve been away from the island many years. Visiting with my husband, a “prairie guy” this summer hopefully :)

    The Meier’s
    White Rock Bc

  8. We love the show but find it frustrating that we did not see the two projects on the first show finnished. There is too many projects at once and we need to see what they look like done. The cast are great. Wonderful to see life in Newfoundland.

  9. Hi Eric. I remember when you owned the house in Brigus. I also understand your memories as I feel sad whenever I drive by our family home which my brother sold to the Ladha family. Certainly they are a wonderful family and am happy for them just sad for me.
    Take care
    Ann Marie Burke
    (I now live in Brigus just down from your place where Tom and Daisy Roberts lived. I love being back here!)

  10. Simply outstanding. A great bunch of folks, loving the communities they work in and live in, and accepting, (with great love and tolerance) the unique qualities of their beautiful province. Wishing them many, many more years at HGTV.

  11. Hi it’s Lynn from Calgary, Alberta.
    Will there be a season 2…………..I sure hope so. My husband and I love watching the show and it’s really the only show we watch together TRUTH.
    I just love the work that Randy and the crew can do. I have bought several t shirts for fans here in Calgary.
    Cheers and hope to buy you all a beer when I make it NFLD one day to visit my heritage.

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