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Prior to becoming a television critic and owner of TV, Eh?, Greg David was a critic for TV Guide Canada, the country's most trusted source for TV news. He has interviewed television actors, actresses and behind-the-scenes folks from hundreds of television series from Canada, the U.S. and internationally. He is a podcaster, public speaker, weekly radio guest and educator, and past member of the Television Critics Association.

Comments and queries for the week of Oct. 31

Hi, I saw your post about getting on Skatoony. I really want to go on it, will you help me?–Brandon

Sorry, but no new episodes of Telethon’s hybrid live action/animated game show are planned at this time.

Huge fan of Saving Hope‘s Alex and Joel. The show gets more interesting when it utilizes Erica and Daniel’s awesome chemistry together.–Cassie


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Review: Double Trouble in Haven

Audrey may be back, but her return didn’t come without its complications. Sure, Nathan may be thrilled to be rolling around in bed with his favourite gal, but his guts were telling him Audrey’s split with Mara came with a price: Audrey was no longer immune to Troubles.

That was the least of Nathan’s Ttroubles, as it turned out. The problem of the week, a case of three people disappearing in a flash of bright light and leaving a shadow of themselves cast on a wall or floor, ended up happening to Nathan. The title of the episode, “Nowhere Man,” suddenly made sense. (I’d initially thought the instalment was going to be a Dwight back story, but no.) Nathan was trapped in some in-between world, still able to hear Audrey asking for him on the phone but her unable to hear his answers. And when he tried to touch the phone? His hand slipped right through it like he was a ghost.

“It’s Haven. It could be anything,” Nathan said in an effort to calm his nerves after Officer Rebecca entered his office and walked right through him. “What is this? What is this?!” What indeed? The negative of the situation was obvious, but it did have a few perks. Nathan was able to overhear members of the Guard discussing how they’d take care of Audrey as soon as she slipped up. Sadly, Nathan didn’t use his powers to prank anyone.

Despite a slightly disheveled dude named Glenn who could see and touch Nathan telling him they were both dead, I didn’t believe it. Sure, this is Haven and anything can happen, but making one of the three main characters dead didn’t make sense, even if Saving Hope has made a series out of it. Still, I did kind of wonder how long the story angle would go on, especially when Nathan was introduced to Morgan Gardener (Malcolm in the Middle‘s Christopher Masterson) at the cemetery. (Kudos to the Haven cast who had to ignore Lucas Bryant every time he spoke his lines. Not reacting to him must have been difficult to do. I try to ignore my cat all the time and it never works.)

Of course, the only living person who could see and hear Nathan was Mara, which not only confirmed Nathan’s suspicions that he wasn’t really dead but also compounded the problem. Now he had to work with her in an effort to shed the Trouble affecting him.

Alas, there were no answers by the end of the episode, just more questions. Nathan’s plan to have Morgan and Len help get them all back to the land of the living was thwarted when Nathan returned to the cemetery to discover Glenn dead–really and truly, it seemed–and Morgan missing. Was this the work of recently disappeared Guard member Reggie? We’ll find out next week.

  • “Right. Because that’s going to make you smarter.”–Nathan watching Duke pour himself a drink
  • Mitchell and the Guard are getting a tad stale. The tough looks, the bully posturing and the empty threats. I understand them being upset thinking Audrey was still Mara and their bud Reggie disappearing, but geez. Lighten up.
  • Also, how much time passed each time Nathan had to get somewhere? Morgan said he’d be doing a lot of walking, so he had to hoof it everywhere he went. And yet he was never tired or sweaty. Guess that was a side advantage of the Trouble. No eating, sleeping aging … or sweating.
  • Is Duke letting Mara pee?

Haven airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.


Rogers and Vice team for Canadian studio and content


From a media release:

After 20 years of traversing the globe to create the gold standard in print, photojournalism and video, VICE Media will return home to Canada to team up with Rogers and establish a state-of-the-art multimedia production studio. The new Toronto studio, which will operate under VICE’s creative direction, will be dedicated to producing the very best Canadian content for mobiles, tablets, computers and TV screens and will be exported around the world.

The VICE Canada Studio will address the dramatic shift in Canada’s media landscape, as young people increasingly consume news and entertainment from their mobile and digital devices (nearly 70 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds receive news and entertainment from their mobiles, tablets or a computer, versus only 30 per cent of 40-year-olds and over).

Shane Smith, Founder, VICE Media, said: “It was 20 years ago, deep down in the port of Old Montreal that we set out to try and make a magazine that didn’t suck. This year we return to the homeland, all our hard lessons learned, to build from scratch a completely horizontally and vertically integrated ultra-modern media entity. Essentially we are building a content creation hub that will generate premium video for a cutting edge media company that will program – simultaneously – the holy trinity of convergence; mobile, online, and TV.”

VICE Canada properties will form part of a $100 million joint venture between Rogers and VICE Media that includes:

  • The VICE Canada Studio, a multimedia, state-of-the-art production facility based in Toronto, will:
    • Produce Canadian-focused content including news, drama, documentaries and programming covering food, sports, fashion, tech, and more, for all screens;
    • Partner and collaborate with Canada’s best young directors, producers, journalists, editors and filmmakers, giving them the tools and guidance to create the next wave of great content coming out of Canada;
    • Include an incubator featuring programming and workshops intended to develop and foster students and burgeoning journalists across Canada.
  • The VICE TV Network, a dedicated Canadian TV channel distributed throughout Canada;
  • Mobile content, including exclusives and adapted content;
  • VICE’s network of Canadian digital properties, featuring more Canadian content.

The VICE Canada Studio will make a range of content including:

  • Daily mobile blasts of exciting Canadian-made news and information including exclusives for Rogers and Fido customers;
  • VICE TV Formats, a brand new slate of television formats developed, produced and made with new Canadian talent to air on the VICE TV Network;
  • VICE Plus, mobile adaptations of VICE’s new and best-known franchises, including the environmental show TOXIC; and F*CK THAT’S DELICIOUS starring the rapper and former chef Action Bronson, as well as pilots for new VICE shows.

VICE Studio, VICE Mobile, and VICE PLUS will launch in Canada in 2015.


TiVo lands on Cogeco


From a media release:

The next evolution in TV entertainment has landed. TiVo, the leader in advanced television services, is now available in Canada from Cogeco Cable Canada. In Ontario markets where it operates, Cogeco Cable Canada will now offer Cogeco TiVo Service, the ultimate personalized home entertainment experience.

TiVo’s advanced, fully integrated search function mines through live TV, recorded, on-demand and Over-the-top (OTT) content, including Netflix, to show users what programs are available to watch. It is the only operator platform to offer full Netflix integration. Users with a Netflix subscription access Netflix content through the TiVo platform with one simple unified search, without requiring any additional external devices. TiVo also helps users discover new content by providing personalized recommendations. The platform automatically records content that it predicts might be of interest to the user.

Cogeco TiVo Service also extends out of home, with a Cogeco TV app, available on supported iOS devices, customers can search, browse and schedule recordings from anywhere. Additionally, users can download DVR recordings to their iOS mobile devices running the Cogeco TV app to watch from anywhere, without the need for a WiFi access. An app for Android is expected to follow in April 2015.

The Cogeco TiVo Service will be available starting November 3, 2014 for Ontario residents in Cogeco Cable Canada markets. The service will be available in Quebec Cogeco Cable Canada markets in spring 2015 after the platform interface, language and recommendations algorithm is customized for a Quebec audience.


Link: The Stars of Bitten on horror villains, social media and how to impress a werewolf

From Sean Tepper of the Toronto Star:

On Space’s hit series Bitten, Vandervoort plays the role of Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf, opposite Greyston Holt’s Clayton Danvers, a fellow lycanthrope and Elena’s on-again-off-again boyfriend.

But when she’s not doing battle with the supernatural, the Toronto native watches everything from American Horror Story and The Walking Dead to classic Alfred Hitchcock movies. Continue reading.