Everything about Letterkenny, eh?

First look: Letterkenny’s first scene revealed

CraveTV has given Letterkenny fans a super-sweet (and expletive-filled) sneak peek at the first scene of the show’s first episode.

The two-minute clip stars creator, writer and executive producer Jared Keeso as Wayne, a small-town hick just looking to get by alongside his best buddy Daryl (Nathan Dales). The opener also introduces thick-headed hockey players Jonesy (Dylan Playfair) and Reilly (Andrew Herr) and Wayne’s sister Katy (Michelle Mylett).

Letterkenny‘s first season debuts Sunday, Feb. 7, on CraveTV.

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CraveTV’s first-ever original Letterkenny to launch Super Bowl Sunday

From a media release:

− All six episodes to debut at once, exclusively on CraveTV –
− World premiere of LETTERKENNY to screen at Canadian International Television Festival (CITF) November 20 −
− LETTERKENNY to premiere Spring 2016 on The Comedy Network −

It really is a great day for hay. CraveTVTM announced today that its original comedy series everyone’s been yapping’ about, LETTERKENNY, will begin streaming on Sunday, Feb. 7, otherwise known as Super Bowl Sunday (pretty huge day for TV bud, so watch ‘em all before kickoff). Commissioned by CraveTV, in partnership with The Comedy Network, the entire six-part, half-hour series launches exclusively on CraveTV  a coupl’a weeks after the premium TV streaming service goes direct to consumers in January 2016, and will be followed by its specialty debut on Comedy in Spring 2016.

Created by hotshot Jared Keeso of Bravo’s hit original drama 19-2, LETTERKENNYis based on the Internet sensation Letterkenny Problems, Keeso’s series of shorts which have raked in more than 10 million views and landed a Canadian Screen Award nomination in 2014 for Best Web Series. LETTERKENNY is executive produced, directed, and co-written by Jacob Tierney (The Trotsky).

To get everyone cranked up about the new series CraveTV has acquired Letterkenny Problems and will begin streaming the shorts on Friday, Nov. 20, the same day LETTERKENNY receives its world premiere at the Canadian International Television Festival (CITF) at Toronto’s TIFF Bell Lightbox. As a tribute to the fans that have made Letterkenny a cult hit, CITF will screen LETTERKENNY’s debut episode “Ain’t No Reason to Get Excited” as well as provide a panel discussion with creator, co-writer, star, and executive producer, Jared Keeso. Executive producers Mark Montefiore and Patrick O’Sullivan of New Metric Media will be on hand for panel discussion, but no chirpin’ please and thanks.

CraveTV also confirmed today that building on the success of Letterkenny Problems, six brand-new shorts will accompany each episode streamed on the service. Beauty.

LETTERKENNY revolves around the dustups Wayne (Keeso) and his buds get into with their small-town Ontario rivals. There’s The Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players, who get at each other about the darnedest things, often ending with someone getting their arse kicked. Wayne, his best bud Daryl (Nathan Dales, KING & MAXWELL), and Wayne’s free-spirited younger sister Katy (Michelle Mylett, ASCENSION) are all Hicks. On the ready to take the piss outta Wayne and Daryl,Dylan Playfair (Mr Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story) and Andrew Herr (also, Mr Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story) reprise their roles as The Hockey Players, “Jonesy” and “Reilly,” from Letterkenny Problems. Tyler Johnston (MOTIVE) stars as lead Skid, Stewart; Stewart’s “sideskid” Devon is played by Alexander De Jordy (19-2); Lisa Codrington (COPPER) stars as Modeen’s bartender, Gail; Jacob Tierney as the Christian Leader Glenn; and K Trevor Wilson stars as Wayne’s buddy, Dan.


Letterkenny co-stars reprise standout roles for TV series

They may play a couple of dopey hockey players, but Andrew Herr and Dylan Playfair take their comedy seriously. The pair co-star in CraveTV and The Comedy Network’s upcoming Letterkenny as Jonesy and Reilly, two dunderheaded, expletive-spouting friends who share a distaste for hicks Wayne (Jared Keeso, 19-2) and Daryl (Nathan Dales, King & Maxwell), a love for hockey … and the same girlfriend.

First introduced in one episode of Keeso’s web series Letterkenny Problems—which was then picked up to series by Bell Media—the characters of Jonesy and Reilly had to be bulked up for the TV show’s six episodes.

“On the web series, there was just a few seconds of chirping,” Herr (Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story) says from an on-location shoot in Sudbury, Ont. “Now we see why these two are the way they are.” Both guys knew (or know) fellows who are a lot like their TV personas on hockey teams they’ve played on, so they relate to  the verbiage and actions. The scene Canadian TV critics saw being filmed that day included a riotous face-off between Jonesy, Reilly, Wayne and Daryl, with the former pair showcasing macho puffery and an urgency to “tarp off” (take off their shirts) and engage in a “donnybrook” (a fight) with the latter pair. Instead, Wayne and Daryl undressed the hockey players with a rapid-fire delivery of chirping that left Jonesy and Reilly befuddled. Herr says everyone sticks to the scripts written by series creator and executive producer Keeso and executive producer and director Jacob Tierney (The Trotsky), though Playfair’s scene-ending ad libs left Tierney and the crew crowding the monitors cackling several times.

Letterkenny spotlights three social groups—the Hicks, the Skids (Less Than Kind‘s Tyler Johnston is lead Skid, Stewart) and the Hockey Players—who are constantly at odds with each other. But when outside forces attack one faction, the other two come to their defence. Despite their differences, Letterkenny’s three social circles have a sense of community and family, something Playfair says was reflected in real-life by a promise Keeso made to he and Herr.

“Jared told us right away when he was pitching this, ‘You guys are going to be the guys,'” Playfair (Some Assembly Required) recalls. “Herrsie and I realized that we needed to take as many acting classes and get as much experience as we could so that [the network] would have to hire us. Fast forward a year and a half and here we are in Ontario filming Letterkenny with guys we were friends with before we became part of this project.”

Letterkenny will debut on CraveTV.

Check out Reilly and Jonesy in their Letterkenny Problems debut. Warning: expletives abound.


Link: Letterkenny helping Sudbury become Hollywood Further North

From Bill Brioux of TV Feeds My Family:

Letterkenny helping Sudbury become Hollywood Further North
They still pull nickels out of the mines in this Northern Ontario town. The latest precious resource, however: TV shows. There are a bunch of them shooting this year in Sudbury. I flew up this week to wander the set of Letterkenny, a hilarious take on small town dudes spun off the viral web hit “Letterkenny Problems.” One webisode has drawn over 3.4 million hits so far. All together, the series has pulled over 10 million views. Continue reading.


Production begins on The Comedy Network and CraveTV Co-Production, Letterkenny

From a media release:

The Comedy Network, CraveTVTM, New Metric Media, and a bunch of other city folks confirmed today that cameras are rollin’ on LETTERKENNY, an original Canadian series commissioned by CraveTV, in partnership with The Comedy Network. Created by Jared Keeso of Bravo original drama 19-2, and based on the internet sensation Letterkenny Problems, the six-part, half-hour series is currently shooting on location in and around Sudbury, ON, which everyone’s really stoked about – if it weren’t for the fact that it’s black fly season. The LETTERKENNY gang will be up der for ‘bout five weeks, ‘til the end of June.

We already told ya that LETTERKENNY stars Keeso as Wayne, a good-ol’ country boy in Letterkenny, Ontario trying to protect his homegrown way of life on the farm. He also executive produces and co-writes on the darn thing. Nathan Dales (KING & MAXWELL) stars as Wayne’s quick-tongued sidekick, Daryl. There’s more casting news to come, so keep your shirt on.

Residents of Letterkenny belong to one of three groups: The Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players, who get at each other about the darnedest things, often ending with someone getting their arse kicked. Daryl and Wayne are Hicks. Michelle Mylett (ASCENSION) plays Wayne’s heart-breaker sister, Katy, who is also a Hick. On the ready to take the piss outta Wayne and Daryl, Dylan Playfair (MR HOCKEY: THE GORDIE HOWE STORY) and Andrew Herr (also, MR HOCKEY: THE GORDIE HOWE STORY) reprise their roles as The Hockey Players, “Jonesy” and “Reilly,” from Letterkenny Problems web series. Tyler Johnston (MOTIVE) stars as lead Skid, Stewart; Stewart’s “sideskid” Devon is played by Alexander De Jordy (19-2); Lisa Codrington (COPPER) stars as Modeen’s bartender, Gail; Jacob Tierney as the Christian Leader Glenn; and K Trevor Wilson stars as Wayne’s buddy, Dan.

Produced by New Metric Media (Cas & Dylan) in partnership with DHX Media and in association with Four Peaks Media Group, Jacob Tierney (The Trotsky) is executive producer, director, and co-writer. Patrick O’Sullivan and Mark Montefiore are executive producers for New Metric Media.