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Viceland to explore wrestling and skateboarding subcultures in The Wrestlers and Post Radical

From a media release:

VICE Studio Canada and Rogers Media announced today two new, original, documentary series: The Wrestlers, an examination of the wrestling world’s underground, and Post Radical, an exploration of skate culture and its many sub-cultures. Both series are slated to premiere early next year, with additional broadcast details to be announced at a later date.

The Wrestlers follows long-time VICE host, legendary Toronto punk band F*cked Up front man, and wrestling fanatic, Damian Abraham, as he explores the modern day manifestations of the world’s oldest combat sport. Each episode looks beyond the polished pro wrestling scene to the gritty, often dangerous, world of unscripted wrestling. From the grueling “Death Tour” across First Nations communities in rural Manitoba to Juarez Mexico’s Lucha Libre scene, Abraham travels across North America to examine the religious zeal of wrestling participants and fans.

Hosted by pro-skater and amateur anthropologist Rick McCrank, Post Radical will explore skate culture in all of its various forms in the signature aesthetic style of VICELAND’s break-out success Abandoned. Each episode will focus on the groups and individuals that make up a specific skateboarding sub-culture, ranging from the best female skaters in the world to those at the intersection of skate and religion. Post Radical looks at the differences between each group as well as their connections to the wider skate community.




W5 welcomes Avery Haines to Canada’s most-watched and longest-running documentary program

From a media release:

Wendy Freeman, President, CTV News announced today that veteran broadcast journalist Avery Haines joins CTV’s W5, Canada’s pre-eminent investigative series, as an investigative reporter. With nearly 20 years of experience in television and radio as a reporter, anchor, and host, Haines will leverage her vast journalistic experience to investigate and uncover significant emerging stories for W5.

With a lifelong passion for storytelling, Haines has investigated first-hand many significant issues unfolding around the world, most recently reporting on the battle against ISIS from a mosque-turned-hospital in Mosul, Iraq. She’s documented the stories of refugees fleeing the U.S. to seek asylum in Canada, and lived in the jungle of Costa Rica with her family for nearly two years.

Her work on the Discovery series HEALTH ON THE LINE and MEDICAL HOTSEAT earned her multiple nominations and two Gemini Awards (now Canadian Screen Awards) for Best Television Talk Series. She has also been honoured with RTNDA awards for Best Canadian Radio Newscaster and Best Spot Reporter.




Interrupt This Program reveals art created in the world’s wounded places

Art can be a powerful tool. It can be used to make a statement, get a response and cause social change. That’s certainly the aim of the art and artists showcased in Interrupt This Program, returning for Season 3 this Friday at 8:30 p.m. on CBC.

Montreal documentarians Frank Fiorito and Nabil Mehchi of Noble Television have travelled the world, recording a quartet of artists and a Canadian who are immersed in the local culture of a city, creating art that speaks out against injustice. Friday’s return instalment heads to Mexico City, where violence erupts daily.

“In Mexico every day, women are killed just for being women,” says Andrea, a local artist as the episode begins. “So we use art as a language to speak what we are feeling or living.”

“If you want to criticize your country, use art as a tool for change, art as a weapon of choice,” says another.

Described by Andrea as a safe place to walk around when she was younger, Mexico City has become a battlefield, with murder a daily occurrence and bodies lying in the street the norm. Femicides, in particular, are on the rise; Andrea and her group of artists—the Women Engraving Resistance—convene to carve intricate designs into wood that are printed onto massive posters to be hung in neighbourhoods. “It’s Not Enough to Survive, Women’s Lives Matter,” reads one. “Does Killing Me Make You More of a Man?” reads another. Aside from the words themselves, the images on the posters are stunning.

Meanwhile, Canadian photographer François describes art centred around a moment in Mexico City’s recent past. Desensitized to the gory images of dead bodies shown on the first page of newspapers, François recalls how 43 students headed to a demonstration went missing. Since then, pop-up art reading simply “+43,” paintings of each missing student have shown up around the city and songs have been written about the incident, bringing together the arts community with a common goal: to find out the truth of what happened.

Other cities visited during Season 3 of Interrupt This Program are Jakarta, Nairobi, Warsaw and Karachi. And, for the first time, the program focuses on an American city: Chicago. With a murder rate since 2001 of 8,384—more than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined in terms of Americans dead—The Windy City is a conflict zone as serious as any other Fiorito and Mehchi have visited.

Interrupt This Program airs Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on CBC.

Image courtesy of CBC.




OutTV acquires three seasons of Go Button Media’s Mom vs Matchmaker

From a media release:

Go Button Media announces that three seasons of their original television series Mom vs Matchmaker has been acquired by OUTtv. Season one (6 x 30’) and season two (12 x 30’) will air later this year on OUTtv. Season three (12 x 30’) has been commissioned to air in 2018. OutTV has acquired 30 episodes in total.

In an age where dating is dominated by apps and social media, Mom vs Matchmaker instead brings a new, fun twist to traditional matchmaking.” In Mom vs Matchmaker, sassy professional matchmaker Carmelia Ray goes head-to-head with an opinionated mom to see who can handpick and train the most suitable suitor for mother’s precious offspring. One single, two potential mates and two battling forces of nature. In the time of Tinder, can these titans of love generate game changing sparks for the single using whatever means necessary? Only one, mother or matchmaker, can make the winning match. The final twist, the single won’t know which date is a ringer for which cupid until the end.

Season one and two of Mom vs Matchmaker air in the United States on MyxTV. Season three will air on MyxTV in 2018. The series has been sold to Australia (E!), Middle East (Fox), North Africa (Fox), Discovery Latin America. Season one of the series previously aired on iChannel, FTV, and GSN in Canada. Season two will air on OUTtv and ZTV. Season three has been commissioned as a co-first window on OUTtv and Rewind. The series is licensed internationally by Electus International.




Link: Much Too Young: Must-See Canadian TV

From Jim Bawden:

Link: Much Too Young: Must-See Canadian TV
Don’t get distracted by the glut of new and returning TV series  popping up all over your TV screens this fall.

Save some time for the brilliant new Canadian made TV documentary Much Too Young which has its world premiere Thursday September 21 at 9 p.m., which is World Alzheimer’s Day. Continue reading.