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From Lauren La Rose of The Canadian Press:

Link: ‘Baroness von Sketch’ offers twist on comic format
The Canadian quartet behind CBC’s “Baroness von Sketch Show” is quick to give kudos to shows that helped popularize comedy sketches on the small screen.

Yet while acknowledging the lingering influence of series like “SCTV” and “The Kids in the Hall,” the all-female cast is hoping to bring a fresh perspective to a familiar format. Continue reading.

From A.R. Wilson of DigitalJournal.com:

Link: CBC’s Baroness von Sketch Show original, relatable fun
The four comedians behind CBC’s new all-female comedy series Baroness von Sketch Show — Aurora Browne, Meredith MacNeill, Carolyn Taylor, and Jennifer Whalen — had only one rule when writing material for the show: Make it relatable. Continue reading.

From Brad Oswald of the Winnipeg Free Press:

Link: Sketch Marks
The new CBC summer series Baroness von Sketch Show appears to be earning its roster spot. The first two instalments of its six-episode run are fast, smart and consistently funny, boasting a hits-to-misses percentage that inspires favourable comparisons to some of TV’s sketch-comedy Hall of Famers. Continue reading.


Baroness von Sketch Show lands on CBC

“We didn’t want to make a thing that would sit on a shelf. We wanted it on TV as soon as possible.” Carolyn Taylor certainly got her wish: after being greenlit last March by CBC, Baroness von Sketch Show is hitting the air, a rocket ride by Canadian TV production standards.

Debuting Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. on CBC, Baroness von Sketch Show stars Taylor and fellow sketch comic veterans Meredith MacNeill, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen, who turn a lens on society and present a satirical take on life. Like City’s cancelled-too-soon Sunnyside, Baroness is shot on-location, though the settings are everyday spots like restaurants and office cubicles rather than the Third World War.

“We wanted the characters and situations to feel relatable,” Taylor explains during a break filming in an empty corner of CBC’s Toronto headquarters. “There is no laugh track and it has a single-camera vibe.” Taylor took her series pitch to Frantic Films over two years ago; after bringing on MacNeill, Browne and Whalen, a sizzle reel was shot and shopped around. Taylor always envisioned Baroness broadcast on CBC, saying the aesthetic fit best there. Production moved at a quick clip, with guerrilla-style filming across Toronto in locations like Woodbine Racetrack, Queen St. West, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Dundas St. and Scarborough. They’ve also had to make changes on the fly: a wedding chapel was converted into a massage parlour for one skit.

“It’s all been a bit of a blur,” Whalen recalls. “We had a great writers’ room with air and light and shelves and snacks. And then we’ve had wonderful, funny people that we admire come in and play with us. I’ve had people come up to me and say, ‘Would you like to come and put on your space suit now?’ ‘Yes, I would like nothing more than to do that!'” She notes Jon Dore, Ennis Esmer, Craig Brown, Ann Pornel, Alex Tindal and Toby Burner among those guest-starring in sketches.

How did the quartet come up with the title of their show?

“A baroness is not even the lowest level of aristocracy,” Browne says. “You can actually buy it for yourself. There is a whole swath of women who might have been widows and it gave them a license to go a little kooky. It seemed to have a nice mix of self-entitlement and weirdness. It just felt right and it’s a nice contrast to the stupidity that occurs on the show.”

Baroness von Sketch Show airs Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. on CBC.


Link: New series Baroness von Sketch Show refreshingly fun, but not frantic

From Bill Harris of Postmedia Network:

Link: New series Baroness von Sketch Show refreshingly fun, but not frantic
It’s a sketch show, but it’s not too sketchy, if you know what I mean.

Besides the fact that it made me laugh, there were a couple of specific elements that I truly appreciated about Baroness von Sketch Show, a new series starring Meredith MacNeill, Carolyn Taylor, Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen that debuts Tuesday, June 14, on CBC. Continue reading.


Link: Can Baroness von Sketch Show bring CBC back to its comedy glory days?

From Marsha Lederman of the Globe and Mail:

Can Baroness von Sketch Show bring CBC back to its comedy glory days?
A woman approaches an “admissions office” desk and begins speaking to the receptionist. “I cheated on my taxes, I slept with my sister’s boyfriend, I killed a dog …” The receptionist interrupts her. “This is university admissions.” “Oh, my gosh,” the woman responds, embarrassed. “I plagiarized my essay, I slept with my calculus professor, I defaulted on my student loans …” Continue reading.


Link: 10 summer shows to help you avoid bugs, sunburns and people and keep you safely at home

From David Barry of the National Post:

10 summer shows to help you avoid bugs, sunburns and people and keep you safely at home
Baroness Von Sketch Show: CBC’s return to the filmed sketch comedy game rounds up a quartet of funny women for a look at the silly ins and outs of modern life. The early previews leaned heavily on the deliriously silly, from burying the unfortunate victim of a Marry, F—k, Kill game to the wonders of being a lady over 40 in the gym change room. Hopefully this is the long-overdue return to sketch glory that Canada deserves. Continue reading.