Preview: Big Timber lumbers into Season 3

Like watching truckers navigate icy road conditions on the West Coast of Canada and Southern Ontario, viewers love to watch people fell trees. From Mud Mountain Haulers to A Cut Above, the genre continues to be popular. Hence Season 3 of Big Timber.

Kicking off on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on History, Big Timber once again tags along behind logger Kevin Wenstob and his team of family and staff as they work deep in the heart of Vancouver Island. As in past seasons, rising costs and debt threaten to derail Kevin and his crew. And, like Season 2, cameras capture Kevin as he takes to the water to collect valuable timber for his mill.

The hook this time? Kevin reacting to the ever-evolving industry by spending $1 million to purchase a huge saw, expand his dock at Hook Bay and experiment with a new way of salvaging logs. And with the price of wood at an all-time high—cedar in particular—you’d think all would be gravy. Not so. Deadlines and weather have a way of ruining Kevin’s day, and there are many moments in Episode 1 where Kevin is unhappy.

As much as I love the time spent at the mill or on the water, my favourite part of Big Timber is up on the claim in the Vancouver Island range, where Coleman, Kevin, Tom (and, in Episode 1, veteran logger Luke) are in their element cutting, sorting and shipping lumber down the hillside. With logs past the point the grappler arm can reach, Coleman and Luke utilize a choker, a thick wire used to haul logs closer to the road. As usual, errant branches, a steep hillside and slippery conditions are a recipe for twisted ankles or broken limbs. It’s dangerous and fun to watch.

Big Timber airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on History.

Image courtesy of Corus.