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Tonight: Rookie Blue, Between, The Liquidator

Rookie Blue, Global – “Perfect Family”
Andy debates her future with Sam after learning the heart-breaking news that Marlo is pregnant with his baby. But Andy’s ideas about what makes a perfect family are put into perspective when she meets an out-of-control teen who needs to be protected from her own conservative family.

Between, City – “Who’s the Boss”
The remaining residents of Pretty Lake collect the dead in hopes that the quarantine will be lifted once the bodies are burned. Wiley (Jennette McCurdy) plans to leave but she first needs to collect the hush money she was promised. Meanwhile, Melissa (Brooke Palsson), Wiley’s older sister is collapsing under the effort of looking after Wiley’s newborn and taking care of Pretty Lake’s children at her makeshift orphanage.

The Liquidator, OLN – “The Blind Side”
Jeff risks thousands on a truck full of furniture he buys sight unseen – will he end up with the best deal in town, or a bunch of very expensive firewood?


TV, eh? podcast episode 183 – Greg est perdu

Greg is on the injury list with a bad cold, so Anthony and Diane cover the Great Canadian TV Playoffs alone. It’s Durham County of the 2000s versus SCTV of the 1970s in the battle for the cup? Who will prevail, and will Anthony have anything to say about it first?

We also talk about cancellations (bye Remedy), renewals (hello again Bitten), returning shows (Amazing Race Canada), the deluge of award shows and other Canadian TV news.

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Link: Between’s first episode not noteworthy

From Cameron Archer of Gloryosky:

Live-Tweet/Review | Between 1.1 – “School’s Out”
Unfortunately, I have to agree with the overriding critical assessment that Between’s first episode, “School’s Out”, isn’t noteworthy. Jennette McCurdy isn’t bad as Wiley Day, and I expected more of a “hey, McCurdy was in iCarly and Sam & Cat” vibe than the Between reviews offer. That bodes well for McCurdy’s career outside of Nickelodeon. I don’t think she stands out as part of Between’s cast; the acting’s standard Canadian undersell. Continue reading.


Comments and queries for the week of May 22

Lack of love for Between
I agree with everything you said in this review. While the cast and premise sound good, I’m not so sure about the writing. I, too, wanted to shake my head at the considerable lack of reaction when parents were dying. I really wanted to like this but it was kind of really awful. It reminded me of Under the Dome, another horribly written dystopic drama. Both shows kind of made the characters into idiots. This was kind of like one of Stephen King’s telemovies from the 80s and that’s not a good thing. That being said, it’s summer and there’s only five more episodes to watch so I’ll stick with it. Grade D for me. After failing to like other recent shows in this genre such as Under the Dome and Helix and now Between, I’m getting a little bit annoyed. I was hoping for much better. Hopefully CW’s upcoming series, Containment, might prove better. —Alicia

Fave Canadian TV show of the 90s
Looking at old CTF-funded project lists today, I was reminded of one of my daughter’s favoirite 90s shows (she has seen it in syndication and YouTube, of course): The Worst Witch. Somehow channeling Harry Potter (in a low-budget way), this show was truly charming, with great acting. —Suzanne

Picking the best of the West
Gotta go with Stargate SG-1. Ten years, two spin-offs and a second huge hit for Richard Dean Anderson, as well as a great supporting cast. Action, comedy, and even a bit of moving drama at times. —Hallie

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Link: Between is no binge-watcher

From Dominic Patten of Deadline Hollywood:

‘Between’ Review: Netflix’s YA Dystopian Series Is No Binge-Watcher
The Canadian-spawned drama hits the airwaves in the Great White North tonight and on the streaming service soon afterwards, but don’t expect to dig in all at once. Unlike past Netflix series, as my video review above of the very much run-of-the-mill Young Adult show notes, the whole first season of Between will not be available in one chunk. Like a regular non-streaming TV series, which it is in Canada, the 6-part show will instead be going up one episode at a time over its run. Continue reading.