Everything about Motive, eh?

Jack and Angie get awkward on Motive

What’s this we spot? Angie and Jack Stoker working together on another case? We couldn’t be happier, especially after last week’s final scene that caught Jack singing a post-coitus “O Canada.”

Written by Matt MacLennan, Tuesday’s new episode is called “Remains to be Seen,” and we’ve got some scoop to get you primed.

An e-motional murder
Motive comes up with some real doozies when it comes to how folks are dispatched, but “Remains to be Seen” takes it to another level. Let’s just say motion sensors allow Angie, Betty and Lucas to see exactly what happened to the victim.


A treasure trove of guest stars
Max Martini (24, Republic of Doyle) and Keegan Connor Tracy (Once Upon a Time, Heartland) play key characters in the main storyline, but we won’t ruin whether they’re involved with the killer or the victim. Ty Olsson (Supernatural, Continuum) returns to Motive as Tim Kelly—who assaulted Betty in the morgue—to face her in court. And Blackstone fans should keep an eye out for Steven Cree Molison, sporting a beard and looking very un-Daryl like.

Stoker is here to stay … for now
Apparently, Interpol needs a new liaison in Vancouver, and seeing as the polite gent is already there, why not have him stick around? He made for a great one-night stand for Angie—living overseas means virtually no strings attached—but being in the same city … the same office? This is getting interesting.

Motive airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV.


Sons of Anarchy star lands on Motive

“Foreign Relations,” written by Sarah Dodd, may just be Motive’s most international episode ever. Not only does the main crime involve a British student found dead on university grounds, but Scottish actor Tommy Flanagan in a guest role. Yes, Chibs from Sons of Anarchy appears in Tuesday’s new story, as an Interpol agent teamed with Angie to investigate the crime.

Here’s what fans can expect on Tuesday night.

Sons of Anarchy star plays good guy?
It’s deliciously ironic that Tommy Flanagan is playing Interpol Agent Jack Stoker in this episode. He was unforgettable as motorcycle gang member Chibs for 92 episodes of Sons of Anarchy, so it’s pretty neat to see him showered, shaved and dressed to the nines, investigating Julian’s death … while catching Betty and Angie’s approving eyes. (Viewers with a sharp ear will catch a familiar, British bit of music when Jack leaves his meeting with Vega.) We learn a lot about Jack and his personal life; one wonders if he’ll return before—or during—Motive‘s series finale. And we love his off-key warbling of our national anthem.


Vega is in troubleeeee…..
Motive revisits last week’s case involving Sgt. Bailin, with Vegas being questioned by the press about why her mental unbalance wasn’t caught via screening. Vega gets called on the carpet by his superiors for telling the media he thinks the justice system failed her son.

Vancouver’s stunning cityscape
I always forget what a beautiful backdrop Vancouver is for Motive; make sure you look at the scenery as Angie and Betty are examining the body.

Motive airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV.


Christina Cox and Dylan Bruce stop by for explosive Motive

Fans of Christina Cox and Dylan Bruce rejoice! She of Blood Ties, Defying Gravity and Shadowhunters (pictured above), and he of Orphan Black and American Gothic drop by for Tuesday night’s new episode of Motive. And, like the guest cast who have appeared before, both become instantly memorable.

Here’s what we can tell you about “The Dead Hand”—written by showrunner Dennis Heaton—without giving too much away.

The main storyline is um … the bomb
The whole episode is, actually. As teased by the above picture, Angie’s day—week actually—is wrecked when Susan (Cox) arrives at the precinct with a bomb strapped to her chest. The Navy IED expert is upset her son, Jake, was convicted of killing his sister, Nancy, and forces Angie to re-open the case.


The whole team checks in
Vega, Betty, Lucas and Paula do some digging and quickly find not everything in the case is as cut and dry as it first appeared. Jake, a recovering drug addict, blacked out while robbing his parent’s house and when he came to his sister was at the bottom of the stairs, neck broken. The problem? A 45-minute space between police interviews that has the team scratching their heads.

Dylan Bruce is a killer co-star
Bruce’s Rand Hardy is identified as the killer in the case right away (as is Motive’s M.O.), and as the story goes through twists, turns and doubles back, Rand is revealed to be one sick puppy. It’s a treat to see Bruce play a complicated character.

Motive airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CTV.


Leo award winners include Motive, 19-2, Blackstone, This Life

Last night the Leo Awards presented their gala awards ceremony — the final of three nights celebrating British Columbia’s film and television industry — and the television winners  were dispersed among several shows.

CTV’s whydunnit Motive won best dramatic series, beating out 19-2, Blackstone, Continuum and The Romeo Section.

In performances, Jared Keeso was named best lead performance by a male for 19-2, and Carmen Moore of Blackstone won best lead performance by a female. Lauren Lee Smith of This Life was named best supporting performance by a female, with Osric Chau  best supporting male for Blood and Water.

Jesse McKeown picked up a screenwriting award for 19-2’s “Orphans” episode, while David Frazee won best direction in a dramatic series for The Romeo Section’s “Elephant Faces East.”

For a complete list of winners, see the Leo Awards website.