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Doc Zone presents The Age of Anxiety on March 15

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  • Premiering Thursday March 15th at 9PM (9:30 NT)

The Age of Anxiety 008

Anxiety is being called the disease of the 21st century. Everybody seems to be either afflicted – or knows someone who is. According to the World Health Organization, disorders related to “dread” are the most prevalent mental illness on the globe at the moment.

THE AGE OF ANXIETY, a new film from Emmy Award-winning producer Ric Esther Bienstock and Associated Producers, looks at the explosive growth in the diagnosis and treatment of this affliction. Its World Premiere will be on CBC Television’s Doc Zone on Thursday, March 15 at 9 pm (9:30 NT).

Some of us shriek at spiders, others have panic attacks that flare up out of nowhere and mimic the symptoms of heart failure. Still others worry excessively about everything and nothing – violent crime, cancer, terrorism, black bears, tornadoes. For some, that anxiety is just a mild unease; for others, it’s a paralyzing fear.

Is anxiety a disease of modernity, or is our highly competitive and material culture itself undermining our nerves? THE AGE OF ANXIETY examines this phenomenon, and how anxiety is being re-defined by the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry.

The publication of the next Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) – the diagnostic “bible” for psychiatrists – is anticipated for early 2013. This is the first revision in over a decade. Already a year behind schedule, the highly criticized DSM-V is about to set new definitions for anxiety disorders. Will the broadened criteria for anxiety, prescription happy GPs and a hectic society turn us all into mental health patients? THE AGE OF ANXIETY features interviews with both the former and current chairmen of the DSM addressing these issues.

Says Bienstock, “The medical definition of what constitutes an anxiety disorder is expanding to include so many aspects of normal human behaviour that we’re in danger of turning half the population into psychiatric patients. The way things are headed, getting an anti-anxiety prescription will be easier than getting a driver’s license. You want to talk crazy – THAT’S crazy! I’m getting anxious just thinking about it. Doesn’t mean I should get a prescription.”

Featuring interviews with leading experts in the field of psychiatry, THE AGE OF ANXIETY investigates the role that pharmaceutical companies, and even the psychiatric profession, play in this phenomenon. Is our anxiety fueling an industry that in turn is profiting from and exploiting our dread in a vicious and self-perpetuating cycle?

THE AGE OF ANXIETY is produced by Ric Esther Bienstock (Sex Slaves, Penn & Teller’s Magic and Mystery Tour) and written and directed by Scott Harper (Lost Adventures of Childhood). Executive producer is Simcha Jacobovici (The Lost Tomb of Jesus). The film is narrated by Ann-Marie MacDonald. For CBC’s Independent Documentary Unit: Linda Laughlin and Leora Eisen, Senior Producers; Michael Claydon, Area Executive Producer. Mark Starowicz is Executive Director, Documentary Programming.

Inspired by Patricia Pearson’s book “A Brief History of Anxiety…Yours and Mine”.


New tonight: Mr. D, Little Mosque on the Prairie, The Big Decision, Mr. Young

Mr. D, CBC – “Quiz Cup”
Lisa takes over the school’s Quiz Cup academic team, as Bobbi uncomfortably tries to guide her grade 5’s through their health unit. Robert loses his patience with Trudy over her constant practical jokes.

Little Mosque on the Prairie, CBC – “Haunted Mosque on the Prairie”
Trying to build more positive buzz for the new Mosque, Amaar inadvertently leads everyone to believe the building is haunted.

The Big Decision, CBC – “SWP Industries + The Ice House”
Jim Treliving is presented with two family-owned businesses, both on the verge of collapse – New Brunswick lumber producers SWP Industries, and Niagara-on-the-Lake ice wine producers The Ice House.

Mr. Young, YTV – Season premiere one-hour special “Mr. Spring Break”
Adam follows Echo to the exotic country of Sanduras in the hopes of spending time with her but keeps getting pulled away by his guardian, Mrs. Byrne. Meanwhile, Derby and Slab travel to Sanduras by hot air balloon, and Tater and Dang search for a legendary beast: the Sasquawk. Later, when Echo is kidnapped by the evil Cocoa King, Adam enlists help from Derby and Slab to save her while Tater and Ivy vie for the starring role on Sanduras’s number one soap opera…


Big Decision debuts Monday

From Bill Harris of QMI:

  • Big Decision makes debut
    The Dragons’ Den spinoffs continue. What is this, Star Trek? The latest instalment is a four-episode series called The Big Decision, which features Dragons Arlene Dickinson and Jim Treliving. It debuts Monday, March 12 on CBC. Read more.

From Ashante Infantry of the Toronto Star:

  • CBC debuts The Big Decision, a new business reality show
    CBC is expanding its business reality show brand with a new program focused on existing companies struggling to stay afloat. The Big Decision, which kicks off Monday (9 p.m. NT) finds Dragon’s Den alum Jim Treliving and Arlene Dickinson offering expert advice and, if the firms make the grade, a cash injection to guarantee solvency. Read more.

From Eric Volmers of the Ottawa Citizen:

  • Arlene Dickinson’s Big Decision
    Arlene Dickinson admits she’s been asked the question before. After four seasons as the “nice” panellist with the trademark white streak in her hair on CBC’s Dragons’ Den, the Calgary businesswoman’s reality-TV profile is now firmly entrenched in the Canadian consciousness. So the cynical tend to assume there are major differences between the Arlene Dickinson shown on reality TV and the Arlene Dickinson in reality, whose staggeringly successful business career has reportedly given her a net worth of $80 million. Read more.

New tonight: Less Than Kind, Lost Girl, Heartland, Wrath of Grapes, Million Dollar Neighbourhood, Canada’s Got Talent

Less Than Kind, HBO Canada – “The Promise Bone”
When Anne and Clara decide to sell the school they find Jim Sheridan’s buyout offer is hard to revive. Josh and Eric land an audition for their acting prodigy. When Danny goes missing Sheldon and Miriam wish they could turn the clock back.

Lost Girl, Showcase – “Truth and Consequences”
Bo confronts a very powerful Fae, uncertain whether she can trust The Ash’s counsel. The coming War takes its first casualties – literally and figuratively – which challenges Bo’s and Kenzi’s commitments to the cause and the ones they love. Written by Grant Rosenberg, directed by Lee Rose.

Heartland, CBC – “Wild Horses”
Amy and Ty join Scott on a trip back to his old reservation to save a herd of wild horses from the dangerous EHV-1 virus.

Wrath of Grapes: The Don Cherry Story II, CBC
The continuation of an iconoclastic and extraordinary career as Don Cherry moves on and becomes a legendary hockey broadcaster.

Million Dollar Neighbourhood, OWN Canada – “Get On My Property”
With the help of celebrity home renovation expert Kristi Hansen, the families have one week to renovate the dilapidated home of one surprised community member, as well as increase the energy savings in their own homes.

Canada’s Got Talent, Citytv – “Vancouver: Part 1”
The West Coast talent pool runs as deep as the Pacific Ocean, with everything from contortionists to chainsaw acts vying for a “YES” to the second round.


Million Dollar Neighbourhood renewed

From a media release:

Million Dollar Neighbourhood Renewed for a Second Season on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada) 

  • Series is looking for the Next Million Dollar Neighbourhood

Corus Entertainment’s OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada) is pleased to announce that Million Dollar Neighbourhood has been greenlit for a second season which is slated to air in 2013. The series, produced by Force Four Entertainment Inc. in association with OWN (Canada), follows 100 families in one community as they attempt to raise their collective net worth by $1 million in only 10 weeks.

 “Million Dollar Neighourhood has been a huge success for the network and is one of the highest rated series on OWN (Canada),” said Vibika Bianchi, Vice President, Original Programming, Lifestyle, Reality, Factual Entertainment, Corus Entertainment. “We’re delighted that Canadians have embraced the show and that it has inspired people to take action in their own communities.”  

Force Four Entertainment Inc. and OWN (Canada) are searching for the next adventurous community to take part in Season Two of Million Dollar Neighborhood. Communities who are interested in participating in the inspiring movement that’s sweeping the nation can click here for details on the application process. Applicants are also encouraged to champion their hometown on Facebook at Facebook.com/MillionDollarNeighbourhood.

Audiences won’t want to miss the dramatic final three episodes of Season One beginning this Sunday, as the families in Aldergrove, British Columbia learn once and for all whether they have reached their million dollar goal. Viewers can join the families on the final leg of their journey as they take on their biggest and most grueling tasks yet, complete with shocking twists – from a colossal renovating challenge in episode eight to the final challenge beginning in episode nine where the neighbourhood is shocked to learn they are on their own, without the help of experts Bruce Sellery and Dr. Joti Samra, forcing them to scramble to earn every last dollar they can. Will they prevail and become the Million Dollar Neighbourhood?  V

iewers will have to tune in to the finale on Sunday, March 25 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, where one lucky participant may walk away with a life changing prize of $100,000, if Aldergrove was successful at achieving the Million Dollar target. For more information about the series, please click here. Viewers will have an opportunity catch up on the entire first season of Million Dollar Neighbourhood when all 10 episodes air back-to-back on Good Friday (Friday, April 6), beginning at 9 a.m. ET/ 6 a.m.PT.